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CONJURE CODEX  By Jake Stratton-Kent Paperback: 184 pages Publisher: Hadean Press (October 31, 2011) Price: $40.95 FROM THE PUBLISHER: Publication Date: October 31, 2011 The practice of spirit conjuration has thrived since humanity first experienced and sought to work with the natural forces of the seen and unseen worlds. It remains to this day as a living tradition among many modern cultures, while in others conjuration has been equated with ‘the devil’s work’ or sidelined into the realm of the incredulous, viewed with superstition and disdain. Misconceptions abound, in part because the reality of spirit conjuration is often as obscured as are the spirits themselves. CONJURE CODEX breaks new ground in presenting inter-related material from a range of traditions, embracing ancient cultures, the grimoires, New World traditions and others; by publishing new translations and rare texts alongside accounts of work in these traditions, and elucidations of th