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By Zemaemidjehuty 

(Theion Publishing) Standard Edition Hardcover 

Bibliographic details:

272 pages, 225×294 mm (portrait)

2 color print on wood-free high quality paper (135gsm),

original b/w illustrations by the author,

golden endpapers,rounded spine, headbands.

Standard Cloth Hardcover Edition ,

bound in fine blue buckram cloth, gold embossing front, back and spine, fine ribbon, limited to 710 copies only.

List Price: $89.95 


A truly spellbinding work, The Book of Flesh and Feather is the central liturgical and ritual book of a devoted group of initiates of the Great Djehuty.

The Book of Flesh and Feather is a grand theurgical opus which includes a large number of ritual instructions, exorcisms, spells, amulets, and hymns which invoke the Great God and exalt His BA. The entire ritual cycle aims first at inducing a necessary state of Chaos after which the theurgist is slowly pulled into the Light of Djehuty’s Gnosis. Concluding the work is an elaborate initiatory ceremony which allows the operator to become the Word of God and go forth as an emanation of the Deity.

Rooted in expert knowledge of Coptic, Egyptian and Greek source material, this unique work is a manifestation of years of dedicated practice emanating a real spiritual power and authority.

In keeping with the unique stylistic demands of the text and the Gnosis it embodies, the book has a larger format and is printed in two colors, black and red. Illustrated throughout by the author himself, The Book of Flesh and Feather is very much a magical book rather than a book on magic and manifests a powerful spiritual, esoteric current.

On the author: Zemaemidjehuty (Zemmi) is a poet-priest and theurgist in service to the Great God Djehuty. The founder of the Church of Flesh and Feather, his work and research focuses amongst others on the mysterious Coptic Christ and Sophia, Kemetic Djehuty, and the conflation of the three as divine aspects of the same Supreme Deity. Living in central Illinois with his wife, Zemaemidjehuty publishes and lectures frequently on topics ranging from liturgical languages, folklore, and spirituality to prose and poetry. Zemmi is also the preeminent Vachel Lindsay scholar and helps maintain the poet’s home which is a state historic site.



Coptic and Egyptian Magical Formulae. 


Germany: Theion Publishing, 2021.

Limited to 720 copies only. 

A FINE COPY, bound in golden cloth, sewn, with azure embossed titles, custom end papers, headbands, .and ribbon marker. Illustrations by the author. Standard Edition Hardcover,432 pages.Octavo.

List Price: $62.95 


Following up on the Coptic, Egyptian and Greek source material offered in "The Book of Flesh and Feather", Zemaemidjehuty brings forth, The Litanies of Thoth", which is also based on the ancient sources, and includes divinatory methods and practices, magical prayers related to the signs and seasons, and further esoteric prayers based of the reformed Coptic calendar..


Austin Osman Spare’s Muse

by Dr William Wallace

Hardback Standard Edition

700 numbered copies

260 pages, 156 x 234 mm. Litho printed, Sewn, illustrated endpapers, illustrated dust jacket two colourplate sections, and over 50 black and white images in the text.

Jerusalem Press) 

List Price: $54.95 


In this multi-faceted book, Dr Wallace analyses Spare’s debt to Theatre, Shakespeare, the Classics, Lewis Carroll and Nietzsche. At the centre of this literary and philosophical orbit we find the artist’s wife.

From The Arcadians chorus line to Spare’s life-model, Eily Shaw is brought out of the shadows for the first time and her influence upon Spare’s art and life is measured. There is no doubt that for a very short time she became his muse; during which he produced The Book of Pleasure.

We reproduce for the first time a drawing intended for The Book of Pleasure. A key section investigates the irrational and laughter implicit to Spare’s magnum opus.

There is also assessment of Spare’s Tarot deck, revealing his early awareness of Alchemical symbolism.

And the influence of Hogarth’s satires upon Earth:Inferno and A Book of Satyrs.

This publication also Features:

  • A biographical sketch by Alison Henry (Eily’s granddaughter), revealing key details for the first time.

  • A fascinating survey of Muses and Oracles of the Greek myths by Caroline Wise. This features a beautiful Delphic Oracle painted by Spare, reproduced here in colour for the first time.

  • Afterword by Stephen Pochin, examining Spare’s appropriation of depictions of actresses from Edwardian theatre postcards. Several key stars of the period ending up in A Book of Satyrs. He also offers the solution to a mystery; the identification of the model who replaced Eily in his drawings of nudes from 1919-22, some of which appear in The Golden Hind.

  • Featuring 80 colour images; several unpublished works by Spare.



Austin Osman Spare’s School of Draughtsmanship. Letchford, Frank & Wallace, William.

London: Jerusalem Press, 2020. Limited to 500 Copies Only. 

A FINE PREMIUM CLOTH COPY, Sewn, with illustrated end papers, tail bands, and dust jacket. Two color plate sections, and an additional fifty black & white images en texte. 300 pages. Tall octavo.

List Price: $67.95


Contents includes unpublished artworks and preparatory sketches, including a lavish set of large-scale instructions detailing Spare’s notion of evolutionary figuration, a detailed catalogue of the categories of the artist’s work from Cockney Portraits to Automatic drawings, Frank Letchford’s notes based on the personal instructions given to him by AOS, Spare’s devotion to geometry is revealed by William Wallace in relation to Dürer, the Occult, and to Spare’s monogram, early drawings, and late aphorisms, and further historical clues and conclusions from Dr. William Wallace. Introduction by Michael Staley, and an Afterword by Stephen Pochin examining the life-long appropriation of photographic sources by Spare, and who uncovered some surprising examples. 


by  Kenneth Grant 

(Starfire Publishing) 

The hardack is sewnbound in black cloth, with endpapers printed in black & white, protected by a full colour dustjacket,v and priced at $59.95


The paperback is sewnbound in a sturdy cover and priced at $39.95


The reprinting of the Typhonian Trilogies continues with the second volume in the series, Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God.

Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God was first published by Muller in 1973, and subsequently reissued with an errata page by Skoob Publishing in 1992. A second, enhanced edition was issued by Starfire Publishing in 2013; freshly typeset, it incorporated the errata from the Skoob reissue, together with further corrections noted subsequently in Kenneth Grant's personal copy of the book. The second edition appeared in an octavo format of 253 pages, with a frontispiece, a twenty-page section of plates, illustrated endpapers and a full-colour dustjacket. Where possible, plates were rephotographed, some presented in colour for the first time; also included were some previously unpublished drawings and paintings by Steffi Grant.

Artwork for two of the plates has been rephotographed, since the original drawings by Spare were not previously available but have recently come to light. Apart from this, the  publication is a direct reprint of the second edition. The reprint is available in two formats: hardback, bound in black cloth and with a dustjacket; and paperback, with a sturdy cover. Both formats are sewnbound on good-quality paper.



Letters Between Frater Achad, Aleister Crowley, Gerald Yorke, and Others, 1948-49.

by Michael Staley, Michael Barham [comps. and eds.]

London: Starfire Publishing, 2020. Limited Cloth Edition of 900 copies.  544 pages, indexed. indexed. Octavo. A FINE CLOTH COPY in fine dust jacket. Thirty-two pages of plates, both color and black and white. Illustrated end papers. Annotations by Michael Staley.

List Price: $59.95

FROM THE PUBLISHER:For many years, Charles Stansfeld Jones (Frater Achad) was a close colleague of Aleister Crowley in the A. A. and O.T.O., his 'Magical Son' and heir-apparent, involved in magical operations such as the Amalantrah Working of 1918. However, Jones began to develop and express his own vision of a forthcoming Aeon of Truth and Justice, as foreshadowed in the third chapter of "The Book of the Law", an enigmatic text of three short chapters transmitted to Crowley in 1904 by a praeter-human Intelligence, Aiwass. Crowley saw the work of Jones as increasingly divergent from his own work as prophet of the Aeon of Horus, and the two men became ever more estranged. The distrust reached a climax when Crowley accused Jones of stealing a crate of his rare books and manuscripts. This accusation culminated in the 'Release' of 1926, a legal document dissolving all financial relationships between them. After many years of silence between the two men, Crowley wrote to Jones in 1936, asking for help in preparing "The Equinox of the Gods" for publication later that year. Although this correspondence started in a friendly and creative fashion, it soon descended into acrimony, resulting in the purported expulsion of Jones from the O.T.O. Soon after the death of Crowley in December 1947, Gerald Yorke wrote to Charles Stansfeld Jones asking for a copy of the latter's "Liber 31", the record of Jones's discovery of AL as the Key to "The Book of the Law". This request initiated a correspondence between Yorke and Jones which continued until the death of Jones on 24th February 1950. Because Jones had come to see Yorke as an archivist, much of this voluminous and fascinating correspondence dealt with historical matters in the relationship between Jones and Crowley. Crowley had willed his papers to be sent to his successor, Karl Germer, in New York. To ensure that an archive of at least some of the papers remained in England, Kenneth Grant and Gerald Yorke were making typed copies of what seemed to them the most important diaries and other documents prior to the despatch of the originals to Germer. At the same time, John Symonds was writing a biography of Crowley, referred to in this correspondence under the working title the Life and eventually published in 1951 as "The Great Beast".



by Kenneth Grant

Starfire Publishing, London, 2008. 332 pages, with a frontispiece,  a section of twenty-six plates (many in colour) and illustrated endpapers. Sewn hardback, protected with an attractive full-colour dust-jacket designed by Steffi Grant. This is one of a number of copies which Kenneth and Steffi Grant signed for the publication launch in 2008. 

Standard Edition Hardcover $59.95 

Paperback:  $39.95 


Outside the Circles of Time was first published in 1980. It has been newly typeset, with some of the original illustrations now in colour, and augmented with previously unpublished artwork by Steffi Grant. The fifth volume in the series of Grant’s Typhonian Trilogies, this is a work that covers an extremely wide area and exposes - to quote from the jacket of the 1980 edition - “a network more complex than was ever imagined: a network not unlike H.P. Lovecraft’s dark vision of sinister forces lurking at the rim of the universe”. Outside the Circles of Time explores a complex of such ideas, from Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine, Crowley’s Book of the Law, Lovecraft’s Necronomicon, and Frater Achad’s researches. It also explores the work of Soror Andahadna, a contemporary Priestess of Maat whose work has parallels with that of Frater Achad some decades previously when he announced the inauguration of the Aeon of Maat in 1948. On the more orthodox premise that each Aeon lasts 2,000 years, we are at the beginning of the Aeon of Horus, so the Aeon of Maat might appear a long way off yet. However,  the following passage from Outside the Circles of Time puts the matter in a different light:

Myths and legends are of the past, but Maat should not be thought of in terms of past or future aeons. Maat is present now for those who, knowing the ‘sacred alignments’ and the ‘Gateway of Inbetweenness’, experience the Word ever coming, ever emaning, from the Mouth, in the ever new and ever present forms that are continually being generated from the mystical Atu or House of Maat, the Ma-atu.



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ADDENDUM: MID-JUNE, 2014 We are also now on Facebook: Become a Fan; post your event on the discussion page! EDGE OF THE CIRCLE BOOKS IS PROUD TO PRESENT THE FOLLOWING COLLECTIBLE TITLE FROM XOANAN PUBLISHING: THE DRAGON-BOOK OF ESSEX By Andrew D. Chumbley Published, June 2014 Quarto format, 832 pp., single volume. Containing numerous illustrations and sigillae by the author throughout. Standard Edition: Limited to 808 hand-numbered copies, full bookcloth over heavy boards, with gilt blocking on cover and spine. List Price $292.95 FROM THE PUBLISHER: O’ Milcham-i-Azh’rail! Lift Thou Thy blade to Heaven, seven times tongued with flame, there to cut open the heart of the Sun, that its lifeblood may flow into Thy mouth; thus to empower Thee as the Messenger Divine– the catalyst for the translation of the Seeker’s Mind into the Circle of the Seven Stars . This