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Thursday, March 1, 2018


Spring or the Vernal Equinox Arrives Between March 20 - 23
Also known as: Lady Day or Alban Eiler (Druidic)

WELCOME to the Edge of the Circle Newsletter. This newsletter has come about as an effort to reach out to the Pagan/ Occult community (particularly in Seattle where we are based) to inform the community of what events are happening at our store. Without further ado, welcome, and enjoy.
Regards, Erica (Raven) Branch-Butler, Editrix-

WHO WE ARE: Edge of the Circle Books is Seattle's resource for Paganism & the Occult. This newsletter seeks to provide the Seattle community with a place to list events, post articles, and do a bit of networking.

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Tony Rella's CIRCLING THE STAR book release at Edge of the Circle Books in Seattle!

An event celebrating the release of local author and therapist Anthony Rella's new book, Circling the Star.

This book is a personal and spiritual journey through the Iron and Pearl Pentacles, tools that originated in the Anderson Feri Tradition and have branched to influence many practitioners, communities, and traditions such as Reclaiming and Morningstar Mystery School.

From Gods & Radicals: "Circling the Star offers the seeker a spiritual philosophy which will empower their resistance to capital and Empire. Weaving together psychology, Egyptian polytheism, queer and occult theory, Kabbalah, intersectional feminism, and Feri witchcraft, witch and therapist Anthony Rella offers us a powerful manual for personal and political liberation."

Come meet the author, listen to an excerpt from the book, participate in a guided meditation, and buy your own signed copy!

Reading begins at 7pm.


Prices subject to change without notice.

by Anthony Rella
Gods&Radicals Press, 2018
Specifications: 140 pages, Perfect Bound 6″x9″, Matte cover, black&white with illustrations.
List Price: $16.00

With your freedom, what would you make of this world?

Circling The Star is a practical journey into the esoteric wisdom of the Iron Pentacle for activists, witches, rebels, and mystics seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and of the world they wish to transform.

Circling The Star offers the seeker a spiritual philosophy which will empower their resistance to capital and Empire. Weaving together psychology, Egyptian polytheism, queer and occult theory, Kabbalah, intersectional feminism, and Feri witchcraft, witch and therapist Anthony Rella offers us a powerful manual for personal and political liberation.

Those already familiar with the workings of the Iron Pentacle but seeking a more engaged witchcraft will find Circling The Star invaluable. Those new to these workings will find Circling The Star an ideal introduction. And the many of us wary of mass-market glossy ‘magic’ texts and white-light spiritual bypassing will find Circling The Star an exhilarating glimpse of what engaged, radical witchcraft can be again.

Drawing on his years of magical practice and spiritual study, Tony blends his own devotional practice with his training in psychotherapy. The result is a deep understanding, coupled with a dash of poetry. He calls on us to open to states of wonder. To plumb our depths. To be strengthened and renewed.

These tools can change you, too, if you let them.”–T. Thorn Coyle

Featuring illustrations from Alley Valkyrie, cover art from Li Pallas, and a foreword from T. Thorn Coyle, Circling The Star was released on 14 February, 2018, the 3-year anniversary of the birth of the beautiful resistance that is Gods&Radicals.

Specifications: 140 pages, Perfect Bound 6″x9″, Matte cover, black&white with illustrations.


An Introduction to Modern Druidry
by Ivan McBeth (Author),‎ Orion Foxwood (Afterword),‎ Philip Carr-Gomm (Foreword),‎ Fearn Lickfield (Contributor)
Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Weiser Books (April 1, 2018)
List Price: $24.95

The Bardic Book of Becoming is a warm, user-friendly, eclectic introduction to modern Druidry that invites you to take the first steps into the realms of magic and mystery.

In this book you will be introduced to the various techniques and practices of a Druid in training. Written by Ivan McBeth, the cofounder of Vermont's Green Mountain School of Druidry, with Fearn Lickfield, the book incorporates lessons, visualizations, rituals, and magical stories. Many different activities and exercises are included that provide the reader with hands-on learning. Ivan also provides personal stories that demonstrate his own journey from spiritual seeker to Druid.


An Autobiography
by Fiona Horne
Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Rockpool Publishing (February 1, 2018)
List Price: $21.95

Fiona Horne's extraordinary journey through a metaphysically laced material world has all the breathtaking twists, turns, perils, redemption, and enlightenment of a fantasy novel merged with Siddhartha and Entertainment Weekly.

This is her autobiography. It's the late 70s and a 10-year-old girl builds an altar in the bushland of suburban Sydney. Stones, leaves, and flowers are offerings for her animal friends and the mystical creatures of her imagination. Hidden from the real world the girl feels accepted and safe. Alone in the bush she is a little pagan. Fast forward to the 90s and Fiona Horne is now the face of modern witchcraft, a bestselling author, a radio and TV personality, and a founding member of electro-rock group Def FX. She has Hollywood and the world at her fingertips. But simmering beneath the sparkling surface the demons lie in wait . . .

At once heartbreaking and inspirational, you will wonder how one person could pack so much into one life.


21 Keys to Successful Sorcery
by Jason Miller
Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: New Page Books; 1 edition (February 19, 2018)
List Price: $16.99

There is no shortage of spells out there. Some books highlight thousands of spells, but do any of them actually work? And how well do they work? I don't mean just getting a result--I mean getting a result that matters, a result that will impact your life or the lives of those you work for. The Elements of Spellcrafting provides the most effective and efficient ways to get things done with magic.

The Elements of Spellcrafting identifies and explains 21 keys to successful sorcery--a best practices of sorcery--in three sections:

Principals and strategies for how best to apply magic before you begin.
Methods and tactics that will ensure a positive outcome.
How to take spells to the next level--building a life of spiritual accomplishment and material success beyond the basics.

If you have ever cast a spell that didn't work, The Elements of Spellcrafting will help you figure out why.

If you regularly cast spells that seem to work but you still wind up in the same circumstances, this book will definitely help you chart a new course for victorious spellcrafting.


The Mystical, Practical, & Controversial
by Judith Laura
Paperback: 202 pages
Publisher: Open Sea Press (September 15, 2011)
List Price: $14.95

Goddess Matters: The Mystical, Practical,& Controversial, presents an in-depth look at today's global trends in Goddess spirituality and emerging Goddess religions. The book covers a wide range of subjects, some of them rarely discussed in other books. These include contemporary Goddess temples and conferences, Goddess ethics, various controversies, practical approaches to sexual risks, responses to natural disasters, emerging Goddess figures in Judaism and Christianity, and cutting edge thought that relates Goddess and science. The book also has chapters on intuitive and psychic work, death and the possibility of afterlife, various approaches to spirituality and religion, and a look at the probable future of Goddess spirituality. There are also chapters with definitions of terms used to discuss religion, and words used to describe psychic work. This is Judith Laura's third Goddess book.


Pagan Portals
Wild God of Faery, Guardian of Annwfn
by Danu Forest
Series: Pagan Portals
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Moon Books (October 27, 2017)
List Price: $10.95

Gwyn, the bright god of the Brythonic underworld Annwfn and Faery king of the wild Welsh spirits, the twlwyth teg, is an ancient and mysterious figure. His tales are scattered through oral folklore and across medieval Welsh literature, a depository of our ancient god-tales. Said to dwell within the legendary glass castle in Glastonbury Tor, as well as the black mountains of Wales, he is both a figure of romance and fear. A dark lover through the winter months, leader of the wild hunt, and guardian of the dead. He is the ancient companion of bards and visionaries through the initiatory journey to the depths of the Celtic Underworld, in search of the Goddess of the land herself. With a close look at traditional magic and lore as well as practical exercises, Gwyn ap Nudd is an essential guide for all those who seek wisdom from the darkness and wild communion with the sovereignty of the land.


Death, Ancestors & Magical Rites
by Christopher Allaun
Paperback: 204 pages
Publisher: Mandrake (December 1, 2017)
List Price: $23.00

Deeper into the Underworld we go...

The Underworld is home to our beloved ancestors, those who gave us our flesh and blood and our breath. Their blood flows through our veins and contains great magick and power. They have the ability to help us heal old karmic wounds of the past and aide us in our spiritual development. They can teach us many things about the world of spirit. All we have to do is honor them. All we have to do is call to them.

The cycles of Life are sacred to our pagan and magical cosmology, but what of Death? As we honor life, so, too, must we honor the sacredness of death and dying. As we go further in our Underworld studies, we will learn about the Angel of Death and energetic process of dying. Death is not the end. It is a magical transition into the world of spirit where we are rejoined with our beloved ancestors. The Ancestors are our link to our past. We will learn to honor them and create a sacred shrine so that we may commune with them in a magical and healing way. By honoring the ancestors, we will strengthen our bonds with the spirits and learn to heal our family karma that began long ago and affects us even today.

By learning to work with the ancestors, we will learn to work with the spirits of the dead for magick and healing. We will learn how ancient cultures summoned the beloved dead to heal grief and say final goodbyes. We will also learn magical techniques to summon the shades of the dead and the Hidden Company; those powerful spirits that can teach us ancient wisdom of long ago that can help us tread our spiritual path to find balance and healing.


by Christopher Scott Thompson
Nonfiction, 6×9 inches, perfect-bound paperback, matte cover, b&w with images.
Published November 2016 by Gods and Radicals
List Price: $15.00

Strange dreams are stirring, drifting into the sleeping consciousness of mystics, visionaries and revolutionaries. Dreams of the fallen and most often the forgotten—those who fought in all of the uprisings and revolutions since the beginning of history. They stir on the edges of sleep like revenants besieging a presidential palace. They want us to hear them and to heed their call.”

What is Pagan Anarchism?
Witches who poison bosses and landlords. Slave revolts instigated by a god of ecstasy. Eviction notices issued in the name of land spirits and Faerie queens. A ghostly general leading loom breakers. Elves who destroy factories.

Were these all merely myths, they’d still be more true than the superstitions upholding Empire and Capital. Yet they’re not myths, but our own history: the history of uprisings, of a fierce magic and a revolutionary current woven throughout the threads of Paganism and anarchism. As historian Peter Linebaugh named them, they are the ‘Red and Green,’ the revolutionary and the Pagan threads which comprise the yearly celebration of May Day.

Poet, writer, anarchist, and Pagan Christopher Scott Thompson pulls and spins these threads that run from Rome to the Occupy Movement, from the Levelers and Luddites to the witchpunx and Wobblies–and from them weaves a tapestry of revolution.


Using the Cards to Make Your Dreams Come True
by Madame Pamita
Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Weiser Books (March 1, 2018)
List Price: $18.95

While many people are aware that tarot is an amazing system for accessing deep spiritual wisdom, what most haven't realized is that it's also a powerful and practical tool for manifesting all that we dream of and desire.

Madame Pamita's Magical Tarot is a joyful journey that reveals the light in each of the 78 cards--even the ones that have traditionally had strongly negative connotations. Readers will find the spells, affirmations, exercises, and card descriptions exceptionally useful in using the tarot as a spiritual roadmap to their best life. Experienced tarot readers and novices alike will be drawn to the practical ways to use the tarot to attract positive people, create abundance, open up opportunity, and realize a life of fulfillment, success, and pure happiness.



by Dr. Yoav Ben-Dov
79 cards, 2.5” x 4.75”
List Price: $$21.95

Published posthumously as a tribute to its creator, Yoav Ben-Dov, this Marseille deck is a faithful reproduction of the traditional tarot cards created by the esteemed Nicholas Conver in 1760. This vibrant 79-card deck includes an extra blank logo card to be used as a carte blanche, "for everything that is open and possible”. Also included is a 56-page booklet with instructions for reading the cards, with both upright and inverse meanings.

CBD Tarot de Marseille was voted by 13,000 Tarot Association Facebook subscribers as one of Top 50 Essential Tarot Decks, the only one in the “Marseilles decks” category.

"Ben-Dov has created what I believe to be the most elegant restoration of the classic Conver Marseille deck available.” —Mary K. Greer


by Renata Lechner
Publisher: Llewellyn, March 2018
Boxed 78 Card Deck, 128 page Guidebook
List Price: $26.95 US

Mystical insights await within the stunning imagery of the Arcanum Tarot. From the creator of the Thelema Tarot this deck features realistic figures set among lush and magical landscapes. Designed to connect the deepest parts of your soul to the highest realms of the divine, the Arcanum Tarot will show what you need to see in order to move forward toward your destiny.


by Nigel Suckling
Includes a full deck of 78 specially commissioned tarot cards and a 64-page illustrated book Cards
Publisher: CICO Books; Illustrated edition (February 13, 2018)
List Price; $18.95

The mysteries of the tarot and the legend of dragons come together in this stunning box set, including a full tarot deck and 64-page guidebook.

Majestic in its power, the dragon in Western culture appears in myth and legend as the jealous guardian of a treasure hoard—epitomized by J.R.R. Tolkien’s Smaug, and seen more recently in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series and George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series. But that is not the whole story—dragons are complex creatures, and the beast is usually credited with cunning and often the power of speech—it is not just a brutal, terrifying monster. Although occasionally hostile, as when an earth dragon stirs and human cities crumble, there is no personal malice. Dragons simply operate by different laws that do not always place our interest at their center. Understanding those laws and adapting to accommodate them is one path to wisdom. This is the spirit in which dragons inspire this tarot—tarot also operates by laws that are slightly beyond our conscious grasp, lifting the veil on the spiritual undercurrent of the worlds we inhabit. This traditional 78-card deck contains fire-breathing dragons, winged dragons of the air, sea serpents, and earth dwellers who will reveal to you the secrets of the past, the possibilities of the present, and all the potential of the future.


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This concludes our Newsletter for this month.
Look for us again APRIL 1st, 2018!!!!
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Raven, Editrix, Edge of the Circle Books Newsletter

Sunday, February 25, 2018



An exploration of the Tarot’s mystical roots, with a guide to The Tarot of Marseilles, The Waite Smith Tarot, The Alchemical Tarot, and The Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery
By Robert M. Place
Hermes Publications,2018
List Price: $35.00

The Tarot, Magic, Alchemy, Hermeticism, and Neoplatonism is my newest book. It incorporates the material that was in Alchemy and the Tarot and The Tarot: History, Symbolism, and Divination, but updates the facts and, as you can tell by the title, covers a lot more material—about three times as much, with 680 pages and over 300 illustrations. 

This book is intended to be a guide to my Alchemical Tarot and my Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery. It will be the companion book for both decks. But it will also cover the Tarot of Marseilles and The Waite Smith Tarot. So that it will be a guide to the Tarot for anyone using any deck. Each chapter starts with a full-page illustration on the left hand page and the text on the right hand page.


THE RAZIEL TAROT: Majors Edition
(A Tarot based on thousands of years of Jewish lore, teachings, Kabbalah, and magical practices)
By Robert M. Place
Hermes Publications,2018
List Price: $40.00

The Raziel Tarot: Majors Edition is a deluxe large size, three and a half inch by six inch, set of 24 cards with gilded edges designed by Robert M. Place (creator of The Alchemical Tarot) in a boxed set with the same size 186 page book authored by Rachel Pollack (author of Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom).

"Like a latter-day Rashi, Rachel Pollack has co-created an iconic midrash on the secrets of the creation, with the help of Robert Place’s dazzling art. This masterly tarot shines into the hidden heart of all life, revealing the mysteries!'
~CaitlĂ­n Matthews, author of Untold Tarot, Lost Book of the Grail, and Singing the Soul Back Home.

The Raziel Tarot is a deck co-created by writer Rachel Pollack and artist Robert M. Place. Based on thousands of years of Jewish lore, teachings, Kabbalah, magical practices, and the vast treasure house of stories, inspired by the Bible but going far beyond it, it nevertheless is solidly rooted in Tarot tradition. The cards are drawn in the sensual Jewish Art Nouveau style created by E M Lilien in the beginning of the 20th century, but they are also inspired by the classic Waite-Smith Tarot, often with an extra layer. For example, Strength shows a woman with a lion, but now the woman is the Queen of Sheba, the mysterious figure who comes to test King Solomon, and was probably the female lover in the Song of Songs. Solomon himself is the Magician, his posture subtly recalling the Waite Smith Magician.

The title comes from a medieval Jewish myth that an angel named Raziel (“God is my secret”) gave a book to Adam and Eve that contained all the mysteries of existence and could predict all future events. This is exactly the myth that has dominated the Tarot for the past 250 years—the idea that the structure of the Tarot contains the Hermetic secrets of the universe, but when we mix the cards and set them in a spread they can predict the future. Raziel himself appears in The Lovers, one of the cards directly inspired by The Rider-Waite-Smith.

The card most connected to the Waite-Smith deck is the High Priestess, where we see a seated woman between black and white pillars of a temple. This is no accident, for Waite refers to the woman as “the Shekinah,” a term which he does not bother to explain. In the Raziel Tarot the Shekinah becomes central, reappearing in various cards, and we learn that She is the female aspect of God—the male is the Holy One. This idea, that god is both male and female, seems radical and modern, but in fact goes back at least two thousand years. It also sets up the all-important theme of exile and return. In Jewish myth, the Shekinah has gone into exile with humanity, and cannot be re-united with the Holy One until human beings re-discover their true selves. This too is a major theme of the Raziel Tarot.

The deck also contains two extra major arcana cards: The Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life. Despite all these levels and extra cards, the divinatory interpretations for the deck are straightforward, combining traditional meanings with some of the implications of the pictures.

Special note: while the Book of Raziel began as a myth people have actually created magical texts with that name, in particular a full-length book published in 1701, in Hebrew, in Amsterdam. It is said that if you have a copy of The Book of Raziel in your home it will never burn down. We cannot promise you that having The Raziel Tarot will allow you to cancel your fire insurance, but it can’t hurt!

Friday, February 16, 2018



Edited by Hereward Tilton and Merlin Cox
Standard Edition, Hardback, – 160 pages – Fulgur Ltd.
A full-colour facsimile of an infamous Austrian manuscript compendium of the black magical arts, completed c.1795. 

Unique and otherworldly, it evokes a realm of visceral, dark magic. A star of social media, it is published here for the first time.

List Price: $69.95

Touch Me Not is an Austrian manuscript compendium of the black magical arts, completed c.1795. Unique and otherworldly, it evokes a realm of visceral dark magic. As the co-editor Hereward Tilton notes, the manuscript ‘appears at first sight to be a ‘grimoire’ or magician’s manual intended for noviciates of black magic. Psychedelic drug use, animal sacrifice, sigillary body art, masturbation fantasy and the necromantic manipulation of gallows-corpses count among the transgressive procedures it depicts. With their aid hidden treasures are wrested from guardian spirits, and the black magician’s highest ambition – an infernal transfiguration and union with the Devil – can be fulfilled.’

Hidden for decades within the Wellcome Library collection, Touch Me Not is published here as a full colour facsimile for the first time. We have commissioned a translation of the German and Latin texts from Hereward Tilton and Merlin Cox, scholars who have explored the sources for the various elements and provided copious references. There is also an introduction from Hereward that lays out the context for this extraordinary survival. Contents include:

On coagulation. Narcosis.
Compendium of the operation.
Names of the evil spirits to be conjured.
On the pact in nigromancy between the Devil and man.
On black magic in general.
On the cacomagical mirror.
He who has ears [to hear], let him hear.

Beyond its purely historical value, there is much in this curious manuscript to entice and inspire the contemporary practitioner of magic. No doubt each reader will find an intriguing reflection of their experiences or interests therein; I discovered my own among its list of psychoactive fumigants, which includes an entry testifying to the magical employment of an indigenous European source of the hallucinogenic compound dimethyltryptamine (DMT) – the rhizome of the ubiquitous common reed (Phragmites australis). Following the advice of Herpentil, I made my way to a remote cave, reed rhizome and Syrian rue potions in hand, to explore the infernal realms and contemplate the distinction between white and black magic. This seems to be as fine as a spider’s silk, as our manuscript asserts.”~Hereward Tilton

by Kenneth Grant
Standard edition, bound in black cloth and priced at $69.95.
Starfire Publishing.

The Ninth Arch is the final volume of the Typhonian Trilogies. It comprises an extended analysis of and commentary upon Liber OKBISh, The Book of the Spider, a transmitted text which was received in the course of the Workings of New Isis Lodge in the 1950s. Grant’s novella Against the Light (Starfire Publishing, London; 1997, 2016) casts some of the themes of Liber OKBISh into fictional form. A brief account of the background to Liber OKBISh can be found here.

New Isis Lodge was the final name given to a magical group developed by Kenneth and Steffi Grant over several years in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The main body of work by New Isis Lodge extended over the years 1955 to 1962, and it was on the basis of his experiences within this Lodge that Grant was later to publish his monumental series of nine volumes which has come to be known collectively as the Typhonian Trilogies. Including several O.T.O. members from Crowley’s day, an insight into some of their methods is given in Hecate’s Fountain (Skoob Books Publishing, London, 1992; Starfire Publishing, London, 2014). Another transmitted text, the Wisdom of S’lba, together with several chapters of commentary amd analysis, is published in Outer Gateways (Skoob Books Publishing, London, 1994; Starfire Publishing, London, 2015).

From the author's account on the inside flaps of the dustjacket for the first edition of this book:

The Ninth Arch, comprising the Book of the Spider (OKBISh), is the final volume of a series of Trilogies which trace the emergence into historic times of an ancient body of occult doctrine known as the Typhonian Tradition.

In order fully to understand its purpose and content, The Ninth Arch should be scanned against the background of the larger canvas on which it is painted. Such an approach will facilitate insight into the Oracles of OKBISh and their accompanying comments. As an additional aid to focussing salient features of the Tradition, the author's Nightside Narrative, Against the Light (Starfire Publishing, 2016), should serve as a helpful and explanatory ‘footnote’ to the circumstances existing at the time OKBISh was ‘received’.

The Oracles were communicated audibly, and occasionally visually, to various members of New Isis Lodge (1955-62) and at certain stages of magical ritual. The Current which generated the material began, sporadically, as early as 1939, with the initial movement of a transmission which developed over the years into the text known as the Wisdom of S’lba (see Outer Gateways, Starfire Publishing, 2015). In 1945, the Wisdom – then in its nascent stage – was recognized by Aleister Crowley as an authentic communication. From that time, the Informing Intelligence went on to complete the Wisdom, and proceeded to produce the massive series of Oracles presented in The Ninth Arch. The mode of reception has been described in the Introduction. The method of documentation confirms beyond cavil the validity of serial qabalah, as used previously in analyses of the Wisdom.

The richly complex pattern of magical correspondences, in both cases, has proved of unparalleled value in determining genuine contact with occult forces possessed of Knowledge and Prescience concerning important terrestrial Events. That the pattern reflects direct contact with an indefinitely ancient yet ever new Typhonian Gnosis, is demonstrated by the application of relentless and rigorous qabalistic exegesis, as recorded in the comments.

For readers interested in significant relationships between Numerical (physical) and Magico-Mystical (metaphysical) concepts, The Ninth Arch contains an exhaustive thesaurus of the Typhonian Tradition. But beyond considerations of gematria, the Oracles of OKBISh adumbrate Events likely to overtake planet Earth within the lifetime of many of the book's readers; and – for individuals who are able to interpret the Oracles in terms relative to their own magical universe – they issue warnings of the dangers that lie ahead of those unprepared to invoke the Sign of Protection against the oncoming wave of Outer Forces set to assume control of the planet. Now, at the turn of a millenium, it seems appropriate to release this Knowledge.

The book is republished in a fresh typesetting, incorporating corrections made by the author in his own copy of the book. Artwork has been rephotographed where possible, and presented in colour where appropriate. Six of these plates are new for this edition, and are taken from an illuminated calligraphic manuscript of The Book of the Law executed in pen, ink and watercolour by Steffi Grant in the mid 1940s.

Second and Revised Edition
by Daniel Schulke, Art by Benjamin Vierling
(Three Hands Press)
Trade Paperback: $24.95, 192 pages with 4 page color insert, limited to 2,200 copies.
Standard Hardcover: $52.00, 192 pages with 4 page color insert, and dust jacket, limited to 750 copies.

First published in late Summer 2012, Schulke's book on esoteric toxicology Veneficium was an instant success, selling out in six months. Its principal concern is the intersection of magic and poison, originating in remotest antiquity and reaching into the occult traditions of present day. Beyond their functions as agents of bodily harm, poisons have also served as gateways of religious ecstasy, occult knowledge, and sensorial aberration, as well as the basis of cures. Allied with Samael, the Edenic serpent of first transgression whose name in some interpretations is ‘Venom of God’, this facet of magic wends through the rites of ancient Sumer and Egypt, through European Necromancy, Alchemy, the arcane the rites of the Witches’ Sabbath, and modern-day folk magic.

The second edition of Veneficium is now properly contextualized within a trilogy of forthcoming books entitled Triangulum Lamiarum (‘Triangle of the Witches’), each of which concerns a specific ontological aspect of witchcraft. Veneficium, of course, treats the occult parameters of poison, toxins, and venom, and their presence in witchcraft and allied magical arts.

Newly released, the second edition of Veneficium contains the first edition in its entirety, but there are some notable expansions and evolutions:

a new typographic design for the entire book, to be used for the whole of the trilogy
slight expansions of certain chapters
one additional chapter
additional images
a new title page illustration by artist Benjamin A. Vierling, as well as two new ornaments by the same
correction of typographic errors from the first edition, as well as footnote enumerations
an acknowledgments section.