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Notebooks of an Appalachian Conjure Man

by Jake Richards

Publisher : Weiser Books (April 1, 2021)

Paperback : 288 pages

List Price: $18.95


Appalachian conjure man Jake Richards takes us deeper into the backwoods, sharing root work practices and spells of traditional folk craft magic.

Who were the old conjurors and witches of Appalachia? What were their practices and beliefs? How can you learn the ways of conjuring for yourself? Appalachian folk magic and conjure are little known today, but forty or fifty years ago just about every person you might ask in Appalachia either knew something about it themselves or knew someone who did it. These practices and “superstitions” are at the core of Appalachian culture. 

In Doctoring the Devil, Jake Richards speaks to those questions and more, offering the various ways of rooting out the “devil”―any unfriendly spirit bringing bad luck, poor health, and calamities of all sorts.

Like the blue smoky mists that glide up the Appalachians, Jake leads his readers up the hillsides too, introducing us to folks along the way―hunters, farmers, blacksmiths, faith healers, preachers, and root-diggers. We’ll also meet the local spirits and learn root ways. Further up the hill, we delve into Jake’s notebooks―a personal collection of tried-and-true Appalachian recipes and roots for conjuring love, money, justice, and success.

Timing and weather

The earth and the weather have an effect on conjuring and this is paid attention to when working roots or working with spirits. This is old conjure information that many folks today don’t know of and don’t share, but it needs to be shared with the resurrection of Appalachian folk magic and conjure. Spiritually, heat, cold, moisture, and dryness work about the same here, but only on “essence,” as Nana said. This is the reason many spiritual encounters, often those scary stories you hear about, happen at nighttime, when there’s an increase in essence and it isn’t being cut down by the sun’s energy. Moisture and coolness generally increase essence while heat and dryness decrease it, although there are some accounts where the presence of a ghost or haint is detected by a warm spot. The large majority of spirit and phantom appearances occur at night, usually when there are clouds, when steam is rising off the roads beneath the street lights, or when there’s a fog rolling in.

Cuts, wounds, bruises, and swelling

To this day, a cut or wound can lead to death, especially if you don’t have health care. While it’s less likely today, it was common less than four generations ago, when hygiene was poor. In cities like Knoxville and Chattanooga, waste and all kinds of stuff was just dumped right in the street where everyone walked—you can imagine all the diseases and infections that resulted from that.

For cuts and wounds, it was always advised to use the instrument that caused the wound in some way.

If you get cut by a knife, the knife is driven into the ground to staunch the blood. If it was a large wound, you’d lay your hand over it while looking at the growing moon while saying, “What I see will increase; what I feel will decrease, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

Spiritual bathing

Cleansing by water has been done for thousands of years, and in Appalachia this was often achieved at the river—especially one where baptisms often took place. This is a sort of baptism itself, returning you to your organic self. A reset. We go through life today subconsciously sticking things to ourselves, such as stress and burdens. This weight further weakens you and will lead to haints wishing to follow you home and play with you and your life.

A haint is any spirit with ill intentions, whether it be an ancestor who lived and died bad, a wandering soul, a demon, or something else. The worst haints are those who have been long forgotten at their graves. They get bored sometimes, and you don’t want to be their new form of entertainment!

Fill a bathtub with warm water. Once the tub is full, add the apple cider vinegar, ammonia, and salt as you pray Psalm 30 over the bath three times:

When taking the bath, recite the psalm again three times as you wash from head to toe in downward strokes only. When you have finished, drain the water, saving a cup or bucket of it for later. Once the rest of the water has drained, without drying off, you can take a normal shower or bath. Afterward, anoint your head, hands, and feet with blessed oil while saying the Lord’s Prayer.


What some call superstition you will see in Doctoring the Devil is a way of life for the folks of the Appalachian Mountains. I love the stories Jake tells here and the weaving of the tales. Jake has out done himself! He always seems to place hidden gems within his writings.”- Starr Casas, author of Old Style Conjure and Divination Conjure Style

I do believe Jake has outdone himself. There are so many gems in Doctoring the Devil that should be read more than once. I, personally, love the explanations given here as well as the proper distinctions between certain works. The clouds in the sky definitely speak a message, as he so eloquently writes. This is a wonderful read and full of instructional jewels. You will be blessed by the words given here and the wisdom that lines this book’s pages.”

- Hoodoo Sen Moise, author of Working Conjure: A Guide to Hoodoo Folk Magic

In this keen handbook, Richards (Backwoods Witchcraft), an Appalachian native and practitioner of folk magic, elucidates his techniques of healing, conjuring, and herb (“yarb”) doctoring. Part anthropological survey and part manual, the book pays tribute to Richards’s own family line of healers, dowsers, and witches, as well as to lore of other healers and seers throughout the mountains of Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia. The charms, spells, and healing recipes show the influence of different cultures, with Cherokee herbal practices blending seamlessly with Christian scripture. For instance, Richards recommends a Cherokee conjure bag of tobacco, powdered clay, mustard seed, and ginseng root for luck in hunting, and Christian verses to bless the spirit of the dispatched animal. Richards’s encyclopedic knowledge of the subject and deep commitment to it make this a great starting point for those hoping to practice Appalachian folk magic.”

Publishers Weekly

About the Author:

Jake Richards holds his Appalachian heritage close in his blood and bones. His family has tilled the soil in Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina for a good 500 years. He spent most of his childhood at his great-grandmother’s house on the side of Mount Mitchell in North Carolina. Jake has practiced Appalachian folk magic for almost a decade and teaches classes on the subject in Jonesborough, Tennessee, where he owns Little Chicago Conjure, a supplier of Appalachian folk magic supplies and ingredients.



A Trove of North American Folk Magic

by Cory Thomas Hutcheson

Publisher : Llewellyn Publications (April 8, 2021)

Paperback : 480 pages

List Price: $27.99


~Explore Nearly 500 Samples of Folk Magic, Stories, Artifacts, Rituals, and Beliefs

One of the most comprehensive collections of witchcraft and folk magic ever written, New World Witchery shows you how to integrate folk traditions into your life and deepen your understanding of magic. Folklore expert Cory Thomas Hutcheson guides you to the crossroads of folk magic, where you'll learn about different practices and try them for yourself.

This treasure trove of witchery features an enormous collection of stories, artifacts, rituals, and traditions. Explore chapters on magical heritage, divination, familiars, magical protection, and spirit communication. Discover the secrets of flying, gathering and creating magical supplies, living by the moon, working contemporary folk magic, and more. This book also provides brief profiles of significant folk magicians, healers, and seers, so you can both meet the practitioners and experience their craft. With New World Witchery, you'll create a unique roadmap to the folk magic all around you.


"A whimsical and extensively researched journey into the lore and folk practices of the New World...This is, in every way, a love letter to lore and easily one of the most fun and fascinating books about witchcraft I've ever read."―Josh "Bones" McWilliams from the Cursed! and Hex-Files podcasts

"Filled with hundreds of examples of American folk magic and folklore, no better word than 'trove' would describe such a manuscript as this, as it's truly filled with valuable information on the magical heritage of North America."―Jake Richards, author of Backwoods Witchcraft

"Deep and extremely thorough, New World Witchery encapsulates the diversity of American folk magic as a distinct multifaceted contribution to the history and execution of witchcraft."―Christopher Orapello, cohost of the Down at the Crossroads podcast and coauthor of Besom, Stang & Sword

"Hutcheson has crafted a definitive, yet accessible, book exploring the history and practices of North American witchcraft and magic. Trust me, you need this book on your bookshelf."―Judika Illes, author of Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

"A perfect blend of history, folklore, practice, and path-crafting that any magical practitioner can benefit from. Cory writes with a warm and conversational voice that is a pure joy to read."―Laura Tempest Zakroff, author of Weave the Liminal

About the Author:

Cory Thomas Hutcheson (Central Pennsylvania) is the cohost of the popular podcast New World Witchery. He has a doctorate in American Studies with specializations in folklore, religion, and ethnicity from Penn State. He is a contributor to the Oxford Handbook of American Folklore and Folklife Studies and American Myths, Legends, & Tall Tales, and he has written for popular occult publications, including Witches & Pagans.



by Phil Hine, with Foreword by David Southwell

Paperback, 248 pages

(Original Falcon Press)

List Price: $19.95


Hine's Varieties is a selection of Phil Hine's esoteric essays over the last forty years.

Divided thematically into sections: Chaos Magic, Tantra, Sexualities, Practice, Paganisms, Histories, and Fiction, each selection of essays is prefaced by new autobiographical writings in which the author reflects on his early beginnings on the magical path and how his perspectives changed over time.

With content ranging from explorations of esoteric practice, magical sexuality and independent scholarship, Hine’s Varieties offers a unique window into the life and spiritual journey of a practising occultist.



Contemporary Insights and Experiences from Practicing Magicians

by Frater U.:D.: , Axel Budenbender , Harry Eilenstein, and Josef Knecht

Publisher : Llewellyn Publications (April 8, 2021)

Language : English

Paperback : 288 pages

List Price: $18.99


~An Inside Look at the Meaning and Practice of Deep Magic

Living Magic is a profound exploration of real magical practice from four esteemed members of the Bonn Workshop for Experimental Magic. This book is an invaluable source of practical knowledge and constructive tips for contemporary occultists and magical practitioners. Within these pages, you will discover 24 essays exploring topics like Hermeticism, Da'ath magic, states of consciousness, magic and science, magical healing, folk magic, and astrology. The renowned occultist Frater U.D. explores the symbiosis between high and low magic. Harry Eilenstein discusses using magic for the clearest expression of your soul. Josef Knecht shares insights on breaking through the web of collective reality. Axel B├╝denbender shares his most unforgettable rituals. These reflections, theories, stories, and tips comprise a must-have modern grimoire for all students of the occult.

Foreword by Don Webb, author of Uncle Setnakt's Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path


"In the too often stuffy environment of contemporary occultism, Living Magic is not merely a breath of fresh air but a cleansing wind. No matter what kind of magic you practice, no matter what tradition (or lack of tradition) guides you, you will find plenty in this book to challenge you, irritate you, and make you think more deeply about what magic is and what it can be."―John Michael Greer, author of The New Encyclopedia of the Occult and The Mysteries of Merlin

"The pathways described in this book by Frater U.D. and his distinguished colleagues show the individual magical practitioner, regardless of tradition, how to succeed on a higher level. The contents of this book, honestly read, practiced, and understood will open new doors of power and invite you to enter."―Edred Thorsson, author of Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic

"Now, after decades of practice and reflection, Frater U.D. and three other original members of the Workshop provide us with a collection of writings that brings lessons, anecdotes, and insights (gleaned from actual practice) together with theory, history, and discussion. In regard to history, the book gives the reader a welcome overview of the modern magical tradition, from the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn, the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, Aleister Crowley, the Ordo Templi Orientis, the Fraternitas Saturni, Austin Spare and the'Zos Kia Cultus,' the Illuminates of Thanateros, Chaos Magic, and Ice Magic, to such practices as sex magic and sigil magic. Yet, from telepathy and healing to considerations of energy and psychology, at its core, Living Magic is concerned with the practice of magic: what it is, why it works, and (the greatest problem for all magicians) that it does."―Angel Millar, author of The Three Stages of Initiatic Spirituality: Craftsman, Warrior, Magician

About the Author(s):

Frater U∴D∴ (Belgium), founder of Pragmatic and Ice Magic, is Europe's best known practical magician and contemporary occult author. He has written more than twenty-five books. Among his translations are the books of Peter Carroll and Ramsey Dukes, and Aleister Crowley's Book of Lies.

Axel Budenbender was a founding member of the Bonn Workshop for Experimental Magic. He lives and works in Germany.

Harry Eilenstein has worked intensively on magic, religion, meditation, astrology, psychology, and related subjects for more than forty years. He has published roughly 130 books and 50 articles. Since 2007, he has worked as a full-time life coach where he integrates astrology, healing rituals, sweat lodges, fire runs, help with haunted houses, meditation, feng shui, and much more.

Josef Knecht was a founding member of the Bonn Workshop for Experimental Magic. He lives and works in Germany.



The Modern Rediscovery and Reinvention of the Germanic Runes

by Stephen E. Flowers Ph.D.

Publisher : Inner Traditions (March 16, 2021)

Paperback : 240 pages

List Price: $19.99


~The scientific and esoteric history of runic studies from the Renaissance to the modern era

Explores the five periods of runic revival: the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Romantic period, the early 20th century, and the late 20th century

Examines the use of runes by the foremost magicians and scholars of each era, including mystic and scholar Johannes Bureus, who developed his own integrated system of runology known as Adalruna

Reveals how the Nazi misguided use of the runes showed a lack of comprehension of what was being discovered by scientific rune scholars of the day

In this exploration of the history of the runes from 1500 CE to the present day, Stephen Edred Flowers examines the five periods of runic revival: the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Romantic period, the early 20th century, and the late 20th century. For each period, he discusses both the scholarly studies and those focused on the esoteric mysteries of the runes--and how these two branches of study were at first intertwined yet diverged in later revivals. Focusing in particular on the first runic revival, Flowers examines the use of runes during the Renaissance by the foremost magicians and scholars of the era, including mystic and scholar Johannes Bureus, the “grandfather of integral runology,” who developed his own system known as Adalruna.

In his examination of the runic reawakenings of the early and late 20th century, Flowers looks at how the runes were employed as part of a reassessment of Germanic identity, one school of which led to Nazi Germany. He explains how the Nazi use and abuse of the runes was misguided and revealed a lack of comprehension of what earlier rune scholars had discovered through their extensive studies of the past. He also offers a fresh look at the work of Guido von List and clears him of his guilt by association with the Nazis.

Detailing the multilayered history of the runes, the author reveals the integrated way the predecessors of today’s rune workers thought and conceived of the runes, highlighting how their discoveries helped shape modern magical practices and scholarly studies. He calls for a return of integral runology as was practiced during the Renaissance and before. By reuniting the two branches of runic study, blending the scientific with the magical, we make way for new discoveries in runology and a chance for a full-scale reawakening of integrated runic knowledge.

About the Author:

Stephen Edred Flowers, Ph.D., received his doctorate in Germanic languages and medieval studies from the University of Texas at Austin and studied the history of occultism at the University of G├Âttingen, Germany. The author of more than 25 books, including Lords of the Left-Hand Path and Original Magic, he lives near Smithville, Texas.


Pagan Portals


by Samantha Leaver

Publisher : Moon Books (March 1, 2021)

Paperback : 104 pages

List Price: $10.95


Hellenic Paganism has been growing in interest for a number of years and steadily becoming a strong presence in neo-Paganism.

As with most paths there are many differing practices in the Hellenic world, all underpinned by the values and ethics of what is understood to be the Hellenic way of life. This includes practitioners who simply believe and work with the Theoi and those that attempt the daunting task of reconstructing this beautifully rich and consuming religion.

Hellenic Paganism explores the revitalisation and modernisation of ancient Greek life.

About the Author:

Samantha Leaver is a Hellenic Witch and Kitchen Witch High Priestess, blogger and contributor to the Kitchen Witch School of Natural Witchery, a member of Hellenion, follower of Labrys and supporter of Elaion. She brings surviving sources of the Attic and Eleusinian calendars and Ancient Greek religion together with kitchen and natural witchery, mysticism, and the modern world. She lives in Southampton, UK


Pagan Portals


by Olivia Church

Publisher : Moon Books (March 1, 2021)

Paperback : 112 pages

List Price: $10.95


Isis has a history spanning millennia and an influence stretching across land and sea. She is a Goddess who transcends time and geography, remaining one of the most popular Goddesses from the ancient world to this day. The book explores Isis' mythic journey and how she became the Goddess we recognise today. Striking a balance between the old and the new, Pagan Portals - Isis provides an historical account of her mythology and worship alongside modern Pagan perspectives and offers the reader tools for Isis' contemporary veneration.

About the Author:

Olivia Church is a Priestess and Witch, who reveres a number of primary deities from the ancient Mediterranean and Northern Europe. She holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Egyptology with dissertations focused on the Prehistoric period of Egypt, looking specifically at ideology, iconography and gender. She began her PhD in January 2020, studying contemporary Pagan interactions with ancient Mediterranean archaeology and heritage. She lives in Swansea, UK.



Uncover Your Past and Chart Your Future

by Nancy Hendrickson, and Theresa Reed (Foreword)

Publisher : Weiser Books (March 1, 2021)

Paperback : 224 pages

List Price: $16.95


A practical, hands-on guide for using tarot to connect with your ancestors and gain access to their insights for healing, self-protection, and personal powers.

With a tarot deck in hand, readers will learn how to identify and access ancestral gifts, messages, powers, protectors, and healers.

Tarot expert Nancy Hendrickson guides readers through the basics of finding recent ancestors, and navigating the confusing maze of DNA and ethnic heritage. As a longtime tarot enthusiast, she shows readers how to incorporate a metaphysical tool into a world of tradition.

Ancestral Tarot spreads are included in relevant chapters. Each chapter includes three journal prompts that lead readers into self-discovery around ancestral gifts, wounds, and patterns they may have inherited. The better we know our ancestors, the better we know ourselves.

The Ancestors Spread

A practical, hands-on guide for using tarot to connect with your ancestors and gain access to their insights for healing, self-protection, and personal powers.

With a tarot deck in hand, readers will learn how to identify and access ancestral gifts, messages, powers, protectors, and healers.

About the Author:

Nancy Hendrickson is an author with decades of experience in genealogy and tarot. Her published work includes several genealogy books and magazine articles. Nancy has been interviewed on the topic of internet genealogy by the New York Times, Kiplinger’s, and Better Homes and Gardens. She is a columnist for The Cartomancer Magazine, writing about Tarot decks of the past as well as Tarot from a cultural perspective.



An In-Depth Guide to Practical & Intuitive Tarot Reading

by Paul Fenton-Smith

Publisher : Blue Angel/Llewellyn Publications (January 8, 2021)

Hardcover : 556 pages

List Price: $36.95


Featuring detailed card interpretations, reversed meanings, a variety of card layouts, tips for reading under pressure, and full-color illustrations, this comprehensive book is a one-stop resource for everyone from beginners to those who want to read professionally.

Drawing on decades of experience, Paul Fenton-Smith presents a deep dive into the symbols and meanings of all 78 cards. Explore new ways to combine traditional interpretations with your intuitive impressions. Learn how to answer questions with confidence and accuracy.

This must-have book also provides charts and correspondences as well as guidance on matters of career, health, relationships, and more.

About the Author:

Paul Fenton-Smith (Syndey, Australia) is a professional tarot reader and teacher with more than forty years of experience. In 1985, he established the Academy of Psychic Sciences, setting a standard in the industry. Paul also runs a private practice as a clairvoyant, counselor, and hypnotherapist and conducts courses around Australia.




by Phillip J. Adamczyk and Sheri Jo Posselt

72 Card Deck with 108 Page Guidebook, Boxed.

U.S. Games Systems, April 2021

List Price: $22.95


The Oracle of Ascendance is your personal guide on your journey to understanding the realms within and beyond our known universe. Each of the 72 cards in this deck presents a powerful symbol from one of seven metaphysical systems: Ancient symbols, Chakras, Elements, Planets, Stars, Reiki, and Zodiac symbols. If you focus on the energetic vibrations within, and trust your intuition, you may find that the cards and the power behind the imagery speak to you directly.

The 108-page illustrated guidebook provides you with deeper knowledge and insightful interpretations for each card.

This oracle helps you open doors to cosmic truths, inner growth, and higher consciousness. Whether you draw a single card or delve into an area of inquiry, Oracle of Ascendance will always answer your questions.



Discover Real Secrets Of Botanical Magick

by Cheralyn Darcey

44 Card Deck and Guidebook Boxed Set

Rockpool Publishing Feb/21

List Price: $21.95


Explore the hidden powers of the Green Witch and her sacred herbs, plants, and flowers through folklore, healing properties, garden magick, and hidden messages. These forty-four cards allow you to draw upon both the magickal and medicinal aspects of the garden.

Ethnobotanical and plant folklore historical facts are sprinkled throughout the guidebook enclosed, along with gardening advice and spells.

Oracle meanings are completely aligned with the doctrine of signatures to enable this deck to be used as a complementary medicine modality tool.

This deck is a tool to help those wanting to create a magickal practice within a garden setting: you may have a lovely suburban garden, a country estate, an inner-city courtyard, a collection of houseplants or share a community garden. What matters is not the where but the divine act of gardening and that you do it yourself.

Explore the healing and supportive energies of fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs in the cards and informative guidebook. Pick one card each day to bring balance to your life, and create inspirational oracle readings that will empower your outlook while you discover the secrets of the magickal botanical plant world that awaits beyond the garden gates.

Explore the hidden powers of the Green Witch

Earth Vegetables – Carrot, Clarity

Uses: fertility, passion, vision, independence, grounding

New ideas, breakthroughs and increases in finances and resources are all indicated, and you should trust your own judgement. There is a strong chance of triumph over a difficult challenge and the opportunity for sudden growth in what you are currently undertaking. Relationships will be focused on the physical, with passion high on the agenda. Be careful of overthinking, self-sabotage and roadblocks placed by others.

Fire Herbs – Sorrell, Affection

Uses: agreement, dexterity, love, family, inner healing. New experiences are coming your way, which means you will feel prompted to find new ways of doing things. If you are seeking a solution, be more receptive to suggestions and openings. Ensure you are putting your true feelings into all that you are doing. A valuable proposition should come your way, but don’t get too carried away.

Water Fruits – Grape, Abundance

Uses: fertility, wealth, mental strength, garden magick, abundance. Stay where you are and grow what you need there, as this is a fertile time and place. Grapes will indicate that magick is about, especially from the garden, so get out there as you will find opportunity and inspiration. Family stability, happiness and tradition, and the way they can support you are all things that should be remembered and implemented. Don’t be disingenuous, and be very careful not to cancel appointments.

How to Use the Cards

Green Witch Oracle contains a balanced selection of familiar plants that will lead you into deeper explorations in your own garden and your connections with the plant kingdom. I strongly suggest you record your discoveries in a gardening journal.

This deck can be used as a focal tool as you study plant magick, as a gardening companion or as a divination tool. Those working with complimentary therapies – especially essence creation – will find the cards and guidebook helpful tools in education, prescribing and mixture creation.

About the Author:

Cheralyn Darcey is a naturalist, botanical alchemist, botanical history author, eco-artist, organic gardener, sustainable florist, and the author of over a dozen books and oracle decks. Her organic vegetable, magickal herb, and flower gardens have been featured in many Australian publications, and she has appeared in Harper’s Bazaar and Elle.



Curious messages of enchantment

Written and Illustrated by Nadia Turner

40 Card Deck

Publisher : Rockpool Publishing; Illustrated edition (April 1, 2021)

List Price: $12.95


Enter the forest, seek wonder and enchantment, and hear the curious messages of the forest fae.

This set of 40 magickal cards invites you to delight in your imagination and spark joy and inspiration.

Go beyond the boundary between this world and that . . . to escape your way into the forest and to magick.

How to use the Forest Fae cards:

Sit quietly and breathe deeply. Shuffle the deck while thinking of a question, or just ask the fae for guidance. Choose a card at random and discover what messages the forest fae have for you. Perhaps the answers will be clear or maybe they will ask more questions before they answer. Such is the way of the fae.

About the Author:

Nadia Turner is an Australian illustrator and artist who creates wayward wonders out of a little studio up in the Dandenong Ranges just outside of Melbourne, Australia. She has exhibited her work in solo and group shows within Australia and overseas, and has created illustrations for a variety of clients as well as commissions for private individuals and businesses. She especially enjoys illustrating children's books. When she’s not drawing or creating, you'll find her, coffee in hand, perusing bookstores or wandering in the forest looking for mushrooms and treasures.



Written and Illustrated by Wendy Andrew

36 Card Deck and Guidebook Boxed Set

Rockpool Publishing, Mar/21

List Price: $21.95


Now more than ever it is time to open our hearts and remember that we are love!

Goddess is the source, the limitless flow of love that created and cares for us.

Hear Her, She is calling to you....

She is with you always. She is the spirit of the land and the changing of the seasons. Her journey has no beginning or end. She is the wondrous never-ending cycle of being.

Walk through the seasons of change with Goddess and unveil your soul's truth in this illustrative oracle of beauty and love. Discover 36 cards of wisdom to inspire imagination and embrace the energy of the sacred feminine. Through working with this oracle in your daily life you will be guided towards positive choices to find love, peace, and fulfilment in all areas of your life. Meet Her sacred creatures, feel Her tenderness, rest in Her serenity and dance in Her delight. Be led on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment to reconnect to your sweet tender heart and reveal your pure perfection.

Artist and author Wendy Andrew illustrates the seasonal embodiments of Goddess, channelling Her timeless loving energy deeply into her paintings and writing. Wendy's paintings are inspired by the ancient mysteries that are wrapped in the turning of the seasons, and the voice of Goddess whispering through the mythical realms. Her work has been published and is loved and purchased worldwide.

How to Use the Goddess Love Cards

You might like to sit quietly for a while holding the cards. Perhaps close your eyes and say: ‘Goddess, I ask for Your blessings on my use of these cards. May I receive Your guidance clearly. May Your love fill my heart for the greater good of all.’ When you are ready, if it feels right, you can shuffle the cards and tune into their vibration.

If you have a specific question, ask it now.

Whatever the reason that Goddess has called you here, offer it to Her. If you are suffering grief, loss or loneliness, She will hear you. Perhaps you are in need of inspiration or your life just isn’t feeling right; let Her speak to you through the cards. You are Her dear one and She will help you.



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Erica (Raven) Branch-Butler, Editrix, Edge of the Circle Books Newsletter


Friday, March 19, 2021





by Menegazzi & Dorsini

78 Card Deck With Book

List Price: $124.95 (Il Meneghello)


The Sola Busca tarot is one of the earliest extant 78 card tarot decks. It may also be the earliest tarot deck in which the plain suit cards are illustrated.

It was engraved onto metal in the late 15th century, and the color in the surviving complete deck was then hand-painted. Various theories have been suggested about who created the deck, probably a Ferrarese artist, but its authorship remains uncertain.

Most of the figures in the trumps appear to represent Romans prominent during the period of the Late Republic, often in armor. In addition, the Fool seems to show a Celt, one trump shows the emperor Nero, and the highest two trumps show Babylonian kings, Nimrod and Nebuchadnezzar. In addition to historical figures, the court cards also appear to include gods, such as Bacchus, and many images of the Sola Busca deck depict themes of European alchemy as practiced during the Renaissance.

The heavily illustrated pip cards (numbers 2 through 10 of the four suits) were a major influence on the Minor Arcana of the Rider-Waite Tarot by Pamela Colman Smith.

The Sola Busca Tarocchi has long been treasured by Tarot collectors, historians and enthusiasts for its unique place in the evolution of the Tarot. In this beautiful limited-edition of 200 decks Il Meneghello Edizioni faithfully recreates all 78 cards. Hold these beautiful cards in your hands and experience a moment in history when art and mystery came together and the earliest known fully illustrated tarot deck was created. These images were undoubtedly seen by Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith, and had a profound influence on the structure and imagery of the Waite Smith deck.



by M.J. Cullinane

78-card deck and 64-page guidebook

Publisher : U.S. Games Systems Inc. (February 11, 2021)

List Price: $22.95


  • From the creator of Crow Tarot
  • Independently Created
  • 78 cards inspired by the Rider-Waite Smith deck

From poodles to pit bulls the Wise Dog offers a wide selection of rescue and purebred pups ready to help you on your journey

Wise Dog Tarot was created as a tribute to the unconditional love and loyalty of dogs, large and small. Inspired by the symbolism of Rider-Waite, these 78 vibrant tarot cards help connect us to the wisdom and intuition that dogs are eager to share with us. Using this unique tarot deck as a healing tool, we can tap into the protective energy dogs bring into our lives, learn to be more in the moment like them, and embrace their pure joy.

Includes 78-card deck and 64-page guidebook with ideas for single- and three-card readings.



Created by Fatima Mbodj, and illustrated by Lori Felix.

33 cards and a 76-page illustrated guidebook.

(U.S. Games)

List Price: $22.95


Welcome to your beautiful new beginning. Inspired by the colorful culture and energy of New Orleans, this dynamic oracle deck was created to help you gain a sense of direction in your life. Just as the city of New Orleans inspires people to discover, accept and fully express themselves, The New Orleans Oracle Deck empowers us to tap into unconditional love and to connect with the highest parts of ourselves. When we awaken our intuition, and trust the divine light within, we start discovering new avenues of guidance, clarity and manifestation. May The New Orleans Oracle Deck help you find all that you’ve been seeking.

Includes 33 cards and 76-page illustrated guidebook.


The New Orleans Oracle Deck was channeled and created to help support those who want to gain a deeper connection to – and within – the highest parts of themselves and the Universal energy that connects us all. The culture of New Orleans played a significant role in inspiring this deck because New Orleans is a place that inspires people to find, accept, and be themselves as is. We live in a time when looking outside of ourselves for confirmation has become the norm. This deck was created as a tool to bring back the comfort of going within to listen to – and grow – in our trust of self.

By guiding you to tap into the highest version of yourself, the New Orleans Oracle Deck is meant to support the oneness and balance of intuition and intellectual energy the energy of unconditional love, and Divine energy. We all carry our guidance within, and we are all connected to the divine source of energy. May this deck help you step into the light and the awakening of yourself, which is undoubtedly already beginning to unfold! May all that you’ve been seeking be found! And so it is!

Created by By Fatima Mbodj, and illustrated by Lori Felix.

About the Deck Creator: Fatima is a renowned international intuitive reader and healer. Over the past 16 years, she has traveled the world channeling messages through readings and healings to help people create the life they desire—helping them gain clarity, direction and a deeper connection within themselves and the Universal flow of unconditional love and manifestation. Fatima is a multigenerational mystic and intuitive. She currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Fatima Mbodj – New Orleans Oracle Deck Creator

About the Deck Illustrator: Lori Felix is an award winning artist residing in Picayune, Mississippi. Her passion for art has taken her far and wide throughout the country. Traveling throughout the diverse terrains in the United States has been a large inspiration in her art. She uses a wide array of organic textures, recycled can lids, tree bark, and hand-made papers in her mixed media collages.


  • 33 illustrated oracle cards
  • Detailed guidebook
  • Presented together in a sturdy, illustrated two-piece box



by Anita Inverarity

(U.S. Games)

List Price: $22.95


Universal Folk Oracle introduces 44 wise young women, attired in rich colors and patterns to reflect the complexity of our inner selves and the various stages of our growth. The artist has created this culturally nonspecific “universal folk” style to help us bond together as a unified world community. For each card, a healing crystal is also identified to help with your intuitive inquiries and self-care practices. Universal Folk Oracle guides us to discover and master our own universe.

Includes 44-cards and 68-page illustrated guidebook with insights and suggestions for readings, meditation and daily practices.