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The Occult Life of Bob Laurentius Richel 

by Wilmar Taal 

List Price: $28.95 

Publisher: Troy Books, 

Available in the Paperback Edition:

Gloss laminate cover, 288 pages extensively illustrated with drawings and photographs from various Edlermans collections plus black & white photographic plates.


We are delighted to present our latest title from Wilmar Taal, Gallowmen and Mandrakes – The Occult life of Bob Laurentius Richel. With this book, Wilmar continues his in-depth research into the origins of the Richel-Eldermans collection housed in the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle, Cornwall. The first book, The Silent Listener, examined the life of JHW Eldermans, seeking insight as to why he produced such a large and fascinating collection of occult objects and art. This is followed by the endlessly fascinating and very popular study of Eldermans’ The Gnome Manuscript. Gallowmen and Mandrakes explores the life and art of Bob Laurentius Richel, the son in-law of JHW Eldermans and an equally enigmatic contributor to this unique collection.

A few words from Wilmar:

On the first floor of the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle, the Richel-collection stands out through its quality and volume. The former steward of this collection was Amsterdam-based collector and presumed occultist Bob Richel.

Although the collection consisted mostly of works and objects fashioned by his father-in-law J.H.W. Eldermans, Bob was quite an accomplished artist himself. He was skilled in wood working, casting metals but most of all he was a splendid draughtsman. Contrary to his father-in-law, Bob was an artist, he played with layers of meaning, his drawings flowing from his subconscious by starting with a single dot on paper, watching the depiction grow as he proceeds. His works deal with his perpetual fear of a nuclear war, his trauma from World War II, his fascination with the Devil, the dark sides of Roman-Catholicism and of course themes from the occult.

This is the world in which Bob raises his children, makes his art in the early hours and late at night, producing drawings that even have a story to tell in the twenty-first century.

Wilmar Taal MA (1969) is a Dutch cultural historian with an expertise on history, folklore and the occult. He authored several books like The Silent Listener. The Life and Works of J.H.W. Eldermans, The Gnome Manuscript part one: Origins, habit and culture and The Gnome Manuscript part two: The Gnome Grimoire. Magical workings with Nature Spirits. He lives with his wife in Koog aan de Zaan, The Netherlands, but wouldn’t mind moving to Cornwall one day.




The Gnome Manuscript Part III: 

Excerpts of the works of J.H.W. Eldermans  

by Wilmar Taal 

Publisher: Troy Books

Available in the Paperback Edition: Gloss laminate cover. 224pages extensively illustrated with drawings by JHW Eldermans from the original Gnome Manuscript and photographs by the author.

List Price: $24.95 


The Gnome Manuscript has enchanted many curious people around the world with its mixture of myth, magick and folklore, all captured in the wonderful drawings and handwriting by J.H.W. Eldermans. This third and final instalment of The Gnome Manuscript, The Gnome Compendium – Exerts of the Works of J.H.W. Eldermans, will focus on the miscellaneous writings concerning ‘little people’ by J.H.W. Eldermans.

Where the first part focused more on culture and habits, the second part on magic concerning gnomes, this part will bring you first hand eye witness accounts of people who actually saw or even were in contact with gnomes. We will look to people associated with gnomes, but also to folklore and mythology and the leftovers, the writings that could not fit any category, but deal with gnomes nevertheless. A fascinating study comes to a surprising conclusion.

Wilmar Taal (1969) is a Dutch cultural historian specialized in history of the occult, Dutch folklore, horror fiction and ‘hidden histories’ of The Netherlands. He has authored four books in Dutch and four in English. He is married and lives with his wife and spoilt rotten cat near Amsterdam and part-time on De Veluwe…





Issue 5 "Black" 

Edited by Jake StrattonKent, Dis Albion, and Erzebet Barthold 

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Hadean Press Limited (October 31, 2022)

Paperback ‏ : ‎ 216 pages

List Price: $34.95 


Conjure Codex V is dedicated to Jake Stratton-Kent, without whose vision this series would not exist. 

This Conjure Codex brings to a close the first volume of the series; it was never our intention to theme the issues by colour, but that is what happened and so it is fitting that our final number is the black of moonless midnight. Jake Stratton-Kent was not only the driving force behind the Conjure Codex, but he has also been a pioneer in changing our perception of what used to be known as black magic—the magic of spirit conjuration, of speaking to the dead, of pact-forming and offering, of demons. His work with the True Grimoire and his seminal Geosophia: The Argo of Magic forever altered the landscape of contemporary goetic practice. With Jake at the helm, Conjure Codex began in 2011 as a means of facing and overcoming misconceptions surrounding spirit practice, and has since fulfilled its brief of breaking new ground in presenting inter-related material from a range of traditions. Conjure Codex V showcases that new ground with essays by some of the leading scholars and practitioners working today. It is our great privilege to bring to you this black issue, and we thank all of you for carrying the work forward. 

The practice of spirit conjuration has thrived since humanity first experienced and sought to work with the natural forces of the seen and unseen worlds. It remains to this day as a living tradition among many modern cultures, while in others conjuration has been equated with 'the devil's work' or sidelined into the realm of the incredulous, viewed with superstition and disdain. Misconceptions abound, in part because the reality of spirit conjuration is often as obscured as are the spirits themselves.


  • The Book of the Archangels by Moses the Prophet                

J. P. F.

  • The Magic of the Psalms

Patrick M. Dey           

  • It’s All Down in Black and White - Thai Lanna Buddhist Occult Tattoos of Magickal Power         

Sheer Zed        

  • Sleeping with One Eye Open

Fredrik Eytzinger         

  • Τά έσχατα παύείν: To suffer the fate of death

Humberto Maggi        

  • Wheels of Divine Influence: The Iynx and the Strophalos

Harper Feist

  • Mother, Daimones and goêteia: ecstasy and civilization

Simone Baldacci         

  • Isis of the Magicians: the Faces of Isis in the Greek Magical Papyri        

Kim Huggens  

  • Every Nekuomanteia is a Katabasis: Ancient Insights for Contemporary Goetic Practice  


  • Corvid Codex

David Rankine

  • A Sable Passage: Black Light and the Magic of the Starry Road

J.M. Hamade   

  • Lodged Among the Graves: Towards A Practical Syllabus of Early Modern Necromancy

Alexander Cummins


 ...and in the Hadean Press GUIDES TO THE UNDERWORLD series:


THE SECRETS OF HELIOS: Unlocking the Practical Uses of PGM IV.15961715 

by Alison Chicosky, with an original translation by Cory C. Childs, and art by Adaline Soothtell 

Staple-bound Booklet 

List Price: $4.95 


The Secrets of Helios: Unlocking the Practical Uses of PGM IV.1596-1715 is an invocation of the sun as eternal lord and ruler of the cosmos and a request for various blessings to be granted contained in the larger collection known as the Greek Magical Papyri (Papyri Graecae Magicae, or PGM). It was written sometime during the third or fourth century C.E. in Thebes as part of a larger document known as the Great Magical Papyri of Paris, which is believed to have been a manual for the professional practitioner of magic. An example of Egyptian heka for personal use, this spell draws on the original and daily vivifying forces of the sun from Egyptian theology, combined with astrological lore surrounding the changing benefits of the sun in the hours, which are found in several other spells of the Greek Magical Papyri. This Guide seeks to help the reader understand the cultural context and nature of the spell, while also providing directions for the modern practitioner to perform this practical and well-tested magic. 




An Astrolater’s Guide to the Stinger Stars of Scorpius 

by Sasha Ravitch, with art by J. M. Hamade 

Staple-bound Booklet 

List Price: $4.95 


In The Red Dreaded Spindle, author Sasha Ravitch forges a pact negotiated at the crossroads of Astrolatry and Stellar Witchcraft, defined by a living relationship between the Witch and her initiation into the cultus of the Stinger Stars of Scorpius. This devotional guide weaves sanguinated silk threads into a web of research and observable phenomena, case studies and pattern-tracing, scried-spirits and gnosis from visionary ecstasies. The scarlet ligatures of folklore and spirit-work featured within these pages trace a celestial blueprint through which one crafts and consecrates a devotional stellar fetish via the light-refracting arte of starry witchcrafting.



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