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New Titles from Nephilim Press!

Edge of the Circle Books
is Proud to Present
the Following New Titles
from Nephilim Press -

The Masterpiece of Ancient Sorcery
By Michael and K. Cat Cecchetelli ( With essays by Jason Miller and Rufus Opis ).
NP ( South Carolina ): Nephilim Press, 2017.
First Edition. Hardcover. Octavo. vi + 238pp. Black spine with gilt lettering and shimmering gold metallic boards with black stamped sigil, illustrated endpapers. Smyth sewn. Edition limited to 525 numbered copies, 500 copies are bound thus.
List Price: $51.95

The Masterpiece of Ancient Sorcery to which is appended a Grimoire of Modern Love Magic; Secrets for love, bewitchments, talismans, magic in diverse manifestations, infernal secrets, spells, counter-bewitchments, exorcisms, and endless magical recipes for achieving wealth and success.

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A volume by the author of Scarlet Imprint's "Crossed Keys", and Nephilim Press' "Abrasax - Michael Cecchetelli who says of the text: "While digging through a dozen manuscripts from the court of Alfonso X of Castile and his school of occult and learned translators I happened upon this volume entitled Pactum: The Masterpiece of Ancient Sorcery. The volume intrigued me, as it fit perfectly in with the genre called “Books of Secrets”, that is manuals of working practitioners with practical instructions for magically achieving specific ends. Because the volume deals heavily with natural, sympathetic and low magick, I enlisted the aid of Cat Work, a friend and contemporary who is the days foremost authority in this field, and together we have taken a never before published Manuscript and breathed into it new life; first offering a translation thereof, then a breakdown of how the rites therein can be readily executed, and finally including a comprehensive education in the sort of Magick this text espouses. What results is both a valuable publication of a historical work on Magic and a complete course teaching the reader from A to Z how to practice the arte thereof in the modern era."


Visions from the Thirty Enochian Aethyrs
By Dr. David Shoemaker
NP [ South Carolina ]: Nephilim Press, 2016. First Edition. Hardcover. Octavo. 128pp. Blue faux leather with gilt lettering to spine and gilt sigil on upper board, ribbon marker. Image designed by Frater Julianus. Edition limited 500 numbered by way of a foil stamp to copyright page.
List Price: $51.95

The Winds of Wisdom is being offered in a limited edition of 500 numbered copies. When it is sold out, Nephilim Press will not reprint it or offer it in paperback.

The system of Enochian magick, discovered and developed by John Dee and Edward Kelley in the 1500s, has fascinated ritual magicians for centuries. Enochian magick played a prominent role in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and its successors, and Aleister Crowley attained many of his greatest mystical insights and initiatory successes using the system.

In Winds of Wisdom Dr. David Shoemaker, a noted magician, psychologist, teacher, and Thelemite, presents his visionary experiences with the Aethyrs, as well as providing a practical approach to obtaining your own visions by using a modern application of the traditional approach known as “scrying”.

Dr. David Shoemaker is a clinical psychologist in private practice, specializing in Jungian and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. David is the Chancellor of the International College of Thelema, and the Prolocutor of its initiatory Order, the Temple of the Silver Star. He has been a member of O.T.O. and A∴A∴ since 1993, and he has many years of experience training students in these traditions.

He is the Master of 418 Lodge, O.T.O. in Sacramento, California, having succeeded Soror Meral (Phyllis Seckler), his friend and teacher. He also serves as the Most Wise Sovereign of Alpha Chapter, and as a Sovereign Grand Inspector General of O.T.O. David was the founding President of the O.T.O. Psychology Guild, and is a frequent speaker at national and regional O.T.O. events.

David’s popular “Living Thelema” podcasts have appeared regularly since early 2010, and his widely praised Living Thelema book was published in late 2013. David's latest book, The Winds of Wisdom, contains a full record of his scrying of the Thirty Enochian Aethyrs, and was published by Nephilim Press in the fall of 2016.

Dr. Shoemaker is not only a mature and competent practitioner of Enochian magical techniques, but is also possessed with the eloquence and insight to share with what is 'shareable' of his intensely personal journey. My highest recommendation.”

Lon Milo DuQuette, author of Enochian Vision Magick - An Introduction and Practical Guide to the Magick of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley”


The Great Book of True Magic
By Humberto Maggi
NP [ South Carolina ]: Nephilim Press, 2017. First Edition. Hardcover. Octavo. 700 pages. B&w images from the original texts. Brown faux leather with gilt lettering to spine and gilt sigil on upper board, ribbon marker. Edition limited 500 numbered by way of a foil stamp to copyright page.
List Price: $72.95

The Book of St. Cyprian is 700 pages of text complete with images from original texts, copious amounts of notes and reference citations, and best of all information that few people have had access to unless they speak Portuguese fluently. The author was able to study the original texts in great detail and has taken everything he could from them and compiled what we believe to be the single greatest reference on the subject of the magick of Saint Cyprian.

In the author's own words:

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"This edition brings together the three texts from the fourth century that gave rise to the magical tradition associated with the name of St. Cyprian (Conversion, Confession and Martyrdom), the four most important Iberian grimoires of the nineteenth century (the Portuguese that gave birth to the Brazilian versions and the Spaniards containing the instructions of ceremonial magic) and several other magical texts associated with the Holy Sorcerer. The material was organized in sections that allow a comprehensive analysis of the contents (The Origin of the Book, Vita Cypriani, Magical Art, Talismans and Amulets, The Book of the Spirits, Cyprian Prayers, Exorcisms, Magical Treasures, Magical Secrets). The historical introduction has a broad and detailed description of the origins and development of the tradition from the fourth to the nineteenth century. The edition is enriched with a Preface by Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold and the Presentation by Felix Castro Vicente."

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Hola soy de Uruguay departamento de paisandu quisiera comprar el libro es The Book of ST Cyprian no me deja aquí le dejo mi número para ver cómo podemos hacer para comprar el libro mi número +59886182600 desde ya muchas muchas gracias

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