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Typhonian Compendium
by Linda Falorio
(Sirius Limited Esoterica)
Standard Edition Comes in Red Faux Leather and Silver Stamp Sigil, Spine and includes a Ritual Cd titled, "Shadows Of A'anoin".
Limited to 55 copies.
List Price: $74.95

The world will end by fire.”

Can we stop it? Can we stop ourselves as we careen toward an unknown and unknowable, unforeseen, and unforeseeable future? Come with us in the merry chase, the dark dance across the centuries as alien intelligences once more bend their attention to our sentient world and we reach out to them once more in our questing after truth and transcendence.

What you have before you is a map into these outrĂ© realities both explored and unexplored, personal and yet universal adumbrations of methods and philosophies, explorations, and exercises created to accelerate intercourse with these rarefied realms. These essays, interviews and articles describe impressions, insights, and revelations gained over a lifetime of magickal workings, meditation, self-experimentation, dangerous exploration and dreams, risking all, daring all, journeying to the edge time after time, accompanied by the ever-fearless, Dr. Fred Fowler to establish contact with alien intelligences both terrestrial and other-worldly through the interpenetration of time-space and existence. They are taken from. These reflect experiences and insights gained over years of experimentation, “walking on the points” and practical magickal practice as we dared to dance the funambulatory pathway between the worlds. Tread lightly here in daring to explore these rarefied realms for this is not an easy or recommended path to follow. This artisanal grimoire include 165 pages of transcendental explorations to the communion with interdimensional entities.


Feminine Deities in Left Hand Path
Edited by Edgar Kerval
(Sirius Limited Esoterica)
Strictly Limited to 111 copies.
Standard Edition Navy Blue Faux Leather Hard Cover including 11 Art Cards and Companion CD titled "Vodou Goddess of the Dead".
List Price: $89.95
NOX*OB*NIA emerges from the conjunction of the words NOX=Night, OB= indicating the essence of Lunar current, NIA = the secret gateway or womb which opens the gates to B universe. This Anthology examines in a deep way, the occult context from a Historical, anthropological and personal gnosis through diverse essays the contemplation of the role of Feminine deities in traditional and contemporary praxis focused into Left-Hand Path traditions. Its symbolism and methods of working through extended material from diverse authors congregating essays, poetry, images, rituals into an explorative path focused to chanelize the feminine lunar current. Through this grimoire the adept understand the concepts of divine initiation through the powerful archetypes of dark goddesses with the purpose to awaken the power within in order to open the gateways of the soul to the influx of lunar current veiled by Feminine deities in diverse magickal traditions.

"I Am The Serpent and Seed of the Forbidden Garden."

  • Asenath Mason "Triple Moon Goddess"
  • Linda Falorio "Emme Ya Planet of Women"
  • Veronica Rivas "Kurukulla: The Wrathful Queen of Uddiyana"
  • Abby Helasdottir "From the Inner Eggs, the Howling Darkness and the Black Water:
  • Ruha as multifaceted goddess in Mandaean cosmology
  • Stephanie Connolly Reisner "The Crucible of Seshat"
  • lukasz Grochocki "Echoes from the Dream Forest."
  • Sean Woodward "Going to Callenish
  • Bill Duvendack "Birth of A New Goddess"
  • Thomas Karlsson "The Poem to PeorĂ°: Invocation to Hel"
  • Asbjorn Torvol "The Valkyrja:The Daughters of War"
  • Humberto Maggi "The Kabbalistic Lilith"
  • J.A Perez "Matter Carissima"
  • Magick Kazim " Invocation to Lilith"
  • Fr.Arzaq "Mezoamerican goddesses of death"
  • Edgar Kerval "Maman Brigitte: Vodou Goddess of The Dead"

Art from :
  • Amanda Macneil
  • Sarah-Jayne Farrer
  • Roberto Milusic Migliussi
  • Chris Undirheimar
  • Kaela


Kings of Hell Book & Card Deck Set
by Zach Titterington
(Crooked Crow Publishing)
List Price: $46.95
Goetia: Kings of Hell is a 9” x 12”, 50+ page illustrated art book that depicts the demon Kings and Princes found within the Ars Goetia. Accompanying original demon painting are the original translations by Mathers & Crowley, offering descriptions, magic seals, and warnings when encountering each infernal spirit. Includes the Deck Of Kings.

This is Volume 1 of 4 books of an ongoing series of illustrations for the 72 demons of the Ars Goetia. The 16 Kings and Princes included in this book are:
  • Bael, King of the Unseen
  • Paimon, King of Subjugation
  • Beleth, King of Desire
  • Purson, King of Sights
  • Asmoday, King of Demons
  • Vine, King of Wrath
  • Bala, King of Truths
  • Zagan, King of Transmutation
  • Belial, King of Law
  • Prince Vassago, the Finder
  • Sitri, Prince of Lust
  • Ipos, Prince of Arrogance
  • Gaap, Prince of Travel
  • Stolas, Prince of Stars
  • Prince Orobas, the Mediator
  • Prince Seir, the Collector

Includes the Deck Of Kings~

The Deck of Kings is a functioning oracle deck that can be used on its own or in conjunction with a tarot deck to divine the unknown.

  • 16-card deck featuring illustrations from Goetia: Kings of Hell
  • Each card includes the demons respective sigil
  • Custom velvet card bag with red satin lining


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