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LLEWELLYN'S 2020 WITCHES' CALENDAR by Tiffany Lazic, Thorn Mooney, et al. Calendar: 28 pages Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (July 8, 2019) List Price: $14.99 FROM THE PUBLISHER: Since 1998, Llewellyn's Witches' Calendar has been a favorite way to mark the turning of the Wheel of the Year. This beautiful calendar features magical wisdom, astrological data, and Witch's holidays, making it the perfect choice for bringing more happiness and enchantment into your year. Each month features beautiful, original art by award-winning illustrator Jennifer Hewitson as well as an inspiring article and spell or ritual. ** LLEWELLYN'S 2020 WITCHES' DATEBOOK by Rainbow Wolf, Charlie, Melissa Tipton, et al. List Price: $12.99 Paperback: 168 pages Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (July 8, 2019) FROM THE PUBLISHER: Live better, stay organized, and celebrate your Craft every day with Llewellyn's


Arthur Rackham " Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung 31” W ELCOME to the Edge of the Circle Newsletter. This newsletter has come about as an effort to reach out to the Pagan/ Occult community (particularly in Seattle where we are based) to inform the community of what events are happening at our store. Without further ado, welcome, and enjoy. Regards, Erica (Raven) Branch-Butler, Editrix- WHO WE ARE: Edge of the Circle Books is Seattle's resource for Paganism & the Occult. This newsletter seeks to provide the Seattle community with a place to list events, post articles, and do a bit of networking. Edge of the Circle Books strives to be your ideal Magical Pagan store. Open 7 days a week, Noon 'till 8pm. Call: 206-PAN-1999 ** We are also now on Facebook: Become a Fan, post your event on the discussion page! Also on Facebook