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by Thorn Mooney

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (September 8, 2021)

Publication date: September 8, 2021

Print length: 203 pages

List Price: $17.99 


Get Unstuck, Find Inspiration, and Take the Next Step on Your Path...

The Witch's Path is all about taking your witchcraft practice to the next level—whether you're a beginner who feels overwhelmed, a disillusioned adept, a jaded coven leader, or anyone in-between. This book shares specific, hands-on tips for what you can do to move forward spiritually today, no matter what your starting point.

Author Thorn Mooney explores the most common themes a witch may explore to work their way out of a rut: sacred space, devotion, ritual and magic, personal practice, and community. Each chapter features four separate exercises, organized by element and designed for four different types of readers, so you can come back to this book as you grow in your craft and discover fresh techniques and exercises that work for you. You will discover:

  • Tips and advice for cultivating a sense of serious play

  • Setting effective goals for spellwork

  • Creating an altar

  • Joining or leading events

  • And much more

Join Thorn Mooney on an exploration of the most common themes practitioners need to look into when they're feeling stagnant or stuck: sacred space, devotion, ritual and magic, personal practice, and community. Every chapter features four separate exercises, designed for four different types of readers, so you can come back to this book as you grow and discover fresh techniques and activities. The Witch's Path helps renew your sense of engagement with the Craft so you can continue evolving your spirit, your practice, and yourself.



by Danae Moon Thorp

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (September 8, 2021)

Paperback, 408 pages

List Price: $21.99  


Embrace the Art of Magick & the Power that Has Always Been Inside You...

Providing a unique look at what witchcraft means in the 21st century, this lyrical book empowers you to become a divine weaver of life, be at one with nature's heartbeat, and connect to all things. With practical guidance and poetic encouragement, Danae Moon Thorp teaches you what every witch must know, including the elements, spells, tools, deities, rituals, and more.

Becoming the Witch explains the complexities of witchcraft in a clear and creative way, giving you a richer understanding of how it all works. Learn to imbue every action, word, and ingredient of a spell with powerful energy that connects your heart, body, and mind to extraordinary possibilities. You'll also explore divine realms, delve into the history of magick, and find spiritual fulfillment in ordinary life. This book is your key to not just holding a wand, but also turning that wand into an extension of yourself.




Making Magick Happen Your Way 

by Whiskey Stevens

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Llewellyn Publications (Sept. 8, 2021)

Language ‏ : ‎ English

Paperback ‏ : ‎ 240 pages

List Price: $16.99 


More than just a how-to guide to the Craft, Rise of the Witch is a deep exploration of the inner workings of witchcraft and your integral role in creating magick. Rise of the Witch shows you how to build a practice that is unique to you.

  • Witchcraft Items on an Altar

  • Pentacle made out of wood

  • Tarot Cards and Candles on an Altar

This remarkable book covers the basics and more advanced topics, taking you from the history of the Craft to the elements to the witch's tools and everywhere in between.

Work with spells, harness powerful energies, and uncover your magickal purpose. Be empowered if you are hesitant to come out as a witch or if you need to keep your practice secret.

Author Whiskey Stevens doesn't shy away from subjects like sex magick and shadow work, and this practical book also helps you explore tarot, meditation, sacred space, and more.

About the Author:

Whiskey Stevens (Ontario, Canada) is actively involved in many witchcraft communities, including DIY Witches, Witches of Ontario, Spells, Herbs, Oils: Witchcraft 101, and Tarot Professionals Group. Her writing has been featured in Witch Way, The Witch, and Witchology. She is also a death doula and runs a popular YouTube channel.




The Secrets of the Kimbanda Magicians

By Diego de Oxóssi, Foreword by Hendrix Silveira

Publisher, Destiny Books (August 31, 2021)

Paperback, 128 pages

List Price: $16.99   


A guide to the history and practice of Kimbanda, the black magic tradition of Brazil

• Explains how Kimbanda’s presiding deity Eshu embodies both masculine and feminine principles, both god and devil, and thus represents human nature itself with all its vices and virtues

• Discusses Kimbanda’s magical practices, initiation rites, sacred knives, and sacrificial offerings

• Details the seven realms and the entities that inhabit and govern each of them

Although it has been demonized as a form of Satanic cult, Kimbanda--the tradition of Afro-Brazilian black magic--is a spiritual practice that embraces both the light and dark aspects of life through worship of the entities known as Eshu and Pombajira.

Exploring the history and practice of Kimbanda, also known as Quimbanda, Diego de Oxóssi builds a timeline from the emergence of Afro-Brazilian religions in the 17th century when African slaves were first brought to Brazil, through the development of Orisha cults and the formation of Candomblé, Batuque, Macumba, and Umbanda religious practices, to the modern codification of Kimbanda by Mãe Ieda do Ogum in the 1960s. He explains how Kimbanda’s presiding deity Eshu Mayoral embodies both masculine and feminine principles, both god and devil, and thus represents human nature itself with all its vices and virtues.

Discussing the magical practices, initiation rites, and spiritual landscape of Kimbanda, the author explains how there are seven realms, each with nine dominions, and he discusses the entities that inhabit and govern each of them. The author explores spirit possession and Kimbanda’s sacrificial practices, which are performed in order to honor and obtain the blessing of the entities of the seven realms. He discusses the sacred knives of the practice and the role each plays in it. He also explores the 16 zimba symbols and sigils used to attract the spirits most apt to realizing the magician’s will as well as traditional enchantment songs to summon and work with those spirits.

Offering an accessible guide to Kimbanda, the author shows that this religion of the people is popular because it recognizes the dark and light sides of human morality and provides a way to interact with the deities to produce direct results.

DIEGO DE OXÓSSI is a Chief of Kimbanda and Orishas Priest. For more than 20 years he has been researching and presenting courses, lectures, and workshops on pagan and African-Brazilian religions. He writes a weekly column at and is the publisher at Arole Cultural. He lives in São Paulo, Brazil.




A Pagan Guide for Heathens to Discovering the Magic of Norse Paganism, Viking Mythology and the Poetic Edda

by Melissa Gomes

Publisher; Melissa Gomes, Paperback 

List Price: $19.95 


Are you curious about Asatru, but don't know where to begin? Or maybe you want to learn more about the myths and legends surrounding our Northern Gods?

Either way, by the time you've finished this book, you will be well on your way to embracing the Viking Spirit and all it has to offer.

Asatru is the religion of pre-Christian Northern European tribes, ancestors of modern Scandinavians and other Germanic peoples, who practiced it before the introduction of Christianity to Europe. Asatru is based on Norse paganism and mythology. It embraces a complex heathen worldview that includes the belief in several deities, concepts about death and the afterlife, an understanding of cosmology, and magic and runic beliefs.

In Asatru for Beginners, best-selling author Melissa Gomes takes you on an enlightening and entertaining journey into Norse paganism. You will emerge from this guide with a solid footing in the basic principles of Asatru as a modern way of life. Melissa shares her own experience in discovering the Norse gods and goddesses, as well as ways to incorporate them into your everyday life. She provides a thorough introduction to mythology and its importance to Asatru, followed by an exploration of the magical practices that make up its core. Melissa's passion for the subject shines through every page of this book. Whether you have been studying Asatru for years or are just starting out, be prepared to learn something new!

Yet, the true essence of Asatru and heathenry is within ourselves. It is how we live our lives - by following the virtues of honor, courage, and integrity daily. Our connection with those who have gone before us strengthens our bonds with each other as Heathens. The Asatru religion is an experiential one. Symbols are powerful, and how we use them can define us as a people and can shape our Pagan path:

In Asatru for Beginners, you'll learn all you need to know to start working with the Norse gods and goddesses as a pagan, including:

  • The origins of Asatru and Norse Paganism

  • A brief history of Asatru or Heathenism in modern times, with an in-depth look at the modern Asatru movement

  • Information on Norse cosmology, including the Nine Worlds of Yggdrasil and the cosmological significance of the sun and moon gods

  • Details about each god and goddess in Norse Mythology

  • How to honor and work with the Norse deities, including a list of recommended devotional practices

  • The Nine Noble Virtues and how they can inform your life today and throughout everyday

  • How to celebrate holidays, honor and work with ancestors

  • How to perform Viking Magic by creating your own Blot and rituals

By the end of this guide, you will have a working knowledge of the Asatru and the lore and history surrounding it. However, there is no shortcut or easy way around studying Asatru. Indeed, discovering Asatru can truly become a lifelong journey, but Asatru for Beginners is an excellent first step along the way.

Inside the book, you will also find three bonuses for you, go check them out!



A Hands-On Guide

by Christina Riggs

Publisher: Thames & Hudson; Illustrated Edition (April 7, 2020)

Hardcover, ‎224 pages

List Price: $24.95 


An entertaining and informative introduction to how ancient Egyptians practiced magic in their daily lives.

In the ancient world, if you needed a love charm, wanted to contact your dead wife, or needed the ability to fly like a bird, the magicians of Egypt were the ones who could make it happen. In Ancient Egyptian Magic, Christina Riggs explores how the Egyptians thought about magic, who performed it and why, and also helps readers understand why we’ve come to think of ancient Egypt in such a mystical way.

Readers will learn how to cure scorpion bites, discover why you might want to break the legs off your stuffed hippopotamus toy, and uncover whether mummies really can come back to life. Readers can also learn how to save a fortune on pregnancy tests―urinating on barley grains will answer that question― as well as how to use the next street parade to predict the future or ensure that an annoying neighbor gets his comeuppance.

Was magic harmless fun, heartfelt hope, or something darker? Featuring demons, dream interpreters, the Book of the Dead, and illustrations from tomb paintings and papyrus scrolls, Riggs breathes new life into ancient magic and uses early texts and images to illuminate the distinctions between magic, religion, and medicine.

95 illustrations.





by  James Jacob Pierri, Rebecca Stotsenburgh (Illustrator), Heather Scott (Illustrator)

Red Feather (June 8, 2021)

Paperback, ‎96 pages

List Price: $24.99  


Fall in love with the Tarot all over again with the Auset Gypsy Tarot, a truly bohemian metaphysical experience! Here the timeless story of the Major and Minor Arcana is woven in a romantic yet modern style by published astrologer and international Tarot reader James Jacob Pierri. With original illustrations by Rebecca Stotsenburgh and Heather Scott, this full 78-card deck and accompanying guidebook provide the reader and querent with powerful astrological symbols, mythic secrets, and mystical know-how to unlock their Third Eye as they seek spiritual insight.

While inspired by the familiar tradition of the Tarot, the Auset Gypsy deck reintroduces the characters of all the cards in a personalized way, for meditation, artistic inspiration, and personal development. Allow yourself to venture into an exciting and magical landscape that combines the old-fashioned feel of traditional decks with a colorful and contemporary flair. The Auset Gypsy is ready to read your story . . . let the adventure begin!




by Liz Blackbird 

78-card black and white deck with 72-page guidebook

Publisher:U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 

List Price: $22.95


The Heart & Hands Tarot deck represents a personal journey and a true labor of love created over the course of several phases of life by artist and illustrator Liz Blackbird. The deck’s eclectic imagery is rooted in the traditional figures and symbolism of the classic Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck and is stylistically unified by an intricate line-drawing technique. Flowers and figures spill from the images' frames—the exuberance of the illustrations reflects the power of the cards and the artist's joy in creating them.

Includes 78-card black and white deck with 72-page guidebook.




by Paulina Fae aka Paulina Cassidy 

78 TAROT Card Deck with 72-page Guidebook 

Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

List Price: $22.95 


From Paulina Fae (aka Paulina Cassidy)

Phantasma Tarot draws you into the colorful world of daydreams and magical visions, where kindred spirits guide you on an exciting journey through the 78 cards of tarot. You will learn a great deal about yourself from these mentors and mystical creatures. 

The 76-page guidebook shares their messages and life lessons, as well as instructions for two Phantasma Tarot spreads.




Art by Thomas Hijo, Book by Minerva Siegel with a foreword by Brian Froud 

78 Card Tarot Deck,  Boxed Set,  128 page Guidebook 

Publisher: Insight Editions

List Price: $24.99 


Let Jareth, Sarah, Hoggle, and other beloved characters from Jim Henson's Labyrinth guide your tarot practice with the official Labyrinth Tarot Deck.

Characters from Jim Henson’s beloved classic Labyrinth try their hand at tarot in this whimsical take on a traditional 78-card tarot deck, which reimagines Jareth, Sarah, Hoggle, and other denizens of Goblin City in original illustrations based on classic tarot iconography. Featuring both the Major and Minor Arcana, the set also comes with a helpful guidebook with explanations of each card’s meaning, as well as simple spreads for easy readings. Packaged in a sturdy, decorative gift box, this stunning deck of tarot cards is the perfect gift for Labyrinth fans and tarot enthusiasts everywhere.





A Modern Spirit Board 

by Judas Knight & Jerome Van Dyke with Art by Marianne Palmer 

Board measures 16" x 16" , Includes Planchette and 84-page Guidebook 

Publisher: U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

List Price: $21.95 


Tabula Mortem follows in the tradition of spirit boards yet offers a new approach for establishing contact with the spirit realm. The attractively designed board taps into elemental energy and communicates through a system of ancient symbolic cave runes. The unique planchette can also be used as a pendulum.

The 84-page Tabula Mortem guidebook explores the history and mystique of ‘talking boards’ and provides instructions for working with this fascinating device.



by Giuliano Costa & Rachel Paul 

Boxed deck , 78-card deck & Guidebook.

Publisher: Lo Scarabeo/ Llewellyn Publications 

List Price: $24.95


Gorgeous rich colors and perfectly rendered compositions are sure to make this one of the most popular Halloween decks available. As the Wheel of the Year turns to autumn, this lovely tarot reflects how the distance between our world and the spirit plane thins and fades. With fabulous art by Giuliano Costa, this laughing and grinning macabre new deck of eternal wisdom and perilous delight carries the Halloween spirit fully into Tarot.

Boxed deck (2¾ x 4¾) includes a 78-card deck and instructional booklet.




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