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By Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa / translation by Eric Perdue - 

Inner Traditions (November 23, 2021)

Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 864 pages

Hardcover three volume set in slipcase 

List Price: $195.00 


The first new and complete English translation of Agrippa’s classic masterwork in more than 350 years 

• Three hardcover volumes in slipcase

• Corrects the many mistranslations, copyist mistakes, and errors introduced from other editions, drawing on new research and access to Agrippa’s source texts

• Restores all of Agrippa’s original illustrations

• Presents a nearly complete bibliography of Agrippa’s primary sources

One of the most important texts in the Western magical tradition for nearly 500 years, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s 1533 work Three Books of Occult Philosophy collates a multitude of sources from the Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance periods and organizes them into a coherent explanation of the magical world. Divided into three parts--the natural world, the celestial world, and the divine world--the book systematically explains the philosophy, logic, and methods of magic and astrology and how they work.

The basis for 19th-century magical orders such as the Golden Dawn and a primary source for countless books on magical uses of stones, herbs, incense, and astrology, Agrippa’s many lists and diagrams have proven invaluable to magicians since the 16th century. Yet, until now, all English editions of Agrippa’s Three Books were based on the same flawed 1651 translation from the mysterious “J.F.”

In this new translation from the original 1533 Latin edition, Eric Purdue corrects the many mistranslations, copyist mistakes, and errors introduced from other editions as well as restores all of Agrippa’s original illustrations. Purdue notates every correction and offers commentary, drawing on major developments in the research of older magical and astrological texts. He also presents a nearly complete bibliography of Agrippa’s primary sources, revealing Agrippa as a mainstream scholar of his day.

Presenting the first new English translation of Three Books of Occult Philosophy in more than 350 years, this three-volume hardcover boxed set repairs the gaps in knowledge pervasive in the original translation and restores the magical spirit of Agrippa’s masterpiece, allowing us to hear Agrippa speak again.



A Grimoire of Rune-Magick 

By Shade Vedhrfolnir (Robert C. Carey) / edited by Denny Sargent

Concrescent Press, (September 22, 2021)

Laminate Hardcover, 7x10in size, Black and red text, 24 full color plates, 284pp

List Price: $54.99 


"Carey brings the perspective of a ceremonial magician to the use of the runes in divination and magic. The suggestions for interpretation cover both positive and negative meanings, and the color images included for each Rune are rich in additional meaning."-Diana L. Paxson, author of Taking up the Runes

"Decades ago, when I first began to explore runes and the Norse-Germanic religion of Asatru with which they're associated, few books on the subject were available. They included fanciful inventions which disrespected the ancient traditions, as well as dry overly scholarly volumes. In more recent years, I have encountered many books on runes. Some put forth interpretations which had me wondering how the author got their odd imaginings published. A few offered interesting new perspectives which actually rang true. I have always valued books such as Runespells. This book has a solid foundation in the lore of societies who utilized runes over the centuries, is respectful of the spiritual traditions associated with the runes, and is presented in an approachable and welcoming voice which encourages exploration."-Drew Ward, from the Preface.




The K’rla Cell and the Secret Key to Liber AL 

By Jeffrey D. Evans , Peter Levenda 

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Ibis Press (November 15, 2021)

Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 320 pages

List Price: $40.00 


An arcane ritual reveals a code hidden within Thelema’s most holy book.

Over a period of several years, the former head of Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Order in the United States, conducted a bizarre sexual ritual with elements of Thelema, Lovecraft, and the Egyptian mummification ceremony to unlock a mathematical code buried in plain sight in Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law.

Jeffrey Evans, a follower of Aleister Crowley’s Thelema since his teenage years, had an encounter on a bridge in Washington, DC, with a being he identified as his holy guardian angel. This being—Karla—provided him with the inspiration to begin a series of rituals incorporating Egyptian and Lovecraftian elements in an effort to traverse the Tunnels of Set: pathways on the “dark side” of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. The ritual, conducted with his wife, Ruth Keenan, employed cross-dressing and bondage as well as Cthulhian imagery and chanting, and resulted in a series of revelations concerning the mathematical code hidden within the verses of Crowley’s Book of the Law: a circumstance that Crowley always suspected but was never able to prove, not even with the help of accomplished mathematicians. Evans tried in vain to demonstrate this code to other members of the Typhonian Order, to no avail, but a chance meeting online with Peter Levenda resulted in Levenda’s taking a closer look at the data and what he discovered astounded him. He agreed to help bring this discovery to the attention of the general public.

There has been very little new work published in the field of Thelema in the last 10 years or so, at least since the death of Kenneth Grant. Most publishing concerning Crowley has been biographical or reissues of Crowley’s own material. This work is a departure from all of that. It is new material, completely unexpected within the Crowley/Thelema/OTO environment, for it offers a new approach to the mathematical nature of Thelema that so far has been based on Qabalah. This work brings attention to the existence of a sacred geometry within the verses of the Book of the Law: a completely unexpected discovery but nonetheless mathematically verifiable. It bridges the gap between Thelema, Freemasonry, and Templarism, as well as Gnosticism, demonstrating a continuum of esoteric thought spanning millennia.




By Stacey Demarco

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Rockpool Publishing (November 22, 2021)

Language ‏ : ‎ English

Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 200 pages

List Price: $18.95 


The ultimate book of authentic lunar ceremonies, spells, mythos, and science, The Enchanted Moon will transform and inspire you.

“With so many books out there on lunar lore written by people having questionable experience or authenticity, it is refreshing to see a book by someone who has actually practiced what she is preaching for decades. Thank you, Stacey, for keeping it real.” —David Garland, founder of Pagan Awareness Network

Bestselling author Stacey Demarco reveals the alchemy of lunar science to show you how moon cycles work for magic, balance, health, and self-realization and how ancient and modern rituals will help you get the most power from those cycles.

The Enchanted Moon includes authentic meditations or spells for every one of the 28 phases of the moon, crystal suggestions for each moon phase, gardening by the moon guidelines, and a handy 15-year chart of full, dark, and new moons for easy reference. Let the beliefs of the goddesses, gods, and sacred animals of the moon guide you toward a better life.

The ultimate book of authentic lunar ceremonies, spells, mythos and science, including: 

· Both ancient and modern rituals will help you get the most power from each lunar cycle.

· Authentic meditations or spells for every one of the 28 phases of the moon

· Gardening by the moon guidelines

· 15-year chart of full, dark and new moons for easy reference.

The ultimate book of authentic lunar ceremonies, spells, mythos, and science, The Enchanted Moon will transform and inspire you.

The Science - Why Knowing About the Moon Scientifically Enhances Our Workings

The evolutionary forces, elemental phenomena like electricity, gravity, dark matter, pressure, magnetism and the areas of physics and astronomy – certainly are important components to the alchemy of magic. Everything is connected to everything. Energies and forces, building upon each other, swirling and weaving in powerful alchemy, creating a synergistic whole much more powerful than the sum of its individual parts. The earth and the relationship with its moon shows us the universe is heaving with elemental aliveness, and deep connectivity and creativity.

Other Moon Phenomena – Eclipses, Blue Moon, Super Full Moon

Eclipses - In paganism, eclipses are usually a signal to go within and pay attention to what is happening. We are asked to understand that energies can be wild and chaotic and so we look to the balance. It’s a powerful time for certain kinds of magic. Blue Moon - The energy and power of blue moons can be best taken advantage of by setting intentions on these moons of things that you really want but have never felt could happen.Super Full Moon - A ‘super’ full moon is a moon that is on its closest approach to Earth in its revolutions. If a ‘normal’ full moon gives us an opportunity to have rocket power under our intentions, a super full moon greatly magnifies this energy into a super nova.

The Magic Starts Here. There are three vital skills to learn to get started with lunar magic and working with earth elements and lunar energies.

Observation - Notice what the moon is doing. By doing this for a moon cycle, you will automatically become much more aware of how the moon affects you and how the moon’s energy and appearance changes. 

Sitting Out, Utiseta - The practice of purposeful ‘sitting out’, was a meditative shamanic activity. Utiseta meant you spent time, meditating and sleeping on the land with the moon above, allowing the land and sky to connect with you. 

Casting Circles - The creation of a circle is the creation of sacred space within which you will perform processes that are markedly different from anything else you do in your ‘normal’ world. It is a reflection of the shape of that big moon above you and is a way to capture the energy.

How to use The Enchanted Moon book

The alchemy of lunar science will show you how moon cycles work for magic, balance, health and self-realisation and about how both ancient and modern rituals will help you get the most power from those cycles. Also included are authentic meditations or spells for every one of the 28 phases of the moon, crystal suggestions for each moon phase, gardening by the moon guidelines and a handy 15-year chart of full, dark and new moons for easy reference. Let the beliefs of the goddesses, gods and sacred animals of the moon guide you towards a better life. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, this moonlit book is for you.



An Early Modern Experiment of Cyprianic Conjuration 

(A Guide to the Underworld Series)

By Dr.  Alexander Cummins

Hadean Press,  Published November 2021

28 Page Staple-bound Booklet 

List Price: $4.95 


The Art of Cyprian, found in MS Sloane 3850, contains instructions for the construction and use of a magic mirror attributed Saint Cyprian of Antioch. Along with the preparation of the mirror itself – which includes making and consecrating a particular ink for drafting certain figures of Solomon – come instructions detailing a conjuration of the ‘four worthy princes of the earth’, including a special appeal to the King of the East as their primus inter pares, and a dismissal of these same ‘four kings of the four parts of the world’. In this Guide to the Underworld, Alexander Cummins illuminates further Cyprianic dimensions of these directional courts of the various cardinal kings and their messenger-king attendants in the grimoiric corpus.


I. By Lampblack, By Wax, and By Glass Introducing MS Sloane 3850’s Art of Cyprian Cyprian and the Cardinal Kings

A Compass Rose By Any Other Name The Dark Arts & Crafts of Cyprian’s Mirror 

II. The Art of Cyprian’s Mirror of Four Kings

From Adam McLean, ‘Constructing a Magic Mirror According to the Art of Cyprian’, Hermetic Journal 11 (Spring 1981): 27-33 

III. Reflections Linens of the Instruments Tongues of the Magi Chairs of the Regents 

Dr Alexander Cummins is a consultant, diviner, writer, magician, and historian. He approaches ritual, divination, and sorcery both as a long-term practitioner and a historian of early modern magic. Dr Cummins has worked as a professional diviner for over a decade, and published several works on astrological magic, grimoires, and folk necromancy. He also provides training, workshops, and coaching in many aspects of magical theory and practice. 





By Jack Sephiroth & Allen Dempster & Jaymi Elford & Zhang Chao 

Lo Scarabeo 

78 cards, 70x120 mm. 160 pages, full color book. 

List Price $35.95  


Valhalla: the Realm of the Gods. From the author of the Heaven & Earth, the Runic Tarot is the ultimate deck created over Norse mythology. This deck is a powerful, fierce holder of an ancient aura. It weaves together the wisdom of the Runes, the poetry of the Skalds, the valour of the Einherjars, and the evergreen bounty of life and nature. Runic Tarot is a tribute to the divine spark within humanity. With the companion book written by American writer Jaymi Elford.



by Cat Pierce

Publisher ‏ :Hay House Inc. (November 2, 2021)

Cards ‏ : ‎ 80 Card Deck with 128-page Guidebook 

List Price: $26.99 


Successfully Kickstarted in 2020 by singer/songwriter Cat Pierce of the sister-band The Pierces, this mystical, magical, healing tarot deck guides you to sharpen your intuition and reconnect with the powerful light and wisdom inside you.

There is a universe inside you waiting to be illuminated and explored.

The Wandering Star Tarot is a compass for seekers and dreamers in search of the treasures that lie within the heart, mind, and spirit.

With unique, hand-drawn illustrations—keywords worked subtly into the design of each image—and a guidebook filled with hopeful messages, quotes, and spreads, this deck invites readers of all levels to work intuitively with the cards for insight and guidance. 


Journey into this whimsical world of self-discovery and archetypes and meet two original cards that infuse the major arcana with powerful energy: “The Mother Star” and “The Creator.”



By Gniedmann 

U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

List Price: $22.95 


The faraway town of Nuages, in the land of clouds, has its own culture, creatures, traditions and tarot. Tarot Nuages pays tribute to Marseilles-style tarot with some antique elements, but it also embraces a modern, playful spirit with goblins, penguins, pixies, gargoyles and animated mushrooms inhabiting the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana introduces a pantheon of demigods and high-powered personalities that will lead readers through an unforgettable tarot journey. Includes 79 cards and 64-page booklet.



With art by Ellie Goldwine / book by Minerva Siegel 

78 card Deck With 128-page Guidebook 

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Insight Editions (November 9, 2021) 

List Price: $24.99 


Let Maleficent, Captain Hook, and other classic baddies guide your tarot practice with the only official tarot deck featuring Disney’s most wicked villains.

Disney’s most iconic villains have taken over tarot in this dastardly take on a traditional 78-card deck. Featuring the notorious ne’er-do-wells from classic animated films like 101 Dalmations, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, and more, this tarot deck reimagines Cruella de Vil, Ursula, Maleficent and the whole motley crew in original illustrations based on classic tarot iconography.

Including both the Major and Minor Arcana, the set also comes with a helpful guidebook with explanations of each card’s meaning, as well as simple spreads for easy readings. Packaged in a sturdy, decorative gift box, this devious deck of tarot cards is the perfect gift for Disney fans and tarot enthusiasts everywhere.




Alejandro Colucci 

Lo Scarabeo

Boxed deck (3¼ x 5) 78-card deck and instructional booklet

List Price::$26.95 


Vampires evoke a world of primal essences, where the boundary between human and monster is blurred beyond recognition. This deck features intense, moody art, setting the stage for the deep work of soul exploration with a backdrop of the struggle between good and evil. These cards remind us that within every human there are monsters, but inside every monster there is humanity.



Oracle Deck & Guidebook 

By Boris Indrikov 

U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

40 Card Deck with 56-page Guidebook 

List Price $22.95 


Inspired by ancient forms of dream divination, Russian fantasy artist Boris Indrikov created a uniquely captivating oracle deck. The beguiling artwork blends Boris’ signature surrealist flair with art nouveau elements that draw in the reader and ignite the imagination. The deck’s 40 main cards are divided into four color suits, with each group corresponding to a natural element and a sphere of

human life. The bonus card is a special inspirational Joker. The illustrated 56-page guidebook offers oracular advice and empowering quotes.




Wisdom of the Northern Kingdoms 

John Matthews & Virginia Chandler / illustrated by Joe Machine 

Publisher: Red Feather

23 Art Card Oracle Deck With 176-page Guidebook 

List Price: $29.99 


Hwaet! Listen up! So begins the tale of Beowulf and what the Scandinavian tribes believed was the journey each of us takes to achieve immortality. The ancient energy that inspired the magical world and adventurous spirit of the poem now inspires this first deck based on the epic story, providing guides and symbols for the seeker. Use this oracle as a tool to reveal where you are on your path, as well as what or who is influencing your journey. The voice of the skald, the poet of the Viking Age, coming through this oracle, leads you to an inner, spiritual place and provides you with a “Seeing” of what the gods have chosen to reveal and a “Knowing” of what is to come. Connecting with the adventures and heroic deeds of the warriors and the adversaries they encounter, both human and magical, makes their universal paths ones that affect all who read about them. Courage then, seeker, in your quest!




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The Orders of the Daemons 

by David Crowhurst 

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Weiser Books; Weiser Deluxe Hardcover edition (November 1, 2021)

Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 368 pages

List Price: $60.00 


"David Crowhurst’s Stellas Daemonum is a comprehensive, monu­mental, and scholarly text that has painstakingly dilated the fragmented material of the classic grimoires and connected them back to their more ancient and not readily accessible source material." —Lon Milo DuQuette

  • Features a translucent, velum dustjacket, which displays the various colors and stamping of the case wrap.

  • Features a 3pc, actual cloth case cover, with ¼ black cloth on the binding edge and red cloth material over heavier-weight binders board.

  • Features 3 different hits of stamping, including gold and black designs on the boards, with a blind stamp frames, and gold stamping on the spine.


Stellas Daemonum is a working tool to be used again and again by magicians for whom the magic art of spirit evocation is a passion. If this describes you, I think you will find here the citizens of your magical universe, the symbols and mythological archetypes of your own soul, more real, more awakened, and more ready to trigger the next changes you need to make in your evolving consciousness.”— Lon Milo DuQuette, author of Enochian Vision Magick

-- Lon Milo DuQuette

Stellas Daemonum makes a significant contribution to the study of Medieval spirit catalogues. Most notably, it places the genre into a well-researched and coherent cosmological framework. While the main body of the book is likely to be used as a lifelong study companion for dedicated practitioners, it is the incredibly well-written first three chapters that I recommend as essential reading to all students. To my knowledge, the only comparable introduction to the ‘stellar tradition’ of equal value is Helmut Ritter’s 1962 introduction to the Picatrix, which to this day is only accessible to the German reader. Congratulation to David Crowhurst on this essential addition to the maze and gateway that is the Western Spirit tradition.” — Frater Archer, author of Holy Daimon and other works

-- Frater Archer

Magic is not an art but a technique which has repeatable procedures and observable outcomes in the physical world. . . . In Stellas Daemonum, David Crowhurst has thus returned to the original ‘spirit model’ explanation of why magic works. David Crowhurst defends the spirits as spirits rather than trying to apologise for them on theological grounds or downplay their existence to nothing beyond the psychological. . . . Crowhurst has done magic a great favour by bringing them once again to the forefront of the subject. He restores their pride in their celestial origins, fitting them into the astrological framework of the heavens, thereby making sense of many of the scattered grimoire attributions. . . . It is good that at long last someone has again picked up his pen to defend the ancient connection between astrology and magic and to help stitch them together again.”

-- From the foreword by Stephen Skinner, author of The Complete Magician's Tables and other works

About the Author

David Crowhurst lives in London, England. He formed his deep interest in religion, mythology, and the mysteries of the stars in his homeland of Wales. After experiencing the effectiveness of magical remedies passed down by family members, he became fascinated with the mechanics of magic and dedicated his life to its practice and study. He is a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis, is an aspirant to the A.A., and has a particular passion for astrology and the ancient pagan religions of Europe and the Near East.




The Power of Narrative Charms 

by Carl Nordblom, with art by David Herrerias 

Publisher: Hadean Press, October 2021.

The hardcover edition is covered in Wintan Carena black, with gold stamp on cover and spine, black head and tail bands and black endpapers. 92 pages.

List Price: Hardcover $42.95 , Paperback



In the beginning was the word, and for as long as there has been language, there has been power within the use of words. Incantations and spoken charms apply nuance, narrative, rhyme, and cadence to achieve magical effects, commonly divided into healing, hexing, and procuring. Modern academic scholarship, focusing on their historical relevance, refers to magical narrative charms as historiolae, which are explored here within numerous cultures of antiquity including Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, and Indian through to Norse and Christian examples.

The author’s native Scandinavian tradition of troll formulae uses short narratives with a powerful protagonist (such as Jesus, saints, Mary, three maidens, mythical figures) performing the required action to heal, or hex. The narrative recounts a series of events, which the speaker through sympathetic magic manifests into action through the power of the protagonist and their actions. The story-telling aspect of the charms also provides a visual component to the charm, activating the power of imagination in both speaker and (if appropriate) recipient.

Through his exploration of the components of historiolae and associated ritual components, Carl Nordblom lucidly and concisely demonstrates the practice of narrative charms, equipping the reader with everything needed to incorporate or enhance their use in personal practice. And the word was with magic, and the word was magic.


  • Introduction 

  • Narrative Troll Formulas 

  • Historical Historiolae 

  • The Application of the Narrative Charms

  • Words as Worlds 

  • Bibliography

  • Index 



Selected Essays from the Inaugural Magickal Women Conference 2019 

Edited by Sue Terry & Erzebet Barthold Published by Magickal Women & Company Publications.

Distributed by Hadean Press.

Cover art by Sara Hannant.

Multiple contributors (see below).

70 colour images , 264 pages.

Hardcover edition only, limited to 300 copies, strict. Sewn bound hardcover with Wibalin black endpapers and black head and tail bands, 

covered in Toile du Marais Aurore and black foil lettering on front and spine.

List Price: $86.50 


“The Magickal Women Conference held on 1 June 2019 was a major international gathering in London celebrating women in the occult, witchcraft, and esoteric traditions. The Conference was designed to pay homage to the women of the past who challenged the status quo by embracing mysticism, magic and occultism, and to the women who continue those rich traditions through lived practice, performance and teaching. We were conscious of a burgeoning interest in a women’s conference to bring together women from all esoteric paths, to honour the past and give space to younger generations to forge the future. It was very successful and completely sold out; the volume you are holding is a collection of just a few of the papers presented by our speakers as a record of that event.”



  • Introduction – Sue Terry & Erzebet Barthold 

  • The Art of Survival: Headline Speech for the Magickal Women Conference – Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki 

  • The Crafting of Magic – Victoria Musson, Artist-in-Residence 

  • Acts of Transformation – Sara Hannant 

  • Margot Adler: Modern Journalism and the Construction of Magical Histories – Brontë Mansfield 

  • From Cumae to Uppsala: The Journey of the Sybil – Shani Oates 

  • Anna Bonus Kingsford, the Woman Clothed with the Sun – Elaine Bailey 

  • Flower of Evil: The Satanic Woman of Fin de Siècle Paris, Berthe de Courrière – Madeleine LeDespencer 

  • Rebel Women and Rebel Magic – Emma Kathryn 

  • Maria de Padilla: from the Castilian Court to the Quimbanda Kingdoms – Verónica Rivas 

  • A Cartomantic Marriage – an exploration of the relationship between Frieda Harris and Aleister Crowley during the development of The Book of Thoth – Deja Whitehouse 

  • The Sounds of Salvation: Leonora Carrington’s The Hearing Trumpet – K. A. Laity 

  • Leonor Fini —Fashion Magick Sorceress – Sabina Stent 

  • Una Woodruff’s Witches – Scarlett Amaris 

  • Magic(k)al Visions of the Ultra-Modern Woman: Reconsidering the Feminine Aesthetics of Moina Mathers and Maya Deren – Lila Moore 

  • The Dancing Serpents of Magick and Art – Charlotte Rodgers 

  • Finding Babalon: An Astro-Magickal Quest for the Fourth Goddess – Cath Thompson 

  • Olivia Robertson: A Magickal Life – Caroline Wise