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Thursday, October 12, 2017


A Saturnian Grimoire
By Dr. Arthur Moros
List Price $59.95
Germany: Theion Publishing, 2017. Limited to 725 copies. A FINE COPY. Premium cloth volume, bound blue-grey, with custom moiré end papers, headbands, and embossed panel, and printed on a special sheet of Design paper, wood-free. Illustrated with a color plate by Luciferian Artist Erica Fervel, and several additional images in black and white. 176 pages. Royal octavo.


Feared, bedeviled and vilified but also venerated, adored and embraced,
Saturn and his shadowy powers have strongly influenced the spiritual and magical life of cultures and individuals for millennia. Concentrating especially on His antinomian and anti-cosmic character, The Cult of The Black Cube is a seminal study on the occult essence and esoteric significance of Saturn in theory and practice.

This work is divided into three main sections:
Part I examines the ambivalent role of Saturn in various religious and magical traditions around the world focusing especially on His Islamic, Classical and Indian cults. Fleshing out the common traits underlying Saturn’s global manifestations, Dr. Moros argues for a perennial cult of Saturn expressed in various cultural guises.

Part II and III comprise the Grimoire of the Black Cube which provides a comprehensive armory of occult weaponry to initiate Saturnine contact and to establish an individual cultus of Saturn. Part II presents a thorough esoteric analysis of the Saturnine Cult and the nature of its initiatic path. Part III is devoted to the practical applications of Saturnine worship and magic.
This tome is an indispensable work for any serious Saturnian occult initiate and researcher.
The author Dr. Moros (pseudonym) was a scholar of religions and a devoted initiate of Saturn for 30 years. Sadly he passed away in early 2017 under mysterious circumstances. This book is his esoteric legacy.

This work is introduced by Germany’s (in)famous Frater U.:D.:, legendary magician and prominent member of the Fraternitas Saturni.

Book of the Dead
- Limited Edition -
In Coffin Shaped Box
By Fabio Listrani
List Price: $39.95
Publisher:(Lo Scarabeo)

Discover the Santa Muerte Tarot deck, with only 1987 numbered copies worldwide, in a coffin-shaped box, this deck is a must-have for collectors of Tarot, or for those who honor Lady Death. Perfect for Samhain, seeking wisdom from the ancestors or anyone who can appreciate the incredible skeletal art by Fabio Listrani. A masterpiece of inspired imagery, this tarot deck is a powerful tool for working with the mysticism associated with the Day of the Dead and Santa Muerte.

Lo Scarabeo is celebrating 30 years of business with this limited and numbered edition of the Santa Muerte Tarot. Limited to 1,987 copies to honor the year Lo Scarabeo was founded in Italy.

The companion booklets for most Lo Scarabeo decks are in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

Sunday, October 1, 2017



The Witch on Her Broom Stick by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, 1921.
WELCOME to the Edge of the Circle Newsletter. This newsletter has come about as an effort to reach out to the Pagan/ Occult community (particularly in Seattle where we are based) to inform the community of what events are happening at our store. Without further ado, welcome, and enjoy.
Regards, Erica (Raven) Branch-Butler, Editrix-

WHO WE ARE: Edge of the Circle Books is Seattle's resource for Paganism & the Occult. This newsletter seeks to provide the Seattle community with a place to list events, post articles, and do a bit of networking.

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An American Shaman
by Cornelia Benavidez
Paperback: 308 pages
Publisher: Megalithica Books (May 19, 2017)
List Price: $18.99

In 1999, Victor Anderson, the founder of the American Witchcraft Feri Tradition, started a project with his long-time student and friend Cornelia Benavidez. At first, she didn’t know that he was placing in her hands his last words to the world and especially to the initiates of the Feri Tradition, to be released when he felt his teachings would be the most needed. Now is that time.

From the 1960s onwards, Victor Anderson revolutionized paganism. As Elder, Teacher and Grandmaster of the Feri Tradition, he trained some of the most influential voices in modern paganism and was respected worldwide. Calling his tradition authentic, ancient and sex positive, Victor and his wife Cora challenged all sides of religious and pagan persuasions, shocking many into examining their racial and sexual prejudices and bias. They called for people to educate themselves by any means possible, to examine history and culture, to better understand themselves and the divine quest of which we all are a part. Though on one hand Victor’s path grew straight from the soil of indigenous culture and traditional magical craft, he also passionately championed the sciences. Victor was also an accomplished poet and his book, “Thorns of the Blood Rose” was considered a classic when it was published in 1970.

As with so many visionaries, Victor was ahead of his time. Though often considered controversial during his lifetime, through the interviews in this book he clarifies mistakes and rumors concerning his history and the Feri Tradition. The book also includes an intriguing essay on Victor’s introduction to the craft, by writer and artist Sara Star, and the intensive research done by genealogist William Wallworth on Victor’s family.


Devonshire Witchcraft, Folklore & Magic
by Gemma Gary
Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Troy Books (August 10, 2017)
List Price: $23.00

Silent as the trees is a book exploring the old witchcraft, magical traditions and folklore nurtured amidst the village communities, hills, moors and ancient woods of Devonshire in South West England.
In this, her sixth book, Gemma Gary introduces Devon's witches and magical folk, examining their lives and their magic; from historical figures such as the 'white witch' Caulks of Exeter, the Devonshire 'toad witches' and an examination of the trial of the Bideford Witches, to more modern practitioners such as the 'cunning man' and witchcraft collector Cecil Williamson.

Old stories in Devon tell of the often troublesome encounters between ordinary folk and the world of witchery. These encounters give valuable insights not only into the strange and fantastical beliefs surrounding witches, but also the traditional methods of beneficial magic and 'counter cursing' via the experiences of those who sought the aid of the 'white witches' and conjurors to lift the maleficia of the 'black witch'.

Devon is a county particularly rich in folklore and mythology, in which we also often find the character of the witch, and the heady presence of Black Dog apparitions, the Wild Hunt and the Devil Himself. Many such tales weave their way around the plentiful strange stones and haunting ancient sites of this most mysterious landscape.

Within this book Gemma Gary also guides us through the fascinating witch belies of the region surrounding 'skin turning'; the old witch-arte of bestial shape-shifting, as well as the tradition of the familiar spirit and the witches' methods for gaining spirit companions.

Silent as the Trees is two books in one, for included within its pages is a 'Black Book of Devonshire Magic' detailing an extensive collection of genuine Devonshire spells, charms and magical rites.

Within this collection we find magical workings for power, spirit vision, cure charms for all manner of ailments and injuries, curse magic, protections and magical defence, love charms, good fortune, charms for animals, and traditional Devonshire toad magic.


Spells, Powders, Formulas, and Witchy Techniques that Work
by Silver RavenWolf
Paperback: 312 pages
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (October 8, 2017)
List Price: $22.99

A Book of Dynamic Spells and Potent Magick from Bestselling Author Silver RavenWolf

Includes more than 100 formulas for magickal powders and herbal blends

Cultivate the energetic power of magick with renowned witch Silver RavenWolf. The Witching Hour shows you how to use the right tools, materials, and techniques for powders and spells that work. Explore the secrets of fluid condensers, beeswax, and the planets. Create your own conjuring bags and sachets. Discover how to work with powders, herbs, and magickal timing with more than 100 recipes and formulas for a variety of purposes:

Abundance · Blessed Baby/Fertility · Psychic Shield · Fairy Conjure · Steady Income · Transition · White Owl Wisdom · Ancestral Honor · Serenity · Last Ditch Binding · Boss Fix · Worry Breaker · Dreams and Visions · Love Drawing Body Powder · Five Rivers Fear Breaker · Healer's Touch · Aura Spiritual Cleanse · Family Protection · SunLion Success · And Many More

Awaken the depths of your personal power and perform your magick with courage and confidence. This book shows you how to transform yourself and your world with the application of essential skills and true intent.


Your User-Friendly Guide to the Spirit World, Mediumship and Energy
by Bill Duvendack
Paperback: 142 pages
Publisher: Immanion Press (April 12, 2017)
List Price: $16.99

Are you looking for a book that teaches you mediumship, rather than merely sharing an individual’s stories of their own work? Are you tired of the dogma that is erroneously attached to this unique skill? Do you want a book with exercises to help you develop your psychic abilities in a more hands-on fashion? Look no further, because all this and more is covered in Spirit Relations. Written by a professional medium, this book not only covers channeling, but also discusses the energetic body of a person, and what to expect when you begin to interact with spirits on a regular basis. Bill Duvendack brings a grounded and practical approach to channeling, sharing details that often get overlooked. You will find exercises to help you assess what psychic skills you might already possess and which may need further development. There is also an easy to follow template for your early mediumship work, and a frequently-asked-question session to assist you during your work.


Ecstasy, Runes, & Norse Magic
by Diana L. Paxson
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Weiser Books (September 1, 2017)

Odin is arguably one of the most enigmatic and complex characters in Norse mythology. Revered since the Viking Age, Odin has been called the greatest of the gods―the god of words and wisdom, runes and magic, a transformer of consciousness, and a trickster who teaches truth. He is both war god and poetry god, and he is the Lord of Ravens, the All- Father, and the rune master.

Odin: Ecstasy, Runes, and Norse Magic is the first book on Odin that is both historically sourced and accessible to a general audience. It explores Odin’s origins, his appearances in sagas, old magic spells, and the Poetic Edda, and his influence on modern media, such as Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. Each chapter features suggestions for rituals, exercises, and music, so readers can comprehend and become closer to this complicated god.

Author Diana Paxson, an expert on Viking-era mythology, provides a complete portrait of Odin and draws on both scholarship and experience to provide context, resources, and guidance for those who are drawn to work with the Master of Ecstasy today.

"Reading Diana Paxson’s most excellent book, Odin: Ecstasy, Runes, and Norse Magic, whilst listening to WardRuna. This is perhaps the most comprehensive book ever written about Odin. Written with sound scholarship allied to intuitive perception. Capturing the best of both, and a sense of humour to boot. Each chapter is ended by a list of suggestions for working with him. Apart from the scholarship and poetic vision, it is also a most pleasant read! Recommended for everyone interested in Odin. Very, very helpful to students, but also rich in details and associations from other good books. which are listed in the bibliography! All in all, a very worthwhile work and as such equally useful to Old Timers like me." ―Freya Aswynn, author of Northern Mysteries and Magick: Runes & Feminine Powers

"Diana Paxson is both a scholar and a storyteller, which shows in her exhaustive, yet enthralling, Odin: Ecstasy, Runes, and Norse Magic. The figure of Odin, God of battles, but also of inspiration and poetry, lord of the slain, looms through the background of Western culture, affecting everything from our conception of kingship--Queen Elizabeth is descended from him, through the Saxon kings of Wessex--to the figure of Gandalf in Tolkien's work. Paxson takes us back to the original, and shows the archetypic, mythic power of this figure." ―S. M. Stirling, author of the Emberverse series

"Diana Paxson’s wonderful book Odin: Ecstasy, Runes, and Norse Magic follows the trail of Odin, a wandering god, from his misty origins to his current manifestations. Paxson explores Odin’s history, as well as the poetry, literature, and other entertainments that he has inspired and in which he stars, both ancient and modern, from the Eddas to American Gods and from Tolkien to Wagner and Marvel. A god for the ages, Odin’s veneration remains vital and active. Paxson, a priestess, provides songs, rituals, magical exercises, and sound, practical advice to help you develop your own personal relationship with the Lord of Runes and Ecstasy. There is no one in the world that I’d rather learn about Odin from than Diana L. Paxson. Highly recommended." --Judika Illes, author of Encyclopedia of Spirits, Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, and other books devoted to the magical and spiritual arts

About the Author:
Diana Paxson is a writer, priestess, and teacher who has been studying and teaching Germanic mythology and religion for nearly 30 years. She is the author of Taking Up the Runes, Essential Asatru, Trance-Portation, and Possession, Depossession, and Divine Relationships. Paxson also pioneered the recovery of traditional Norse oracular practice, described in The Way of the Oracle.


The History, Rituals, and Magic of Our Lady of the Holy Death
by Tracey Rollin
Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Weiser Books (October 1, 2017)
List Price: $16.95

Death welcomes everyone. This is the foundation for the veneration of Santa Muerte, or “Holy Death.” Considered to be the female personification of death, she is associated with protection and safe passage to the afterlife. She is also the patron saint of people who live on the fringes of society and often face violence and death. In recent years her constituency has expanded to include the LGBT community and people who are marginalized or whose jobs put them at significant risk of death such as military and police personnel. Santa Muerte is hailed as their potent and powerful protector, capable of delivering them from harm and even granting miracles.

Santa Muerte is a complete ritual guide to working with this famous―and infamous!―Mexican folk saint. It takes us beyond the sensational headlines to reveal the truth about why Santa Muerte is so beloved by so many. Author Tracey Rollin presents simple, straightforward methods for working with Holy Death that may be used alone or easily incorporated into your own magical practice.


Pagan Living in Harmony with Nature
by Monica Crosson
Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (October 8, 2017)
List Price: $19.99

A hands-on guide to raising a magickal family in the modern world

The Magickal Family is a real-life guide for those who want to practice magick and simplicity but need a little nudge to take a break from the workaday world. Filled with tips, ideas, stories, and projects to bring you and your family closer to nature and to celebrate the God and the Goddess, this book shows how to be true to your magickal self while raising little Witchlings―or helping others with theirs. Discover how to create the life you want through gardening, Kitchen Witchery, DIY projects, and celebrations based on the Wheel of the Year. Includes more than 65 rituals, blessings, recipes, crafts, and activities, including:

Favorite Fruit Mix • Shoebox Altar • Children’s Garden Hideaway • Felted Wool Faerie Hat • Backyard Vision Quest • Moon Calendar • Green Man Salve • Witch’s Thanksgiving Prayer • Book of Shadows Blessing • Rhubarb Earl Grey Tea Jam • Cauldron of Wisdom Ritual • Sylph Wish Kite • Plantain Healing Spell • Easy Laundry Detergent • Lip Balm • Poetry Masks • Let Me Sleep Tea Blend • And Much More!


A Magical Year Using Everyday Ingredients
by Michael Furie
Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (October 8, 2017)
List Price: $15.99

"A little gem of a book filled with Furie's fabulous approach to practical magic. Bursting to the brim with easy-to-make recipes for all manner of seasonal goodies, Supermarket Sabbats will have you reaching for the bookcase as every Sabbat approaches."--Kristoffer Hughes, author of The Book of Celtic Magic

Enhance Your Sabbat Celebrations with Practical and Fulfilling Kitchen Witchery

Celebrate the Wheel of the Year and the Wiccan sabbats with recipes, spells, and rituals prepared using ingredients easily found at the supermarket. This book features a complete year's worth of magical practices that are just as effective when done with common items as rarer ones.

Organized by season, Supermarket Sabbats presents seasonally relevant magic, from formulas and correspondences to a full ritual for each of the eight sabbats. Discover how to banish negativity and make prosperity brews. Cast blessings of love and abundance, create magical protections and family crafts, and explore many more ideas that build upon the energies of the sabbats. Michael Furie combines ancient knowledge and traditions with twenty-first-century methods, providing you with the best of both worlds.

"Michael Furie has a gift for bridging the magical and the mundane. He captures the true essence of each season and reflects a marvelous array of techniques for harnessing and activating that essence in magical practice."--Tiffany Lazic, author of The Great Work



by Barbara Moore (Author) and Rann (illustrator)
Cards: 216 page booklet, 78 card card Deck.
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; Tcr Crds edition (September 8, 2017)
List Price: $29.99

Immerse Yourself in the Mystical Energy and Adventurous Nature of Manga

Capturing the beautiful style and spirit of Japanese graphic novels, Mystical Manga Tarot encourages you to step boldly onto the road of adventure and discover what mystical opportunities lie ahead. Rann's exquisite artwork brings each character to life, and they offer you the guidance needed to navigate the pages of your story. This fun, easy-to-use deck is based on the Rider-Waite system and comes with a helpful guidebook by Barbara Moore. Whether you’re a tarot enthusiast, manga fan, or both, Mystical Manga Tarot will delight your mind and speak to your soul.

Click to Enlarge.
About the Author:
In the early 1990s, at a party, someone put a tarot deck in Barbara's hands; she's held on tightly ever since. Tarot provides just enough structure so that we don't get lost as we explore the mysteries, plumb our dark corners, and locate our North Stars.

Barbara has been reading and writing for as long as she can remember. She's published a number of books on tarot, including Tarot for Beginners, Tarot Spreads, The Steampunk Tarot, The Gilded Tarot, The Mystic Dreamer Tarot, and Tarot of the Hidden Realm. Writing is solitary work and is relieved by teaching tarot at conferences around the world. Barbara also loves working directly with clients, helping them uncover guidance and insight in the cards.

Rann (Paris, France) is a French author and illustrator. She worked as colorist for various comic books with Clair de Lune Editions and with Soleil for their short story magazine, Lanfeust Mag. She published a comic book in three tomes at Tonkam Editions and has worked as a self-published artists for many years, doing big conventions like Japan Expo. She’s currently working as an illustrator and graphist.



by Kristoffer Hughes (Author), Chris Down (Illustrator)
Cards: 336 page Book, 78 card Deck.
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; Box Tcr Cr edition (September 8, 2017)
List Price: $29.99

Embrace the power and magic of the ancient Celtic mysteries

Journey with the Celtic gods, goddesses, and magical allies into a world of enchantment and inspiration. This is not just a deck of cards; it’s a storehouse of ancient myth and magic. With symbols, icons, and motifs designed to express and transmit the wisdom of the Celtic mysteries, this deck plunges the reader into the depths of the subtle planes. Kit includes a 78-card deck and a 336-page full-color guidebook.

Click to Enlarge.

About the Creators:
Kristoffer Hughes (Wales) is Chief of the Anglesey Druid Order, a Mount Haemus Scholar, and a member of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids. He is a teacher, writer, workshop leader, and guest speaker at Pagan conferences, camps, and festivals throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Hughes has also contributed to Welsh and English television and radio.

Based in the UK, Chris Down has illustrated more than fifty books. His interests and artistic focus includes druidry, Celtic art, fairies, mermaids, dragons, gothic style, and steampunk designs.


by Massimiliano Filadoro (Author), Lunaea Weatherstone (Author) and Davide Corsi (Illustrator)
Boxed Kit: 78 Cards and Guidebook
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; Tcr Crds edition (September 8, 2017)
List Price: $29.95

An extremely creative and unique deck, the Vice Versa Tarot features art on both sides of the card, one side showing the front view and one side the back view. Like the two sides of a coin, the Vice Versa Tarot gives perspective and flow, capturing the energy of day and night, action and understanding.

The companion booklets for most Lo Scarabeo decks are in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.


Your Path to Self-Discovery through Cosmic Symbolism
by Cathy McClelland
Paperback: 216 page Book and 78 Card Deck Set.
Publisher: Red Feather; 1 edition (August 15, 2017)
List Price: $34.99

As points of light and possibilities in the night skies, stars represent dreams, wishes, and destinies, as well as the soul seeking guidance for the highest good. This beautiful 78-card Tarot deck and guidebook will delve into the lessons, gifts, and pathways presented in your life using the universal cosmic symbolism, uncovering more about your self, the world, and the universe. Gain a deeper understanding of the stars, as well as the connection to the unfathomable cosmos and the Divine. Learn how the stars and constellations hold the keys to your past, present, and future. Discover the cosmic theme weaving through your cards that will shed illumination on your path, revealing infinite possibilities of personal and collective discoveries: spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Recognize and re-connect to your soul’s purpose, and identify your inherent gifts. Stars are full of miracles and magic―bring the beauty of them into your life and into your heart. Includes cards and book.

About the Author:
Cathy McClelland’s love for nature, archetypal symbolism, and the cosmos inspired her to create The Star Tarot. Her magical and enchanting images flow from her heart and imagination. Her hope is that her artwork awakens the viewer to see and feel the magic life has to offer.


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This concludes our Newsletter for this month.
Look for us again NOVEMBER 1st, 2017 (Where did the year go?!?)
Raven, Editrix, Edge of the Circle Books Newsletter

Sunday, September 24, 2017



Transcribed from the 16th-Century Manuscripts Documenting Dee's Conversations with Angels
Compiled and edited by Kevin Klein
Two foil-stamped hardcover volumes (linen and leather) with ribbon packaged in a linen-covered, foil-stamped slipcase, 1760 pages
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (September 8, 2017)
List Price: $200.00

Includes two never-before published manuscripts

The Most Faithful and Accurate Edition of John Dee's Conversations with Angels
An Incomparable Treasure Ten Years in the Making

This is a must-have resource for Dee aficionados and esoteric scholars who absolutely need the most meticulously detailed version of these highly influential works. A labor of love more than ten years in the making, these exquisite linen and leather-bound volumes include impeccable transcripts of four manuscripts from the British Library and one from the Bodleian Library in Oxford. Two of these manuscripts have never been published. Each page is laid out to match the original manuscripts, including lines, marks, notations, diagrams, and notes that Dee himself wrote on the paper.

In these volumes, the breadth of content, the level of detail, and the fidelity to the originals is unmatched. John Dee's original writings have never been presented in such an immaculate fashion, free of the typos, oversights, and omissions that have previously plagued serious Dee scholarship. 

This complete, 1760-page work also includes folio numbers, errata, notes, and ten comprehensive appendices to provide essential context and enhance the practical understanding of the manuscripts:

* Dee's European Journey (with map)
* The Ninety-One Parts of the Earth (with maps and table)
* Gazetteer
* Glossary of Archaic and Obscure Words
* Brief Biographical Guide
* An Examination of John Dee's 48 Claves Angelicæ
* Concordance of Angelic Words in Dee's 48 Claves Angelicæ
* List of Spiritual Creatures
* A Selection of Interesting Quotations
* Complete Angelic Lexicon