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New Collectible Titles From Black Tower , Theion , Edda , Ixaxaar, & Transmutation Publishing!

EDGE OF THE CIRCLE BOOKS IS PLEASED TO PRESENT THE FOLLOWING COLLECTIBLE TITLES LILITH: Goddess of Sitra Ahra Anthology, Edited by Dæmon Barzai Black Tower Publishing, 2014 Hand-bound book – Hand-numbered – Dust jacket – Limited edition 200 copies only. List Price: $118.00 FROM THE PUBLISHER: Lilith is one of the most well-known Dark Goddesses. She’s the Queen of Sitra Ahra, and the Serpent who tempts men with knowledge, encouraging them to look for the Antinomian path of Self Deification. Goddess of Bloody Moon, Sacred Prostitute, and Hag of the Night. Lilith, the Goddess of a thousand masks and guises, is explored thoroughly in this book through different rituals, ceremonies, poetry and art. This anthology has been written by different magicians of the Left Hand Path – people with a true vocation and dedication to the path of the Red Goddess. CONTENTS Ama Lilith – Daemon Barzai - Arachnid Lilith – Salomelihecatel – The Legacy of Li


Archaeological Museum in Herakleion.  Statue of Isis-Persephone holding a sistrum.  Temple of the Egyptian gods, Gortyn. Roman period  ( 180-190 A.C.) Wolfgang Sauber. Mabon: Autumn Equinox - September 21st-23rd W ELCOME to the Edge of the Circle Newsletter. This newsletter has come about as an effort to reach out to the Pagan/ Occult community (particularly in Seattle where we are based) to inform the community of what events are happening at our store. Without further ado, welcome, and enjoy. Regards, Erica (Raven) Branch-Butler, Editrix- WHO WE ARE: Edge of the Circle Books is Seattle's resource for Paganism & the Occult. This newsletter seeks to provide the Seattle community with a place to list events, post articles, and do a bit of networking. We are located at: 701 E. Pike St, corner of Boylston Ave., just two blocks west of Broadway, on Capitol Hill.  Edge of the Circle Books strives to be your ideal Magical Pagan store.