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New, From The Witches' Almanac - LIBER SPIRITUUM: The Grimoire of Paul Huson

  The Witches' Almanac Presents: LIBER SPIRITUUM:  The Grimoire of Paul Huson By Paul Huson  Paperback Edition: $59.95 Hardcover Edition in Slip Case: $149.95  Published by The Witches' Almanac  FROM THE PUBLISHER: Introducing: Liber Spirituum - The Grimoire of Paul Huson  In 1966, as an apprentice mage, Paul Huson began the work of constructing his personal Liber Spiritumm or Book of Spirits. The origins of his work in fact have their genesis a number of years before he took up the pen to il-luminate the pages of his Book of Spirits. It was in his tender youth that Paul’s interest in matters magical began. It was his insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge that would eventually lead him to knock on the doors of Dion Fortune’s Society of the Inner Light in 1964, as well as studying the practices of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Stella Matutina under the aegis of Israel Regardie. Drawing on this wellspring of knowledge and such venerable works as the Key of


  THE KEMETIC TAROT   Deck and Book Set ~ companion book and design of the deck  by Michael Coles, with art by Anna Dorzhieva , published by Abracax House, Introductory price: $35.99 FROM THE PUBLISHER: For centuries, tarot card designers have claimed their tarot decks are based on ancient Egyptian magic. The Kemetic Tarot is based on the most powerful Egyptian magic discovered: The Book of Coming Forth by Day (also called The Book of the Dead). Written over 3,200 years ago, it is a book of spells and magic that allows a soul to invoke the gods and subdue evil adversaries during its travels from the mundane physical world through the spiritual world of the Duat (the afterlife), and finally on to eternal life in Aaru (the Egyptian Paradise). The rich, vibrant art of The Kemetic Tarot cards infuses the traditional tarot archetypes with the ancient Egyptian magic of The Book of Coming Forth by Day, as it tells the story of the Fool, the scribe Ani, on his journey through the physical and


  EDGE OF THE CIRCLE BOOKS  IS PROUD TO PRESENT: CODEX ALTHAEBAN MALIK:  Book of Aberrations by Peter Hamilton-Giles, with illustrations by Carolyn Hamilton-Giles Standard Edition $128.95 From Atramentous Press Size: 235x154mm portrait. First edition limited to 450 copies.  Covered in black buckram. Gold foil blocking to front, rear and spine  Red end papers, embossed with insignia to inside front.  Paper: 120 gsm Munken Rough Red and Black Head and Tail bands Scarlet book ribbon. Pages approx. 500 FROM THE PUBLISHER: Precis: Codex Althaeban Malik otherwise known as The Book of Aberrations is an intermediary volume between Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Book of the Black Dragon. The premise for this intermediary volume entails orientating the sorcerer to the Proklosis Ring, this being the horizon of the Black Dragon. Extrapolating aspects mentioned in Volume 1, Codex Althaeban Malik uncovers the philosophy informing the overall ‘work’ as it has so far been presented. Addressing the positing