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By Peter Grey
Publisher: Scarlet Imprint

‘Crowned’ edition bound in chartreuse shot silk, cropped dust jacket, both stamped with the crown emblem, embossed black endpapers

Frontispiece:  Satan Arousing The Rebel Angels, by William Blake
Limited edition:  1000 standard hardback copies
Dimensions  240 × 156 mm,  224 pages
List Price:$90.50

Lucifer: Princeps is a seminal study on the origins of the Lucifer mythos by Peter Grey. It is the first in a two volume work; the companion volume, Praxis, being an exposition of ritual actions, is due to be published in 2016.

     The fall of Lucifer, and that of the rebel angels who descended upon the daughters of men, comprise the foundation myth of the Western occult tradition. Lucifer: Princeps is a study of origins, a portrait of the first ancestor of witchcraft and magic. In tracing the genealogy of our patron and prince, the principles that underlie the ritual forms that have come down to us, through the grimoires and folk practices, are elucidated. The study draws on the extensive literature of history, religion and archaeology, engaging with the vital discoveries and advances of recent scholarship, which render previous works on Lucifer, however well intentioned, out of date. A concomitant exegesis of the core texts conjures the terrain and koine of the Ancient Near East, the cradle cultures and language of his nascence. Of critical importance are the effaced cultures and cults that lie behind the Old Testament polemics, viz. those of Assyria, Ugarit and Canaan, as well as Sumeria, Egypt and Greece; they provide the context that give meaning to what would otherwise be an isolated brooding figure, one who makes no sense without being encountered in the landscape.
Intended to be the definitive text on Lucifer for the witch, magician and student of the grimoires, Princeps spans wingtip to wingtip from the original flood myth and legends of divine teachers to the Church Fathers, notably Augustine, Origen and Tertullian. The tales of the Garden of Eden, the Nephilim, of the fall of Helel ben Šahar and the Prince of Tyre, the nature of Azazel, and the creation of the Satan are drawn beneath the shadow of these wings into a narrative that binds Genesis and Revelation via the Enochian tradition. The story of the Serpent in the Garden and that of Lucifer are revealed to be a singular myth whose true significance had been lost and can now be restored. It illuminates the path to apotheosis, and the role of the goddess as the transforming initiatrix who bestows the crown.

A History of Error
Formulation of the Curse
The Dawn Breakers
The Shining One
Holy Mountain
Scorched Heavens, Burned Earth
A King in Search of a Crown
The Invisible God
A Goat for Azazel
The Serpent in the Garden
Fall and Flood
The Key
A Mass of Blood and Feathers
Children of Enoch
The Cloven Hoof
Appendix: The Principate of Fallen Angels


By Heliophilus
Limited edition  666 standard hardback , Dimensions  crown 4to, 246 × 189 mm, 208 pages
Publisher: Scarlet Imprint, 2015
Illustrations:  Illuminated with over 80 colour photographs of the work; original iconography of The Plant Phoenix and The Homunculus by Oliver Liebeskind

Standard edition bound in grey batiste cloth stamped in gold, sunken panel, embossed green endpapers: List Price:$108.50

Alchemy Rising: The Green Book is the first in a projected trilogy by the alchemist Heliophilus that aims to unveil the Sacred Art. Alchemy is the central pillar of Hermeticism, essential for both understanding and undertaking the magical work of the Western tradition, which is steeped in its symbolism. As such, the initiatory lessons of this opening volume comprise a valuable addition to the library and laboratory of alchemist, herbalist, magician or witch. 

    The Green Book is concerned with plant alchemy, how to practically confect spagyrical Tinctures, Elixirs, the true Primum Ens, Plant Magisteries and the Quintessence. Also covered are the Plant Stone of Hollandus, the Plant Phoenix, the Quintessence of Blood and the Homunculus. It constitutes a complete programme of practical works from the occult laboratory of a modern day spagyricist.

   Alchemy is often thought to be impenetrable, breaking the lances of those who challenge it. The Green Book enables the reader to engage in the quest, building on key principles and cumulative experiments. The processes Heliophilus discloses follow the works of the alchemical tradition, and those of Paracelsus in particular, from whose extensive writings he has extracted the virtue, and adumbrated with his own working notes and photographic documentation.

    Recipes and methods of working are given, and compared with those of Jean Dubuis, Mary Anne Atwood, Frater Albertus, Joseph Lisiewski, Van Helmont, Crollius, John French, Hollandus, Sibly and others, to indicate a path for the seeker to pursue in their own practic. The inclusion of copious folk magical receipts and sympathetic cures (including the rare weapon salve), in addition to the elixirs, tinctures, essences et cetera, make this volume a veritable treasure, showing both the philosophical theories and folk magical influences that informed his guide Paracelsus.

 The alchemical creations are produced in the laboratory and the field, extracted and perfected from the virtues of the plants growing in his native Shropshire in England. The third part of the book consists of a carefully selected Herbarium, along with guidance on the gathering and uses of plants as healing remedies for body and soul. It is a work that will potentise the philtres of the herbalist or witch and will give depth to the practice of the magic of the grimoires. The Green Book will teach you the art of distillation, how to separate the pure from the impure, and instruct in the foundational laboratory experience that will allow us to unlock the higher kingdoms.

Book 1: Heal Thyself

Book 2: Ora et Labora
The Work
The Three Essentials
First Entities
The Quintessence
The Plant Stone
The Plant Phoenix
The Homunculus

Book 3: The Philosophers’ Garden
The Gathering
Star Gathering
The Herbarium


By Linda Falorio

Published/Printed: The Game Crafter
78 Card Deck
List Price: $52.95

Linda Falorio, with her Magickal partner, Fred Fowler have succeeded in reifying paintings of all 22 Tunnels of Set as described by Aleister Crowley in LIBER 231, and by Kenneth Grant in Nightside of Eden...

"You are indeed a high-priestess of Typhon, and a methodical one at that!"
(Kenneth Grant, personal communication)

The Shadow Tarot is a divinatory tarot deck for anyone fascinated by the "Night Side". This deck explores the ideas in "The Nightside of Eden" by Kenneth Grant and "Liber 231" by Aleister Crowley as well as "The Lesser Key of Solomon," powered by the experiences and insights of the authors. Not your regular tarot deck, the major arcana cards of the Shadow Tarot are based on the 22 Tunnels of Set as described by Aleister Crowley. The deck is intended to assist contact and integration with our shadow energies, facilitating access to unexplored territory in the psyche. The Shadow Tarot deck meets every criteria for a truly magickal deck: a thing found when you need it, a thing that reads you at least as much as you read it. For anyone setting out on “the labyrinthine way” or already fascinated by the Night Side, this is a perfect gateway and complete set of tools.

"Linda Falorio's Shadow Tarot is one of the most powerful magickal tools extant for gaining access to the dark side of the Tree of Life and space between spaces. On this level, it is one of the few things that never fails to put me into a trance state more swiftly than just about any other device I have ever worked with." - Robert Podgurski, Poet, Occultist and Author of "The Sacred Alignments & Dark Side of Sigils".


Dancing With Demons
By Linda Falorio
Publisher/Printer: Createspace
Publication Date: Sep 01 2011
Page Count: 170
Binding Type: US Trade Paper; Trim Size:6" x 9", Full Color
List Price: $32.95

Linda Falorio, creator of the Occult bestseller, The Shadow Tarot, is an internationally recognized artist and writer. The Shadow Tarot, first published in 1988 has been distributed in countries all around the world and is in use on every continent of the Planet. This newly released and much anticipated edition of The Shadow Tarot includes full color images of all seventy-eight cards representing both Major and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana cards are based on the twenty-two paths of the Qliphoth described by Aleister Crowley in his Liber 231 and further embellished by Kenneth Grant in his The Nightside Of Eden. The Minor Arcana of this new edition arise from the entities described in the Goetia.

The Shadow Tarot has been created as an exploration tool for delving into those areas of the psyche that find their reflection in the Collective Unconscious and the Archetypal Shadow. The images represent the Nightside of consciousness as opposed to our ordinary "dayside" reality. Through her art and writing Linda seeks to create a direct outré experience in the viewer of transforming states of self-awareness; to open Gates into vast, unexplored inner geographies of the psyche, finding beauty and power in the twistings and turnings of the Inner Labyrinth. The artist is also known for her magickal altarpieces, for magickal portraits and for interpreting personal symbols and dreams on canvas.



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