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Thursday, July 20, 2017



The Book of Asmodeus 
by Humberto Maggi 
Standard edition hardcover:
Paper bound, with a full spread out, full color cover art work.
120 grams black end papers, silk head and tail bands finished
Smyth-sewn construction bookblock
120 grams soft-tone creme/white 'Roman'-paper
List Price: $49.95

"Scattered amongst the pages of the Talmud and of the Zohar we find elusive mentions about the Maaseh Kishuf, the Work of Sorcery, and the Maaseh Shedim, the Work of Demons. This grimoire gathers this dispersed knowledge to reconstitute the forbidden craft called in the pages of the Zohar the Serpentine Sorcery, attributed to the wicked Balaam and taught by the King of the Shedim, the demon Ashmedai, also known as Asmodeus."

The Talmud tells how the benign shedim conversed with the rabbis who were gifted with the "language of the demons," instructing them in the knowledge of sorcery; and in the Zohar we find that Asmodeus was Solomon's teacher, and that he gave to him a book of magical knowledge. Uniting academic research with the instructions of his own maggid shed (demonic teacher), Humberto Maggi presents a powerful combination of necromantic experience and scholarly knowledge to create a small jewel in the Solomonic Tradition of Magic."

Table of Contents:

- Preface

- Serpentine Sorcery

   - Serpentine Sorcery Nehashim
   - Demons Sheddim
   - The Other Side Sitra Achra
   - Teacher Maggid
   - Evil Dead Dybbuk
   - Asmodeus Ashmedai
   - Book of Asmodeus Sifra De-ashmedai
   - Evil Eye Ayin Ha-Ra
   - Offering Korban
   - Altar Mizbeah

- The Book of Asmodeus

   - The Prophecies of Balaam
   - The Astrachios Prayer
   - The Invocation of Asmodeus
   - Sigil of Asterion
   - The Bones of Balaam
   - Commentaries to The Book of Asmodeus
   - Post Scriptum

by Patrick J. Larabee with a foreword by Shani Oates. 
Quarter leather bound + Moire Silk front and back cover
Silver foil lettering to spine and sigil stamp to front cover
Size :180 mm x 240 mm
List Price: $80.50

The Vulvic Trans-Missionary is gnostic in origination, having been pulled from the aethyric domains that surround the self-ensorcelled and drawn down from the astral-zones that abide within Otherness; made visionary through the Projection of I outside the Circumference of Self into dimensions beyond our accustomed and acknowledged environments."

Click to Enlarge.

Three verses from the book:

"I consume that which is and issue forth that which is not - my banquet a feast of the light and my womb-tomb is kala of the night. My dance is reversal, as I spin within the motionlessness of leaping by standing still. There is naught but that which IS: being from non-being manifesting an eternal masquerade of phantasmal-subjectivity objectifying desirous flesh and dreams of nodal awareness. I ravage the self-sane via Self-madness - THAT is but a web incalculable, a dimension beyond ego-absorbtion and reason of mind, bending free-will and crafting fate-mine: explosion of darkness to reveal the particle of dream't object that is eternally dreamless. I am a mirror that reflects what it sees, seer of that which is beyond the eye - a reflectory glance of the object momentarily subjectified." 
~ Verse II of The Vulvic Trans-Missionary

"The force that indwells within all form am I, the soul of infinite bodies: the essence of all shape and hidden within the occult conclaves of each thing, as the adytum of all-being - manifesting as diversity and uniquity. Occurence of the infernal and empyrean inter-dimensional entity, daemonic-heart of genius dwelling as secret configuration residing within the vessels of flesh: mind and matter pushing forth from the unrevealed crown of all creation! A diaphanous light of swirling density, a lightning-strike of madness rising forth from the darkness of the infinite deep abyssal waters of naught: experience the path wrought by desire for fulfillment of Self, for thou art self by Self created - spirit of the waters of the night, a gleaming cast of moon-light crashing against the waves and then disappearing forever." 
~ Verse XI of The Vulvic Trans-Missionary

"The ambrosial vulva-phallic-entity am I: carnal and deviant consummation, erogenous, erotic, and erotogenic ecstasy: gratification and fulfillment in desirous frenzy! I am a-sexual, creating from myself for myself and give unto myself: I am uni-sexual, taking and giving to myself for my own pleasure: I am bi-sexual, using the twain aspects of the creative-duality of the masculine and feminine for my own design - hetero-homo-auto-sexual spirit of cosmos giving and taking with voluptuous soul: I am trans-sexual and taboo, reaching beyond the flesh and the urge to sate, my dark-soul a mask of provocative and sensual chaos, calling all to enter the black-womb of my non-being - desire is to become Desire, wanton need to express instinctual impulse!" 
~ Verse XIX of The Vulvic Transmissionary

An Enochian Grimoire' 
by A.D. Mercer
Standard Edition
List Price: $68.50

Liber Coronzom is a hands on approach to Enochian magic, cutting through all the superfluous material and focusing instead on the original Dee Manuscripts and their application, thus making it a genuine grimoire of practical magic Culled from years of personal experience and research, Liber Coronzom offers a different approach to interacting with the Enochian angels; first encountered by Dr. John Dee on the late 16th century. Liber Coronzom also reveals how the name Coronzom itself has been misspelt since it first appeared in print in 1659, and examines how this error may have come about. Liber Coronzom is also the first work to correlate the Dee material with contemporary grimoires to give a more complete picture of practical magical work of the mid to late 16th Century.

Most importantly Liber Coronzom highlights a genuine, hitherto unexplored, short cut into the final 10 Aethyric realms. However, to achieve this, one must first confront Coronzom himself in order to make this transition. It is the first time such a short cut has been identified and is therefore unique to this work.

Liber Coronzom is also the first work to examine this Enochian archetype in the light of eastern mysticism and Jungian psychology.

Liber Coronzom is divided into three books. Beginning with an examination of the origins of the Enochian System and how it was first revealed to Dr. John Dee, in particular the origins of The Demon of the Abyss – Coronzom

Click to Enlarge.
Book 1 - Liber Hermetica. The first part of book one offers insights into traditional Western Hermetic Magic and includes practical rituals designed to empower the aspirant before moving onto true Enochian magic. These include some reworking of traditional rituals tailoring them to the Enochian system. The later part offers clear instructions for the preparation for the work to come, including instructions drawn from Dees own diaries and from personal experimentation by the author.

Book 2 – Liber Enochia begins with an examination of the nature and possible history of the Enochian language prior to Dr. John Dee. Liber Enochia then moves on to a detailed exposition of the means and method of communicating with the Enochian realms and the entities, which inhabit them. Liber Enochia includes detailed rituals and incantations, drawn directly from Dees own hand, and compiles them into a fully workable system of exploration and invocations, including the aforementioned direct route into the heart of the Enochian system. This includes rituals to activate the Sigillum Dei Aemeth, opening and exploring the Four Great Watchtowers, and finally to the confrontation to Coronzom.

Book 3 – Liber Aethyrica, the final book takes us beyond the Abyss and on to a journey through the nine highest Aethyrs. This book includes a new transcription of the Call of the Aethyrs the lengthy incantation, which opens up these highest realms. This is followed by descriptions of the authors own direct experiences of the highest Enochian realms.

Liber Coronzom finishes with a number of commentaries and appendices exploring in greater detail the most significant aspects of the entire work. The grimoire finally ends with an examination of Coronzom as an example of the Shadow Archetype from Jungian analytical psychology, the first time such a study has been undertaken.

Table of Contents:
The contents
Introduction - Who is Coronzom? Preparation and the manner of working

BOOK 1 - Liber Hermetica
Liber Hermetica
Fourfold Breathing- preparation exercise The Null point – Clear mind
The White Light – Ritual cleansing
The Pentagram Ritual
Communion with your Holy Guardian Angel The Akefalon Invocation
The Chaos of Chaos

BOOK 2 – Liber Enochia
Liber Enochia
On the nature of the Enochian Language and its History
The Ritual Dagger – Tool of working
The Banishing of Enochian Entities
John Dees daily oration
IAD the God Most High – Who is IAD
Formula of the seal of IAD – Sigillum Dei Ameth meditations
The Ritual of the Aethyric Empowerment
Ritual of the Black Cross
Kellys vision of the four Watchtowers
The Supreme Ritual of the Black Cross – Opening of the Watchtowers Formula for the opening the gate of ZAX - The Summoning of the Governors The Adulation of Coronzom- a meditation
The Grand Invocation of Coronzom

BOOK 3 – Liber Aethyrica
Liber Aethyrica
Visions of Coronzom
The Vision Quest beyond the Abyss
The Call of the Aethyrs – A new Transcription The Highest and final Nine Enochian Calls Contemplation before ZIP - A Moments pause Vision of .... (The last nine Aethyrs) Gmicalzoma

The Appendix
Commentary upon The Akephalon Ritual
Commentary upon The Supreme Ritual of the Black Cross Commentary upon the Grand Invocation of Coronzom Commentary upon Liber Aethyrica
Magical dictionary


Coronzom: The Shadow Archetype Bibliography

by Matthew Wightman
List Price: $75.50
As has already been revealed, the Kitvei Kodesh HaChol will concern the confrontation with the Conflict, Violence and Strife of the polarities and contradictions of the One (the Atzmut), the Essence of ALL and NONE.

As a written work, it will necessarily appear to represent the particular perspective of the Sitra Achra, the Other Side of Opposition to the Cosmic expressions already familiar to us: the Holy Bible, the Mystical Commentary of the Zohar, the Traditional Liturgies of Synagogue and Church, the Dogmatic Theology of Orthodoxy, and the Spirit of Creation and Cosmos.

For those familiar with my previous work and the nature of the Current 61, you will know that Opposition with and within the One is no simple matter, going far beyond simple yes and no-saying, and that it is often in what is not said, what cannot be said, that the Truth is revealed.

The words of this work will serve as a roadmap to these non-places, these gaps, where Knowledge and Truth-that which ruptures the Unrupturable One-can be found.

You will find within these texts the tension of contradiction between the words of the Creator and those that seek to undo his Word, World and Work. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, you will find a path to Knowledge and Truth opened in the wake of the Serpent’s Opposition. It will be in the gap, in the silence, created by this Opposition that the path forward (and backward) will be revealed.

As with the Emanations of the Ain Sof, each volume of the Kitvei Kodesh HaChol will be indispensable to understanding the Work as a Whole, of which each volume is a microcosmic manifestation. Each volume will be broken into five equal and intertwined chapters that individually will reveal profound Wisdom and Knowledge specific to its scope, but which collectively are meant to offer Understanding contained within, yet beyond their parts. Those parts will concern: The Scripture of the Sitra Achra, Scriptural Commentary, Prayers and Devotion, Theology and Philosophy, and the Rites, Rituals and Goetic Evocation of the Ultimate Legion of El Acher.

Esoteric Journal OPUS 2
List Price: $42.95


  • The Magician As Vampire - Andrew Dixon
  • The Tellum Scorpionis - Atrum Semita Pondera R.N.Lant
  • The Arte Of Blood - S.Ben Qayin
  • The Mass of Tiamat Aion 131
  • Becoming Hoodoo Part II - Kyle Fite
  • The Fundamentals Of Utilizing The Qliphoth To Perfect Being Of Becoming In Nothingness / Everything In The Path Transfixed Of The Void - Angela Edwards
  • Theoretical Demonology In Psychoanalysis - Alexei Dzyuba
  • A Short Optical About The Zos Kia Cultus - Claudio Cesar De Carvalho
  • Blackmouth Beach - Sean Woodward
  • Symbology Of The Serpent - Marco Grosso
  • Liber Bes - Aion 131
  • Parasitic Vampyrism And The Inspiring Aspects Of Motivational Vampyrism - Dante Miel
  • Explorations And Permutations Upon The Formula Of N.O.X. - Jhon Longshaw
  • Formula Ov The Red Ecstasy -Trance and Erotocomatose Rite ~ Automatic Writing ~ - Edgar Kerval 
  • The Treatise 393 SEFEKH, THE CONSORT OF THOTH Part II - Robert Angelo Dalla Valle
242 pages, soft cover paperback, full color cover design and full color internal printing.

by AION 131
List Price: $21.50

On the full moon of July, 1994, a new gateway was opened permanently by the culmination of the Shakti from the Shoemaker-Levy comet's collision-dissolution into Jupiter. This place, while intensely personal in some ways, was communicated to be a place where the Adepts of the Silver Star, circula 1994, may meet and experience three things:

1. Comm-union with Brothers and Sisters of like mind,
2. Forming a tighter link with the unity of our magickal strengths and
the Group Consciousness and
3. Together connect with interstellar energies and cosmic intelligences.

The zones mentioned are the traditional 10-zones (the Tree of Life),
the Star-stone-altar is, of course, the 11th.

This is the Temple of the Star-Stone.
It is now open: MATAS!

52 pages, soft cover paperback, full color cover design and full color artwork illustrations by Cara Madeha

Monday, July 10, 2017



by Daniel A. Schulke

Paperback Edition: 144 pages, List Price: $18.95

Hardback Edition: Limited Edition. A Fine Custom Cloth Volume in Vierling illustrated dust jacket. List Price: $34.95

Publisher: Three Hands Press; 1st edition (May 22, 2017)

The discipline of Occult Herbalism encompasses the knowledge and use of the magical, spiritual, and folkloric dimensions of plants. This perennial wisdom animates many global spiritual traditions, especially those which have maintained their integrity of transmission even in the face of industrial development and cultural destruction. Often concealed within the deepest strata of the Western Esoteric Traditions, this green strand of wisdom, though obscured, is a potent legacy of all magic, sorcery, and occult science. In addition to the hard sciences of botany, ethnology, agriculture and ethnopharmacology, a number of pathways can assist the magical herbalist in furthering the depth of understanding and integrity of personal approach. Thirteen Pathways of Occult Herbalism circumscribes the metaparadigm of herbal magical practice, providing useful examples of its manifestation, as well as demonstrating its time-honored routes of inquiry.

Concealed in the depth of the Western Esoteric Traditions, there is a Green Strand of Wisdom, and though obscured, it is a potent source and legacy for all magic and sorcery, and encompasses the knowledge and use of the magical, spiritual, and folkloric dimensions of plants. In addition to the exoteric sciences of botany, ethnology, agriculture and ethno pharmacology, there are a number of hidden pathways that can assist the magical herbalist and practitioner in furthering their depth of understanding. THIRTEEN PATHS OF OCCULT HERBALISM examines the ways in which this specialized knowledge can be acquired, and is based on a perennial wisdom that animates many of the world’s spiritual traditions, especially those that have been able to maintain a firm lineage over the centuries. Eleven illustrations by Benjamin Vierling. 144 pages. Octavo.

Saturday, July 1, 2017


WELCOME to the Edge of the Circle Newsletter. This newsletter has come about as an effort to reach out to the Pagan/ Occult community (particularly in Seattle where we are based) to inform the community of what events are happening at our store. Without further ado, welcome, and enjoy.
Regards, Erica (Raven) Branch-Butler, Editrix-

WHO WE ARE: Edge of the Circle Books is Seattle's resource for Paganism & the Occult. This newsletter seeks to provide the Seattle community with a place to list events, post articles, and do a bit of networking.

Edge of the Circle Books strives to be your ideal Magical Pagan store.
Open 7 days a week, Noon 'till 8pm.A
Call: 206-PAN-1999

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Also on Facebook: THE SEATTLE PAGAN, OCCULT AND METAPHYSICAL RESOURCE BOARD has been created in order to facilitate networking throughout the Pacific Northwest.

If you have a Magical Group, Ritual Group, Pagan Church or organization, Druid Grove, please feel free to post your events and classes here.
Meetups, talks, book signings, public rituals, etc—all are welcome here.
We'd prefer no advertisements for Professional Readers, Reiki practitioners, etc. However, if you are teaching a class, or giving a workshop or talk, feel free to post your event.
This group is specifically for sharing events of interest to the local community, it is not meant for discussing magical paths and traditions, or asking general questions about magick or paganism. Please remain civil, do disparaging posts about groups or individuals. Off topic posts WILL be moderated.

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REMINDER: We buy used Occult Books! Our buyer is in on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays!

No charge if your class or event is free!

Prices subject to change without notice.

by Gemma Gary
Paperback Edition: 120 pages
Publisher: Troy Books (April 27, 2017)
List Price: $14.95

The Psalms, mysterious in their origins and possibly far pre-dating their appearance within Judeo-Christian Scripture, have a long history of magical use. We encounter the Psalms within the rites and talismanic magic of the grimoires, and their prolific employment within Charming, Cunning and folk-magical tradition. Herein the methods of their use are varied and incorporate magical acts of utterance, inscription, bottling, burning, sprinkling, pouring and burial in conjunction with various substances and materials.
Serving a vast array of needs, principally for healing, protection and the averting of evil, but also long employed within acts of cursing, the Psalms are an established feature of traditional operative magic yet also an indicium of engaging with the world of spirit, the divine and the unseen:

Whilst the traditional magical uses of the Psalms may appear to be almost entirely for the serving of material needs and desires, rather than for purposes of spiritual advancement, they are possessed of great beauty, and in one's recourse to them in times of distress and great difficulty there is to be attained a moment of contemplative comfort, and an acknowledgement of the immanence of the divine presence; turned to for spiritual strength and assistance.”

(From the Introduction and Manner of Use)

The Charmers' Psalter is born from a personal working collection of magical Psalms and other verbal charms, here presented in a convenient 'pocket book' format (100mm x 150mm), so that it may always be on hand to the contemporary Charmer for reference should need of it arise.


Introduction and Manner of Use

The Magical Psalms
For the Exorcism & Blessing of the Working Ground
For the Opening of the Rites and Workings of the Wise
For Blessing
In Thanks for Blessings & Answers Received
To Avert Evil
To Defend against Enemies & Return Curses
For Safety Amidst Evil
Against Slander
To Expose Slanderers, Liars and Persecutors
To Undo the Damage Caused by Slanderers
Against Evil, Plotting & Vengeful Enemies
Against Evil Spirits and People
Against persecution
Against Magic
For Peace
For Fear
For Reconciliation
For Joy and to Dispel Melancholy
To Hasten the Healing of the Sick
Blood Stopping
For Broken Bones
For all Physical Injuries
For Aches and Pains
For Aches in the Head or Back
For the Eyes
For Money and Material Needs
Against Poverty
For Success in Business
To be Fortunate
For the Respect of High Persons
For Power
To Cause Love
To Curse Enemies & Oppressors
To Strike Enemies with Terror
For Vengeance upon Enemies
To Punish the Harmful
To Return Evil upon Enemies
For the Destruction of Enemies & Gain-Seeking Persecutors
To Kill Enemies
To Raise Dark Assistance against Enemies
Other Verbal Charms
For Toothache
To Charm a Sprain
For Bone-Setting
For Blood-Stopping
For a Burn or Scald
To Charm Warts
For Illness in General
Against Epidemics
A Witches’ Herb-Gathering Charm for Healing Purposes
A Herb-Gathering Charm for Pimpernel against Witchcraft
A Herb-Gathering Charm for Vervain
A Morning Charm against Thieves & Enemies
A Suffolk Charm Against Thieves
A Scotch Charm to Protect the Household by Night
Protection from Assault
A Welsh Cursing Charm

About the Author:
Gemma Gary; writer and devoted practitioner of the Arte Magical. Gemma lives and works in the far west of Cornwall; a land rich in ancient sites, folklore, seasonal customs and magical tradition. Gemma possesses a longstanding interest in the operative 'old style' witchcraft, folk magic and 'cunning' traditions of her home landscape and beyond. She pursues a personal, animistic path, deriving her Craft from the presences, virtues and the lore of place, and is active in the revival and reification of the ways of the working witch and 'pellar', both in her writing and her magical practice. An initiate of British 'Old Craft' lineage, Gemma serves as the founder of the Craft Order 'Kord Bucca', and 'The Sodality of the Light Betwixt', and has served as 'Dyawles' of the covine 'Ros an Bucca' in Cornwall for many years. Gemma is also active within her local 'guize' customs, is a longstanding supporter of Cornwall's world famous Museum of Witchcraft & Magic and currently serves as a trustee of its 'Friends' organisation.


Workings in Traditional Witchcraft
by Nigel G Pearson
Paperback: 280 pages
Publisher: Troy Books; Revised edition edition (February 15, 2017)
List Price: $21.95

We are pleased to announce, a new revised edition of ‘Treading the Mill – Workings in Traditional Witchcraft’ by Nigel G. Pearson.

First published as ‘Treading the Mill – Practical Craft Working in Modern Traditional Witchcraft’, this new edition of Nigel G. Pearson’s popular book is presented with a new chapter, revised text and is complimented with photography from the author and new imagery.

With a new introduction for the second edition, and the original introduction, the book’s chapters are arranged as follows:

Hallowing the Compass; Tools, Calling the Directions, Content of the Rite, Closing Statement & Thanksgiving, Honouring the Directions, Opening/Dismissing the Compass, Place of Working, Examples. Wand Crafting; What is a Wand? Aspects of Traditional Tree Lore, Dryads, Types of Wood, Some Native Trees, Cutting Wood for Magical Purposes, Creating your Wand, Finishing Off your Wand, A Hallowing Rite. Spell Crafting. What is a Spell? Verbal Charms and Chants, Herbal Magic and Wortcunning, Simples, Potions, Oils and Lotions, Elemental & Nature Magic. Censing the Sacred; History & Background, Practical Applications of Incense, Incense Burning, Incense Materials, Incense Blending, Formulae, A Rite of Offering. Entering the Twilyte; Some Definitions, Personal Protection, Focus and Attention, Accumulating Power, Trance Working, Soul Flight or Transvection. Spirit Working; Spirits of the Natural World, Spirits of Home and Hearth, Concerning Familiars, The Fetch Body, The Ancestors and the Mighty Dead, The Elvenkind or Faerie Folk. Approaching the Powers; The God, King of the Wildwood, Walking the Way, The Lord of the Mound, Entering the Maze, The Master of Light, Calling the Master, The Goddess, The Great Queen, Addressing the Dame, The Black Goddess, Watching the Stars Below, Approaching the Power, A Rite of Self-Dedication to the Old Power. Selected Bibliography and Suggested Reading List.

About the Author:
Nigel Pearson was born and brought up in Suffolk, England, where he still lives and works, having a great love for the East Anglian countryside and never having felt the need to leave it. He has spent most of his life studying the myths, legends and magic of various cultures, but mostly the native lore of the British Isles. He has been a practising Traditional Witch for over 35 years and has the bruises to prove it. He jointly owns and runs Sacred Earth, a healing and esoteric supply business, with his husband Anthony Pearson-Moorhouse, helped by their two dogs, Bilbo and Bramble, who mostly just get in the way. In the past he has worked for an Insurance broking company, the N.H.S. and also British Telecom, but now much prefers the "quiet life." Many years ago he did leave East Anglia briefly to study for a degree in the Humanities, but had far too much fun being a student, so passed on the actual degree; he does, however, possess Practitioner Diplomas in Advanced Herbal Medicine and Homoeopathy - which he sometimes uses.


by Devin Hunter
Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (July 8, 2017)
List Price: $19.99

Discover the Ways of the Spirits And Master the Art of Command & Influence...

Profound spiritual insights and powers await beyond the material world. In The Witch’s Book of Spirits, Devin Hunter invites you to perform rituals and magic with spirit guides, familiars, angels, the deceased, faeries, and demons. Develop and enhance your relationships to your allies in spirit through soul flight, mediumship, and conjuration. Explore the inner workings of the Witch’s Tree as well as the planes and peoples who dwell in its many layers. Expand the scope of your magic with the 33 Spirits, a system transmitted to the author by a special priesthood of spirits, his familiar, Malach, and the goddess Hecate. Working with spirits is the cornerstone of the witch’s art. This book shows you how to stay in control as you increase your witch power and deepen your connection to forces seen and unseen.


The Light of the Aeon
Featuring Contributions by:
Orlee Andromedae, Teach Carter, Jaclyn Cherie, Linda Cunningham, James Ford, Isis Graywood, Elizabeth Jennings, Amanda Lindupp, Rachel Summers, Geraldine Lambert, Maxim, Eirwen Morgan, Diane Narraway, Richard K. Page, Laurie Pneumatikos, Cheryl Waldron, and Sean Witt and cover art by Matt Baldwin-Ives.
Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: Black Moon Publishing (September 2, 2016)
List Price: $25.00

Lucifer is a unique collection of articles, poems, and art contributed by different authors and artists, all of which work with and approach Lucifer subjectively; giving the reader a greater range of information and with it a deeper understanding of Lucifer from the heart of the Luciferian.
Chapter 1: Awakenings
Dreaming With the Devil by Rachel Summers
An Unexpected Daemon by Eirwen Morgan
Art: Snake Medicine by Orlee Andromedae
A Luciferian Is Born by Jaclyn Cherie
Into the Light by Laurie Pneumatikos
Ave Luciferi by Sean Witt
The Realm at the Edge of Sleep by Diane Narraway
Silver Lady by Teach Carter
Externalising the Self by Richard K. Page
Spirits and Reveries by Geraldine Lambert
Art: Journey of the Fool by Geraldine Lambert
Chapter 2: Love, Life and Lucifer
Maiden, Mother, Witch!! by Diane Narraway
Synthesis by Eirwin Morgan
From Here to Eternity by Richard K. Page
Luciferianism: A Life Changing Attitude by Laurie Pneumatikos
Birth of a Warrior Soul by Jaclyn Cherie
Art: The High Priestess by Orlee Andomedae
Bridging the Gap by Sean Witt
Mephisto's Mission by Rachel Summers
The Dark Knight on the Road by Gerladine Lambert
Art: Purging the Dark by Geraldine Lambert
A Journey With Pan by Teach Carter
Chapter 3: Angels and Daemons
Angel to Devil in the Twinkling of an Eye by Geraldine Lambert
Art: Lucifer and the Flowers of Flame by Geraldine Lambert
A Natural Deity by Teach Carter
Lucifer Vision by Eirwen Morgan
Photo: Lucifer by James Ford
Lucifer the Goddess of Love by Laurie Pneumatikos
My Beloved Lucy by Jaclyn Cherie
Revealing My True Self by Sean Witt
Art: Lucifer by Amanda Lindupp
Friend or Fiend by Rachel Summers
A Beautiful Beast by Diane Narraway
Objective Lucifer by Richard K. Page
Chapter 4: Blood and Fire
Blood Offerings by Laurie Pneumatikos
Forged From Fire: Blood of My Blood by Jaclyn Cherie
Finding the Light by Sean Witt
Blood and Blaze by Rachel Summers
Lucifer: Blood and Fire by Eirwen Morgan
Art: Blood and Fire by Eirwen Morgan
To Burn in the Fires of Hell by Teach Carter
Bloody Chaos by Diane Narraway
Art: The Winged Hermaphrodite by Linda Cunningham
The Blood and the Fire by Richard K. Page
Fire in the Blood by Geraldine Lambert
Art: Datura and Storm by Geraldine Lambert
Chapter 5: Magick
The Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Faceted Luciferian Witch
by Jaclyn Cherie
Anything Other Than Myself by Sean Witt
Art: Tiamat by Cheryl Waldron
Magic — Betwixt and Between by Geraldine Lambert
Art: The Hidden, The Willed and The Wise by Geraldine Lambert
Candles and Conversations by Rachel Summers
Dream Walking, Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming by Richard K. Page
Fire and Drums by Teach Carter
Magick With a 'K' by Diane Narraway
Sorceress — The Alchemical Woman by Eirwen Morgan
Photo: The Sorceress by Eirwen Morgan
Magic Is Transformation by Laurie Pneumatikos
Chapter 6: Lucifer's Consort
White Stallion, Black Mare by Richard K. Page
Art: White Stallion, Black Mare by Richard K. Page
Determining Manifestation by Sean Witt
Cain's Children by Laurie Pneumatikos
Balance by Teach Carter
Love Is Limitation: Love Is Liberation by Jaclyn Cherie
The Essential Wanton Woman by Eirwen Morgan
Photo: Acknowledgement of Lilith by Maxim
Poem: Lillith by Diane Narraway
Scarlet Scapegoat by Rachel Summers
Queen of the Night and Lady Fate by Gerldine Lambert
Art: The Weavers by Geraldine Lambert
The Ineffable Spark by Diane Narraway
Chapter 7: The Road Less Travelled
Acceptance of the Grave by Richard K. Page
The Road Less Travelled; The Road of Most Reward by Jaclyn Cherie
Art: Deliverance by Isis Graywood
Master of Light by Sean Witt
Poem: Children of Cain by Laurie Pneumatikos
Nefarious Necessities by Rachel Summers
Leading the Mistress by Eirwen Morgan
Poem: Spell of the Elements by Elizabeth Jennings
Poem: Where the Shadow Shines by Geraldine Lambert
Art: The Hedgewitch by Geraldine Lambert
Morning Star by Diane Narraway
Poem: The Way of The Way by Teach Carter
Author Biographies
References and Further Reading


Featuring Contributions by:
Emma Doeve, Orlee Stewart, Gavin Dylan Sodo, Gillian Macdonald Geraldine Lambert, Sam R. Geraghty, Laurie Pneumatikos, Eirwen Morgan, Diane Narraway, Bill Duvendack, Jaclyn Cherie, Defoe Smith, Veronica Magenta Nero, Lou Hotchkiss Knives, Matthew Levi Stevens and Linda Cunningham.
With an Introduction and additional editing by Cheryl Waldron.
Paperback: 156 pages
Publisher: Black Moon Publishing (March 2, 2017)
List Price: $20.00
Songs of the Black Flame is an intimate look into how Lucifer shines ever brightly in the lives of 16 Luciferians. Songs interweaves personal experience, poetry, art and magick to form a substantial chariot capable of carrying the reader into the realm of Lucifer. Whether one remains or not is a matter of will, karma and indeed choice.

I am Zeros and Ones;
An Enigma,
Composed of Cells.
In Motion;
Luminescence Ablaze …

Poetry is the language of the magickian and the poems within this book are of great practical use in both invocation and evocation. The words found in these poems do not so much describe as bring forth the might and majesty of Lucifer into the mind, heart, and into the very Temple of the practitioner.
Lucifer although archaic, is very much a Spirit for our times. Within this great light bearer seethes and boils the uncontained archetype of resistance. The Fallen Bright Angel is the very figure of rebellion. As ‘weavers will look for patterns, junkies for escapes,’ rebels seek freedom and shoulder the responsibility with which it is accompanied. This is a book written by rebels for rebels whose songs burn with determination, honesty, integrity and passion.


Non Serviemus! by Diane Narraway
Songs of the Black Flame by Diane Narraway
Introduction by Cheryl Waldron
Your Body is a Black Hole by Orlee Stewart
Invocation of Lucifer
Black Ink Lucifer by Gavin Dylan Sodo
Beyond the Mists of Time by Gillian Macdonald
A Silent Curiosity by Geraldine Lambert
Poem: Sibylline
Star Dance — A Ritual Chant
Song For Lumiel
Cold Chaos
Road to Creation by Sam Geraghty
Poem: Lucifera — The Muse
Murcurean Lucifer
Hymn to Lucifer
The Undefeated
Let There Be Light! by Laurie Pneumatikos
Poem: Fear is a Liar
I Am
I Walk the LeftHand Path
Journey of a Child of Cain
Alien 2
So, You Want to be Free
Into the Labrynth by Eirwen Morgan
Poem: Knight in Shining Armour
Magnesium Flare
Solitary Ritual For Summoning of the Light of Lucifer
The Light of Creation by Diane Narraway
Poem: Eternal Fight
Know Thyself Witch!
The Light of Lucifer
Lucifer's Child
Experiential LHP by Bill Duvendack
Poem: The Light and the Scarab
Conquest of Darkness
A Communion With Lucifer
The Fire of My Truth by Jaclyn Cherie
Poem: Lilith
Serpentine Dreams
The Luciferian
Ritual to Commune With Lucifer
A Journey: Discovering a Flame by Defoe Smith
Poem: Descript
So I'm Told
Walk 13
Luminous Forest by Veronica Magenta Nero
Poem: Dark Master
The Piper
The Song
Devil's Bride
Witch Fire
Creatures of the Forest Dark
Most Beautiful by Lou Hotchkiss-Knives
Poem: Keys of Many Shapes — Lucifer Salvator Mulieribus
Lucifer (That Mortal Fruit)
Apostasy Isn't Easy
The Devil Made Me Do It
Paradise Reclaimed by Matthew Levi Stevens
Poem: The Approach of the Brightest Star
Terrible Yelling God
The Bull of Ombos
Angels in Exile
The Hidden God
Every Drop Counts by Linda Cunningham
Poem: Bathed in Black
Bite the Apple
Rebel Angel
Contributor's Biographies
References and Inspiration
Lucifer by Gillian Macdonald
Stigmata — The Commanding of the Power Within Our Blood by Orlee Stewart
The Mirror by Gavin Dylan Sodo
Until Death Do Us Part by Gillian Macdonald
Moon Dance by Geraldine Lambert
Where the River Flows by Geraldine Lambert
Tortures of the Nigrado by Linda Cunningham
Morning Star by Gillian Macdonald
Daughters of Fortitude to Command Lucifer by Orlee Stewart
Diamond Crown by Linda Cunningham
Kissing the Crow by Linda Cunningham
Embracing the Trance by Geraldine Lambert
It All Burns by Gavin Dylan Sodo
Xenomorph Heart — The Pain of Our Path by Orlee Stewart
Still Alive — In Reverence of Lucifer by Orlee Stewart
Firedancer by Linda Cunningham
I've Got No Strings by Gavin Dylan Sodo
Lay Your Head in Hallowed Ground in Reverence of Lucifer by Orlee Stewart
Seasons Change by Gavin Dylan Sodo
Peacock Angel by Gillian Macdonald
Into the Woods by Geraldine Lambert
Lady of Dark Matter to Celebrate Lucifer by Orlee Stewart
Art by Emma Doeve
Serpent of the Dawn by Linda Cunningham
Cauda Pavonis by Linda Cunningham
Fate and Her Circular Wheel by Geraldine Lambert


by Frater Achad aka Charles Stansfield Jones , Edited and Introduced by Michael Kolson
Details: 14 page booklet, staple bound, limited 165 copies only 156 numbered copies for sale to the public.
Publisher: Night of Pan Books, 2017
List Price: $10.00

This Essay was originally written in 1912 e.v. while Achad was still only a Probationer of the A⸫ A⸫ and before he joined the O.T.O. One of the earlier known writings Achad explores the concept of the absolute Zero and how it manifests in the practices of Raja Yoga as taught by Aleister Crowley.


Practical Ancient Greek Divination for Today
by John Opsopaus
Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (July 8, 2017)
List Price: 21.99

Throughout history, divination has been an important tool for seeking guidance from the gods. Fortunately, several classical divination systems are available to us again today. The Oracles of Apollo shows how to use two rediscovered divination systems: the Alphabet Oracle, a system that uses the ancient Greek alphabet, and the Counsels of the Seven Sages, a series of 147 short, oracular statements that were inscribed on tablets at Delphi.

This book shares divination techniques and rituals―including the use of alphabet stones, dice, staves, beads, and coins―and interpretations of the outcomes to help you integrate the wisdom of the gods and goddesses. These oracles were originally designed thousands of years ago to provide insights into practical matters and deeper issues . . . and they can be used again today.

About the Author:
Dr. John “Apollonius” Opsopaus has practiced magic, divination, and Neopaganism since the 1960s. He has more than 30 publications in various magical and Neopagan magazines and designed the Pythagorean Tarot and wrote the comprehensive Guide to the Pythagorean Tarot (Llewellyn, 2001). He is the author of the forthcoming Oracles of Apollo (Llewellyn, 2017). Opsopaus frequently presents workshops on Hellenic magic and Neopaganism, Pythagorean theurgy, divination, and related topics. He is a member of the Grey Council and is past Dean of the Departments of Mathemagicks and Ceremonial Magick of the Grey School of Wizardry.


Cornish Myth and Magic
by Cheryl Straffon
Paperback: 158 pages
Publisher: Troy Books (October 15, 2013)

In this exploration of the Cornish Celtic Otherworld, Cheryl Straffon expertly guides us through a realm of traditional tales, stories, myths, legends and folklore wherein we encounter supernatural beings, such as fairies, piskeys, mermaids, witches, giants and other strange creatures. Between the Realms examines the writings of the folklorist collectors, and oral traditions born from the prehistoric sacred landscape of Cornwall. Cheryl explains how, in this material, we find themes and narratives strikingly similar to those encountered within much earlier works that refer to beliefs and events that were current in the ancient past. In turn we find that Celtic sagas and mythic tales seem to exhibit the same way of interfacing with the world of magic and spirit as seen in the beliefs and practices of many native indigenous peoples from around the world. As Cheryl tells us in her introduction to this book, 'It is a realm that has some similarities to our own, but one that is also strangely unfamiliar. It is a dangerous world to enter, but nevertheless one that can give new insights and experiences that change our world view when we return to our mundane world.'


1: Rituals and Rites at Cornish Sites
2: Shamans and Druids
3: The Fairy Lands
4: Piskey-led: Lost in the Mists of Time
5: The Cornish Otherworld
6: Celtic Totem Animals
7: Mermaids and Sea Goddesses
8: Faces in the Rocks, Spirits in the Stones
9: When Giants Strode the Land
10: Songlines: Legends in the Landscape
11: Celtic Goddesses and Gods
12: Riding a Stem of Ragwort
13: The Arthurian Realms
14: Saints and Serpents
15: Other Realms, Other Realities



by Sharlyn Hidalgo, Illustrated by Jimmy Manton
25 cards and 116-page guidebook set, packaged in a hardcover box.
Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing / Llewellyn Publications; Box Tcr Cr edition (June 8, 2017)
List Price: 21.95

"Celtic Tree Oracle" is based on ancient Celtic wisdom, which revered trees as living, spiritual beings – keepers of sacred knowledge that can help us survive, and thrive on Earth. This deck is your tool to tune into the trees and access their age-old loving guidance. You will become familiar with the signature energies of the trees and more connected with nature – inspired to walk through the woodlands and breathe in the revitalizing air of the rainforests.

These cards are steeped in Celtic cosmology which honors the cycles of the seasons and teaches reverence for all living creatures and respect for our Mother Earth. May they help to connect you to the wisdom of the beautiful, sacred world of the trees.


Keys of Secret Societies
by Casey DuHamel (Author), Bob Greyvenstein (Illustrator)
Size: 9″ x 6″ x 1 1/2″
Boxed Set: 78 card deck, 176 pp Guidebook.
Publisher: Schiffer; 1 edition (May 15, 2017)
List Price: 39.99

The Illuminati reflects several organizations commonly known as secret societies. Explore via this lavishly illustrated 78-card Tarot deck and unique, comprehensive guidebook the complex tapestry of five historically significant secret societies and the universal thread that weaves itself through all of them: the Tarot. The Priory of Sion (Majors), the Rosicrucians (Cups), the Freemasons (Swords), the Martinists (Coins), and the Golden Dawn (Wands) are all clandestine fraternities that have not only wielded direct influence on Western mysticism but have also exerted global influence, both politically and socially. In this comparative study of fellowships and Tarot, examine the history and imagery relating to each card, in-depth card meanings, and specific keywords that will assist you along your own mysterious path. How will your life connect with the mystifying―at times cloak-and-dagger―world of secret societies?


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