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Thursday, August 10, 2017


Fasti Antiates Maiores — Miniature black and white image of a 1 m high by 2.5 m wide fragmentary fresco of a pre-Julian Roman calendar (black and red letters on a white background) found in the ruins of Nero's villa at Antium (Anzio). The lengths of January to December are 29, 28, 31, 29, 31, 29, 31, 29, 29, 31, 29, 29 days each in years without the leap month.

Samhain 2017 to Mabon 2018 Calendar – July 8, 2017
by Kristoffer Hughes, Blake Octavian Blair , Melanie Marquis , Deborah Castellano , Stacy M Porter, Susan Pesznecker , Suzanne Ress, Michael Furie , Linda Raedisch , Natalie Zaman (), Laurel Reufner , Charlie Rainbow Wolf , and Corrine Kenner.
Calendar: 312 pages
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (July 8, 2017)
List Price: $12.99

Discover new perspectives on the energy of the seasons and the magical power of the cycles of the earth. Llewellyn’s Sabbats Almanac features more than fifty articles exploring a blend of contemporary ideas and old-world wisdom, sharing tips, techniques, and insights to help you achieve your magical goals and connect more deeply to the divine.

Contributors include Melanie Marquis, Michael Furie, Corrine Kenner, Charlie Rainbow Wolf, Natalie Zaman, Suzanne Ress, Kristoffer Hughes, Blake Octavian Blair, Linda Raedisch, Deborah Castellano, Susan Pesznecker, and more.

Includes more than fifty articles written for newcomers and experienced Witches:

  • Creative, low-cost arts and crafts projects
  • Best plants for Sabbats rituals
  • Simple recipes for delicious appetizers, entrees, beverages, and desserts
  • Astrological influences with full and new moon rituals
  • Extended rituals for groups and individuals
  • Journal pages for keeping track of your festival plans and memories
  • Fascinating Pagan folklore and customs


Click to Enlarge
by Linda Raedisch , Blake Octavian Blair , James Kambos , Barbara Ardinger , Monica Crosson , Suzanne Ress , Susan Pesznecker , Ellen Dugan , Natalie Zaman , Ember Grant , Charlie Rainbow Wolf and Thuri Calafia.
Calendar: 28 pages
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; Wall edition (July 8, 2017)
List Price: $14.99

Celebrate the energy of the elements. Bring power into your hands that’s previously been just out of reach. Discover potent windows for magic and the secrets to manifesting your will in the world.

Llewellyn’s Witches’ Calendar, now in its 21st year, features Moon signs and phases; planetary motion (including retrogrades); daily color correspondences; solar and lunar eclipses; days for fishing and planting; and even lunar gardening tips. With original scratchboard art by Kathleen Edwards and unforgettable spells, essays, and rituals by popular authors, this calendar is a bountiful resource to help you connect to the spirit of magic.

January: The Birds’ Wedding by Linda Raedisch

February: Hearth Blessing by Blake Octavian Blair

March: The Tides of March by James Kambos

April: Cultivating Viriditas by Barbara Ardinger

May: Dandelion Renewal Spell by Monica Crosson

June: Twilight Transformation by Suzanne Ress

July: Deep Summer Energy by Susan Pesznecker

August: The Wort Moon by Ellen Dugan

September: Fairy Rings by Natalie Zaman

October: Samhain Mythology by Ember Grant

November: Feeding the Fire by Charlie Rainbow Wolf

December: Yule Renewal and Rebirth by Thuri Calafia


by Susan Pesznecker , Najah Lightfoot , Michael Furie , Lupa , Deborah Castellano , James Kambos , Tiffany Lazic , JD Hortwort , Doreen Shababy and Elizabeth Barrette.
Calendar: 168 pages
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; Egmt Spi edition (July 8, 2017)
List Price: $12.99

Stay organized and find new ways to live your craft all year long with Llewellyn’s 2018 Witches’ Datebook. Featuring beautiful illustrations from award-winning artist Kathleen Edwards, a variety of ways to celebrate the Wheel of the Year, and powerful wisdom from practicing witches, this indispensable, on-the-go tool will make your days more magical.

  • The Daily Magician by Susan Pesznecker
  • Sprucing Up Your Ritual Space by Najah Lightfoot
  • Order, Chaos, or In Between by Michael Furie
  • Appreciating the Sacred in All Seasons by Lupa
  • Making and Dressing Candles by Deborah Castellano


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85th Edition of the World's Best Known, Most Trusted Astrology Calendar
Calendar: 40 pages
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; 85 Wal edition (July 8, 2017)
List Price: $15.99

Llewellyn’s popular Astrological Calendar provides original artwork by Leanna TenEycke, monthly horoscopes, and an astrology primer. This 40-page calendar is perfect for beginners and advanced astrologers.

  • Monthly horoscopes by Lesley Francis
  • Travel forecasts by Bruce Scofield
  • An introduction to astrology
  • Best days for planting and fishing
  • Gorgeous and inspiring artwork
  • Major daily aspects, monthly ephemerides, and 2018 eclipses
  • Retrograde notations for Mercury, Venus, and Mars


by Lo Scarabeo
Calendar: 24 pages
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; Wal edition (May 8, 2017)
List Price: $13.99

Revel in the splendid Art Nouveau visual style all year with this gorgeous calendar. Each astrological sign is represented by a breathtaking piece of art, full of color, charm, and elegance. You’ll find guidance and inspiration each month, as well as moon phases, spiritual holidays, and astrological highlights.


Click to Enlarge
Complete Astrology At-A-Glance
by Jim Shawvan , and Pam Ciampi.
Series: Llewellyn's Daily Planetary Guide, Day to Day Calendar
Calendar: 208 pages
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; Egmt Spi edition (July 8, 2017)


by Vicki Leppek, Amber Lotus Publishing
Calendar: 28 pages
Publisher: Amber Lotus Publishing; First edition (July 21, 2017)
List Price: $14.99

The Lunaria wall calendar is the perfect instrument to help us live in harmony with the powerful effects of the moon, planets, and seasons.

Click to Enlarge
  • 12" x 12" wall calendar (12" x 24" open).
  • The Lunaria utilizes 13 lunar months, each beginning with the new moon.
  • A year of lunar lore and stunning artwork on your wall.
  • Framable artbook-quality printing.
  • The perfect gift for those interested in the lunar calendar.
  • 13 classical paintings are paired with an eclectic mix of romantic-era literature, poetry, mythology, esoteric texts, and folklore treasures.
  • Illustrated with stunning masterworks such as Night and Sleep by Evelyn De Morgan and Astarte Syriaca by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
  • Monthly tips, clues, and insights on the best lunar times for planting, gardening, spirituality, and creativity.
  • Features daily visual moon phases and moon signs, void-of-course times, and eclipses.
  • Showcases phases of the moon in a year-at-a-glance lunar calendar.
  • Includes Pagan, Wiccan, Christian, Jewish, and other world-religion holidays.
  • Printed on paper sourced from a combination of sustainably managed forests and recycled materials.
  • Published by Amber Lotus, an independent carbon-negative US company that has planted more than half a million trees since 2008.


Calendar: 240 pages
Publisher: Mother Tongue Ink; Spiral Edition (July 30, 2017)
List Price: $19.95

We’Moon: Gaia Rhythms for Womyn, the iconic astrological datebook, is a best-selling moon calendar, earth-spirited handbook in natural rhythms­­, and visionary collection of women’s creative work, now in its 37th year of publication.

La Luna calls on the Moon to enlighten us in these clouded times. Transformation is Her specialty! We invoke the Moon's powers of re-direction for a fragile planet, for troubled peoples, and for all who seek new guidance. La Luna's dance with Light and Dark, Birth and Death, growth and demise is a pageant of regenerative hope. Her rhythms stir our life-blood, and her cycles reflect the hidden layers of our body-mind wisdom.

"I have been using your calendar for years and years!!! Thank you for the incredible work We’Moon is doing. The much-needed shift in consciousness towards a more woman-honoring world is inspiring in so many of us."—Alice Walker, author and activist

Modern culture and the We’Moon calendar, as timely as ever. This is so much more than a calendar. It is a resource—a way of focusing the direction of your days on positive living. The poetry and art always inform, inspire, and profoundly impress."—Vision Magazine, November 2011

Click to Enlarge
We’Moon accompanies us through the rhythms of earth and sky that pulse through our lives. The datebook presents a comprehensive introduction to astrology; to Sun, Moon, and Earth cycles; and seasonal Holy Days. We explore the 13 moons of our lunar year in a week-at-a-glance format with daily astrological aspects alongside moon phases and signs. In addition, we include astrological insights for each sun sign, month & year-at-a-glance calendars, a complete ephemeris table for the year and blank pages for notes. We’Moon 2018 Astrologers—The Sky Priestess–Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam, Gretchen Lawlor, Heather Roan Robbins, Sandra Pastorius, Beate Metz, Susan Levitt and Mooncat!—offer clarifying articles about cosmic events, and how they may affect our opportunities and challenges in the year ahead.

We’Moon 2018 reflects art by contemporary artists including Denise Kester, Amara Hollow Bones, Shelly Anne Tipton Irish, Kimberly Webber, Olivia Jane and Autumn Skye. Inspired writings that light up the pages from Stephanie A. Sellers, Ann Filemyr, Nell Aurelia, Nuit Moore, Starr Goode and Naima Penniman along with many other gifted writers!


Women of Myth & Magic 2018 Fantasy Art Wall Calendar
by Kinuko Y. Craft
Click to Enlarge.
Calendar: 28 pages
Publisher: Amber Lotus Publishing; First edition (July 21, 2017)
List Price: $14.99

From mythical archetypes to historical figures, women have inspired great literature, poetry, and, above all, magnificent works of art. Among contemporary artists inspired by ladies of legends, none shines brighter than Kinuko Y. Craft. In this elegant calendar she presents 12 opulent and richly detailed portraits of enchantresses, goddesses, brave warriors, and fairy-tale princesses, each weaving a spell of breathtaking feminine beauty.

  • 12" x 12" wall calendar (12" x 24" open).
  • A year of Kinuko Craft's exquisite artwork on your wall.
  • Frameable artbook-quality printing.
  • An extraordinary fantasy art gift.
  • Printed on paper sourced from a combination of sustainably managed forests and recycled materials.
  • Published by Amber Lotus, an independent carbon-negative US company that has planted more than half a million trees since 2008.
  • This calendar features US and Canadian legal holidays, phases of the moon, and important observances of the world's major religions.

Kinuko Craft is one of the world's most widely respected and well-known contemporary fantasy artists. She has published eight major illustrated fairy-tale and mythology hardcover picture books, including The Twelve Dancing Princesses and Cinderella. She has illustrated many children's books, and her work has graced more than 100 book and magazine covers. Craft is a storyteller, and her paintings reveal new layers of wonder with each viewing. Her work can also been seen in prestigious galleries and museums.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


The Tuatha Dé Danann as depicted in John Duncan's "Riders of the Sidhe."

WELCOME to the Edge of the Circle Newsletter. This newsletter has come about as an effort to reach out to the Pagan/ Occult community (particularly in Seattle where we are based) to inform the community of what events are happening at our store. Without further ado, welcome, and enjoy.
Regards, Erica (Raven) Branch-Butler, Editrix-

WHO WE ARE: Edge of the Circle Books is Seattle's resource for Paganism & the Occult. This newsletter seeks to provide the Seattle community with a place to list events, post articles, and do a bit of networking.

Edge of the Circle Books strives to be your ideal Magical Pagan store.
Open 7 days a week, Noon 'till 8pm.A
Call: 206-PAN-1999

We are also now on Facebook:
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Also on Facebook: THE SEATTLE PAGAN, OCCULT AND METAPHYSICAL RESOURCE BOARD has been created in order to facilitate networking throughout the Pacific Northwest.

If you have a Magical Group, Ritual Group, Pagan Church or organization, Druid Grove, please feel free to post your events and classes here.
Meetups, talks, book signings, public rituals, etc—all are welcome here.
We'd prefer no advertisements for Professional Readers, Reiki practitioners, etc. However, if you are teaching a class, or giving a workshop or talk, feel free to post your event.
This group is specifically for sharing events of interest to the local community, it is not meant for discussing magical paths and traditions, or asking general questions about magick or paganism. Please remain civil, do disparaging posts about groups or individuals. Off topic posts WILL be moderated.

..and check out the Edge’s new TUMBLR Page!

REMINDER: We buy used Occult Books! Our buyer is in on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays!

No charge if your class or event is free!

Public · Hosted by Seattle Solomonic Society

Prices subject to change without notice.


by David Godwin
Hardcover: 832 pages
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (September 8, 2017)
List Price: $65.00

One of the most trusted reference works ever published on the Cabala, now available in a deluxe hardcover edition.

This book is a complete guide to Cabalistic magic in which every demon, angel, power, and name of God―every sephirah, path, and plane of the Tree of Life―and each attribute and association is fully described and cross-indexed by the Hebrew, English, and numerical forms. An invaluable reference tool for all Cabalists, pathworkers, magicians, and scholars, Godwin’s Cabalistic Encyclopedia explores the most important terms from the Hebrew language, Freemasonry, the Cthulhu Mythos, the Aurum Solis, and much more.

The Many Names of God
The Angels
The Spirits of the Goetia
The Shem ha-Mephorash
The Correspondences of the 32 Paths
The Sinister Tunnels of Set
A Guide to Hebrew Pronunciation
A Complete Edition of Aleister Crowley's Sepher Sephiroth
Terms of Freemasonry
Entities of the Cthulhu Mythos
Aurum Solis Spellings
Intelligences of The 32 Paths of Wisdom

The classic resource for magicians, scholars, and Cabalists

With listings for every possible Cabalistic and gematria association, aspect, correspondence, and application, this one book is absolutely vital for the complete understanding of western mysticism and Cabala. Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia includes such essentials as all of the two-letter root words found in Biblical Hebrew, the astrological signs, and every demon, angel, power, sephiroth, path, and plane of the Tree of Life. Each attribute and association is fully described and cross-indexed by the Hebrew, English, and numerical forms with basic meanings and enumerations of the hundreds of terms, words, and names you need to reference as you wind your way through Cabalistic magic and gematria.


Hoodoo Herb and Root Medicine
Opens the Door to Better Health
by Sunrae Products Company, catherine yronwode (Editor), F. Schuyler Mathews (Illustrator)
Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Lucky Mojo Curio Company (May 15, 2017)
List Price: $9.95

In 1947, when it was first offered for sale, This Amazing Book was a rural herbalist's delight. Published by the strangely obscure Sunrae Products Company in the tiny town of Ogema, Wisconsin, it was marketed via a series of small classified ads in popular do-it-yourself magazines, and gave traditional rootworkers an introduction to the convenience of mail- order supplies.
The anonymous author took the secret of his or her identity to the grave, but the data supplied here about down-home treatments with herbs, roots, seeds, and flowers forms the foundation of modern herbal medicine.

Now, on the 70th anniversary of its original publication, the Lucky Mojo Curio Company is proud to present a restored and revised edition of this essential text, newly edited by catherine yronwode and illustrated with the classic botanical art of F. Schuyler Mathews. Filled with historically valuable medical lore, this beautiful book belongs in every conjure worker s library.


Hoodoo Spells to Torment, Jinx, and Take Revenge On Your Enemies
by Miss Aida (Author), catherine yronwode (Editor)
Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Lucky Mojo Curio Company (May 15, 2017)
List Price: $9.95

This unique collection of spells features serious, hard-hitting, fast-paced, hot, and STRONG works of revenge and justice. Not for the lady-hearted or faint of spirit, this book includes full instructions for making and torturing doll-babies, imprisoning your enemies in coffin boxes, and freezing unwanted people out of your life. Using pins, needles, nails, feces, candles, oils, powders, and graveyard dirt, Miss Aida teaches you exactly how to torment, jinx, and mess up your adversaries and foes.
Now you too can benefit from the malevolent secrets of cursing and crossing, passed down through the generations, and brought to your fingertips in one handy spell-packed book.


Home-Style Hoodoo Spells for Marriage, Sex, and Motherhood
by Aura Laforest (Author), catherine yronwode (Editor)
Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Lucky Mojo Curio Company (May 15, 2017)
List Price: $9.95

Women's Work is a rich magical guide to all phases of female life. From Young Woman to Lover, and from Wife to Mother and beyond, this book tells how to employ traditional African-American conjure work for love, sexual charisma, fertility, childbirth, money drawing, household protection, and keeping your mate at home. With over 100 authentic hoodoo and rootwork tricks and recipes, Women's Work teaches you the hidden secrets of spell-casting that only women can use.
Women's work may never be done, but this book of old-fashioned natural magic gives you clear, solid, and simple ways to help yourself and your family. Not just for women but also for the men they love, Women's Work guides you to a better life.


The Witchcraft Revolution to Get What You Want
by Deborah Castellano
Paperback: 216 pages
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (August 8, 2017)
List Price: $17.99

Revolutionize Your Witchcraft to Achieve Your Greatest Desires: 

Glamour is the art of taking what makes you exciting and interesting to others and using it as leverage in accomplishing your Great Work. This fun romp of a book helps you use glamour to accomplish total world domination . . . or to revolutionize your magical practice if ruling the world isn’t your thing.

Glamour Magic encourages you to be crafty, cunning, and unafraid to want something fiercely. Learn how historical figures used glamour in their campaigns for greatness. Discover experiments, exercises, and rites for your Craft. Glamour is your secret weapon―your guide to finding what you want and getting it, too.

by Lisa Parker
Tarot Cards
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; Box Tcr Cr edition (April 8, 2017)
List Price: 24.95

From the artwork of world-renowned fantasy artist Lisa Parker, Tarot Familiars is a deck of charm, mystery, and animal magic.

The companion booklets for most Lo Scarabeo decks are in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.


Publisher: Llewellyn Publications / Lo Scarabeo; Numbered ed. edition (October 8, 2017)
List Price: $34.95

One of the oldest tarot decks ever created, the Tarot Sola Busca is known for its alchemical symbolism and for having inspired many of the minor arcana of the Rider Waite Smith deck. The first entry in Lo Scarabeo’s new Anima Antiqua series (Ancient Soul), this deck has been lovingly printed with great care from originals found in the greatest collections of rare tarot decks. This is a limited-edition, numbered deck printed on the highest quality stock.

The companion booklets for most Lo Scarabeo decks are in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.


by Lucy Cavendish
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications/ Blue Angel Publishing; Cards & Guidebook ed. edition (September 8, 2017)
45 cards and 152-page guidebook set, packaged in a hard-cover box.
List Price: $21.95

Sacred Keys to Effective Casting & Crafting

These spells are enchanted, loving exercises, sacred prayers-in-action to guide, support and activate your innate magickal powers. The result can be a more authentic, prosperous and blissful life. Respected witch and international bestselling author Lucy Cavendish has cast and crafted magickal spells for over 30 years. Now, in this classic deck, she shares some of her most effective and trusted spells.

This tried and tested collection will support you in: attracting a soul-mate, enhancing intuition, creating abundance, improving health, letting go gracefully, enjoying career success, and manifesting loving friendships. Each spell is sacred and purposeful, harnessing the energy of love and light, always for the highest good of all and of our planet. Allow these life-changing spells to bring love and healing magick into your life, as well as the lives of those you love.

Includes 45 Magickal Spellcards and an in-depth, easy-to-understand guidebook on spellcasting, moon phases, magical correspondences and fascinating background information for each spell.


by Rana George (Author, Illustrator), Callie L. French (Illustrator)
Publisher: U.S. Games Systems Inc. (July 2, 2017)
124-page guidebook, 42 card Deck.
List Price: $24.95

With a sprinkle of Lebanese folklore and a dash of 1001 Nights this exotic Lenormand deck reflects Rana George s nostalgic views and personal memories of Lebanon. Rana also shares her considerable expertise in the art of reading with the Lenormand system. Every intricate detail of the Rana George Lenormand serves her mission of creating a deck unlike any other with its enticing artwork and insightful instruction. Both the box and the cards feature exquisite gold foil accents and the cards have a luxurious pearlized finish. This 42-card deck includes extra Man and Woman cards, for same-sex readings, as well as four additional cards that enhance the Lenormand experience: Spirit, Incense Burner, Bed and Market. In her 124-page guidebook Rana explains the cards contextual meanings in a reading and shares the personal associations that inspired each card. She also offers helpful instructions with multiple examples of actual questions explored in Lenormand readings.


Oracle of Emanations
by Peter Mohrbacher (Author / Illustrator), Eli Minaya (Author)
32 full colour cards and instruction book
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; Tcr Crds edition (September 8, 2017)

A fantastic oracle deck based on angels of the Kabbalah, the Tree of Life, Watchers, Seraphins, and more. The sense of being at the presence of something distinctly human, but ultimately mysterious is at the core of Angelarium.

The companion booklets for most Lo Scarabeo decks are in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.


REMINDER: We buy used Occult Books! Our buyer is in on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays!

We also have classroom/ritual space-- please call for details.

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We have Seattle's best Psychic Readers, in house, 7 days a week, from 2pm—8pm.


We are NOW located at: 1307 NE 45th St., between Brooklyn Ave NE and University Way NE, next to the Neptune Theatre, in the University District.

This concludes our Newsletter for this month.
Look for us again SEPTEMBER 1st, 2017 (Where did the year go?!?)
Raven, Editrix, Edge of the Circle Books Newsletter

Thursday, July 20, 2017



The Book of Asmodeus 
by Humberto Maggi 
Standard edition hardcover:
Paper bound, with a full spread out, full color cover art work.
120 grams black end papers, silk head and tail bands finished
Smyth-sewn construction bookblock
120 grams soft-tone creme/white 'Roman'-paper
List Price: $49.95

"Scattered amongst the pages of the Talmud and of the Zohar we find elusive mentions about the Maaseh Kishuf, the Work of Sorcery, and the Maaseh Shedim, the Work of Demons. This grimoire gathers this dispersed knowledge to reconstitute the forbidden craft called in the pages of the Zohar the Serpentine Sorcery, attributed to the wicked Balaam and taught by the King of the Shedim, the demon Ashmedai, also known as Asmodeus."

The Talmud tells how the benign shedim conversed with the rabbis who were gifted with the "language of the demons," instructing them in the knowledge of sorcery; and in the Zohar we find that Asmodeus was Solomon's teacher, and that he gave to him a book of magical knowledge. Uniting academic research with the instructions of his own maggid shed (demonic teacher), Humberto Maggi presents a powerful combination of necromantic experience and scholarly knowledge to create a small jewel in the Solomonic Tradition of Magic."

Table of Contents:

- Preface

- Serpentine Sorcery

   - Serpentine Sorcery Nehashim
   - Demons Sheddim
   - The Other Side Sitra Achra
   - Teacher Maggid
   - Evil Dead Dybbuk
   - Asmodeus Ashmedai
   - Book of Asmodeus Sifra De-ashmedai
   - Evil Eye Ayin Ha-Ra
   - Offering Korban
   - Altar Mizbeah

- The Book of Asmodeus

   - The Prophecies of Balaam
   - The Astrachios Prayer
   - The Invocation of Asmodeus
   - Sigil of Asterion
   - The Bones of Balaam
   - Commentaries to The Book of Asmodeus
   - Post Scriptum

by Patrick J. Larabee with a foreword by Shani Oates. 
Quarter leather bound + Moire Silk front and back cover
Silver foil lettering to spine and sigil stamp to front cover
Size :180 mm x 240 mm
List Price: $80.50

The Vulvic Trans-Missionary is gnostic in origination, having been pulled from the aethyric domains that surround the self-ensorcelled and drawn down from the astral-zones that abide within Otherness; made visionary through the Projection of I outside the Circumference of Self into dimensions beyond our accustomed and acknowledged environments."

Click to Enlarge.

Three verses from the book:

"I consume that which is and issue forth that which is not - my banquet a feast of the light and my womb-tomb is kala of the night. My dance is reversal, as I spin within the motionlessness of leaping by standing still. There is naught but that which IS: being from non-being manifesting an eternal masquerade of phantasmal-subjectivity objectifying desirous flesh and dreams of nodal awareness. I ravage the self-sane via Self-madness - THAT is but a web incalculable, a dimension beyond ego-absorbtion and reason of mind, bending free-will and crafting fate-mine: explosion of darkness to reveal the particle of dream't object that is eternally dreamless. I am a mirror that reflects what it sees, seer of that which is beyond the eye - a reflectory glance of the object momentarily subjectified." 
~ Verse II of The Vulvic Trans-Missionary

"The force that indwells within all form am I, the soul of infinite bodies: the essence of all shape and hidden within the occult conclaves of each thing, as the adytum of all-being - manifesting as diversity and uniquity. Occurence of the infernal and empyrean inter-dimensional entity, daemonic-heart of genius dwelling as secret configuration residing within the vessels of flesh: mind and matter pushing forth from the unrevealed crown of all creation! A diaphanous light of swirling density, a lightning-strike of madness rising forth from the darkness of the infinite deep abyssal waters of naught: experience the path wrought by desire for fulfillment of Self, for thou art self by Self created - spirit of the waters of the night, a gleaming cast of moon-light crashing against the waves and then disappearing forever." 
~ Verse XI of The Vulvic Trans-Missionary

"The ambrosial vulva-phallic-entity am I: carnal and deviant consummation, erogenous, erotic, and erotogenic ecstasy: gratification and fulfillment in desirous frenzy! I am a-sexual, creating from myself for myself and give unto myself: I am uni-sexual, taking and giving to myself for my own pleasure: I am bi-sexual, using the twain aspects of the creative-duality of the masculine and feminine for my own design - hetero-homo-auto-sexual spirit of cosmos giving and taking with voluptuous soul: I am trans-sexual and taboo, reaching beyond the flesh and the urge to sate, my dark-soul a mask of provocative and sensual chaos, calling all to enter the black-womb of my non-being - desire is to become Desire, wanton need to express instinctual impulse!" 
~ Verse XIX of The Vulvic Transmissionary

An Enochian Grimoire' 
by A.D. Mercer
Standard Edition
List Price: $68.50

Liber Coronzom is a hands on approach to Enochian magic, cutting through all the superfluous material and focusing instead on the original Dee Manuscripts and their application, thus making it a genuine grimoire of practical magic Culled from years of personal experience and research, Liber Coronzom offers a different approach to interacting with the Enochian angels; first encountered by Dr. John Dee on the late 16th century. Liber Coronzom also reveals how the name Coronzom itself has been misspelt since it first appeared in print in 1659, and examines how this error may have come about. Liber Coronzom is also the first work to correlate the Dee material with contemporary grimoires to give a more complete picture of practical magical work of the mid to late 16th Century.

Most importantly Liber Coronzom highlights a genuine, hitherto unexplored, short cut into the final 10 Aethyric realms. However, to achieve this, one must first confront Coronzom himself in order to make this transition. It is the first time such a short cut has been identified and is therefore unique to this work.

Liber Coronzom is also the first work to examine this Enochian archetype in the light of eastern mysticism and Jungian psychology.

Liber Coronzom is divided into three books. Beginning with an examination of the origins of the Enochian System and how it was first revealed to Dr. John Dee, in particular the origins of The Demon of the Abyss – Coronzom

Click to Enlarge.
Book 1 - Liber Hermetica. The first part of book one offers insights into traditional Western Hermetic Magic and includes practical rituals designed to empower the aspirant before moving onto true Enochian magic. These include some reworking of traditional rituals tailoring them to the Enochian system. The later part offers clear instructions for the preparation for the work to come, including instructions drawn from Dees own diaries and from personal experimentation by the author.

Book 2 – Liber Enochia begins with an examination of the nature and possible history of the Enochian language prior to Dr. John Dee. Liber Enochia then moves on to a detailed exposition of the means and method of communicating with the Enochian realms and the entities, which inhabit them. Liber Enochia includes detailed rituals and incantations, drawn directly from Dees own hand, and compiles them into a fully workable system of exploration and invocations, including the aforementioned direct route into the heart of the Enochian system. This includes rituals to activate the Sigillum Dei Aemeth, opening and exploring the Four Great Watchtowers, and finally to the confrontation to Coronzom.

Book 3 – Liber Aethyrica, the final book takes us beyond the Abyss and on to a journey through the nine highest Aethyrs. This book includes a new transcription of the Call of the Aethyrs the lengthy incantation, which opens up these highest realms. This is followed by descriptions of the authors own direct experiences of the highest Enochian realms.

Liber Coronzom finishes with a number of commentaries and appendices exploring in greater detail the most significant aspects of the entire work. The grimoire finally ends with an examination of Coronzom as an example of the Shadow Archetype from Jungian analytical psychology, the first time such a study has been undertaken.

Table of Contents:
The contents
Introduction - Who is Coronzom? Preparation and the manner of working

BOOK 1 - Liber Hermetica
Liber Hermetica
Fourfold Breathing- preparation exercise The Null point – Clear mind
The White Light – Ritual cleansing
The Pentagram Ritual
Communion with your Holy Guardian Angel The Akefalon Invocation
The Chaos of Chaos

BOOK 2 – Liber Enochia
Liber Enochia
On the nature of the Enochian Language and its History
The Ritual Dagger – Tool of working
The Banishing of Enochian Entities
John Dees daily oration
IAD the God Most High – Who is IAD
Formula of the seal of IAD – Sigillum Dei Ameth meditations
The Ritual of the Aethyric Empowerment
Ritual of the Black Cross
Kellys vision of the four Watchtowers
The Supreme Ritual of the Black Cross – Opening of the Watchtowers Formula for the opening the gate of ZAX - The Summoning of the Governors The Adulation of Coronzom- a meditation
The Grand Invocation of Coronzom

BOOK 3 – Liber Aethyrica
Liber Aethyrica
Visions of Coronzom
The Vision Quest beyond the Abyss
The Call of the Aethyrs – A new Transcription The Highest and final Nine Enochian Calls Contemplation before ZIP - A Moments pause Vision of .... (The last nine Aethyrs) Gmicalzoma

The Appendix
Commentary upon The Akephalon Ritual
Commentary upon The Supreme Ritual of the Black Cross Commentary upon the Grand Invocation of Coronzom Commentary upon Liber Aethyrica
Magical dictionary


Coronzom: The Shadow Archetype Bibliography

by Matthew Wightman
List Price: $75.50
As has already been revealed, the Kitvei Kodesh HaChol will concern the confrontation with the Conflict, Violence and Strife of the polarities and contradictions of the One (the Atzmut), the Essence of ALL and NONE.

As a written work, it will necessarily appear to represent the particular perspective of the Sitra Achra, the Other Side of Opposition to the Cosmic expressions already familiar to us: the Holy Bible, the Mystical Commentary of the Zohar, the Traditional Liturgies of Synagogue and Church, the Dogmatic Theology of Orthodoxy, and the Spirit of Creation and Cosmos.

For those familiar with my previous work and the nature of the Current 61, you will know that Opposition with and within the One is no simple matter, going far beyond simple yes and no-saying, and that it is often in what is not said, what cannot be said, that the Truth is revealed.

The words of this work will serve as a roadmap to these non-places, these gaps, where Knowledge and Truth-that which ruptures the Unrupturable One-can be found.

You will find within these texts the tension of contradiction between the words of the Creator and those that seek to undo his Word, World and Work. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, you will find a path to Knowledge and Truth opened in the wake of the Serpent’s Opposition. It will be in the gap, in the silence, created by this Opposition that the path forward (and backward) will be revealed.

As with the Emanations of the Ain Sof, each volume of the Kitvei Kodesh HaChol will be indispensable to understanding the Work as a Whole, of which each volume is a microcosmic manifestation. Each volume will be broken into five equal and intertwined chapters that individually will reveal profound Wisdom and Knowledge specific to its scope, but which collectively are meant to offer Understanding contained within, yet beyond their parts. Those parts will concern: The Scripture of the Sitra Achra, Scriptural Commentary, Prayers and Devotion, Theology and Philosophy, and the Rites, Rituals and Goetic Evocation of the Ultimate Legion of El Acher.

Esoteric Journal OPUS 2
List Price: $42.95


  • The Magician As Vampire - Andrew Dixon
  • The Tellum Scorpionis - Atrum Semita Pondera R.N.Lant
  • The Arte Of Blood - S.Ben Qayin
  • The Mass of Tiamat Aion 131
  • Becoming Hoodoo Part II - Kyle Fite
  • The Fundamentals Of Utilizing The Qliphoth To Perfect Being Of Becoming In Nothingness / Everything In The Path Transfixed Of The Void - Angela Edwards
  • Theoretical Demonology In Psychoanalysis - Alexei Dzyuba
  • A Short Optical About The Zos Kia Cultus - Claudio Cesar De Carvalho
  • Blackmouth Beach - Sean Woodward
  • Symbology Of The Serpent - Marco Grosso
  • Liber Bes - Aion 131
  • Parasitic Vampyrism And The Inspiring Aspects Of Motivational Vampyrism - Dante Miel
  • Explorations And Permutations Upon The Formula Of N.O.X. - Jhon Longshaw
  • Formula Ov The Red Ecstasy -Trance and Erotocomatose Rite ~ Automatic Writing ~ - Edgar Kerval 
  • The Treatise 393 SEFEKH, THE CONSORT OF THOTH Part II - Robert Angelo Dalla Valle
242 pages, soft cover paperback, full color cover design and full color internal printing.

by AION 131
List Price: $21.50

On the full moon of July, 1994, a new gateway was opened permanently by the culmination of the Shakti from the Shoemaker-Levy comet's collision-dissolution into Jupiter. This place, while intensely personal in some ways, was communicated to be a place where the Adepts of the Silver Star, circula 1994, may meet and experience three things:

1. Comm-union with Brothers and Sisters of like mind,
2. Forming a tighter link with the unity of our magickal strengths and
the Group Consciousness and
3. Together connect with interstellar energies and cosmic intelligences.

The zones mentioned are the traditional 10-zones (the Tree of Life),
the Star-stone-altar is, of course, the 11th.

This is the Temple of the Star-Stone.
It is now open: MATAS!

52 pages, soft cover paperback, full color cover design and full color artwork illustrations by Cara Madeha