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WE'RE STILL HERE! To Your Health!

Hygeia, Greek Goddess of Health

WELCOME to the Edge of the Circle Newsletter. This newsletter has come about as an effort to reach out to the Pagan/ Occult community (particularly in Seattle where we are based) to inform the community of what events are happening at our store. Without further ado, welcome, and enjoy.
Regards, Erica (Raven) Branch-Butler, Editrix-

WHO WE ARE: Edge of the Circle Books is Seattle's resource for Paganism & the Occult. This newsletter seeks to provide the Seattle community with a place to list events, post articles, and do a bit of networking.

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We are closed until Gov. Jay Inslee lifts the Stay at Home order for Seattle, and we will open again at that time. We are doing everything in our power to remain in business, so bear with us. We're now taking some phone orders for books and have the ability to ship them to your door. If you'd like to order something, Instant Message us on our Facebook page :
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How to Use Intuition to Elevate Your Craft
by Astrea Taylor
Paperback: 360 pages
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (April 8, 2020)
List Price: $18.99

~Follow Your Heart and Spirit as You Build Your Witchcraft and Intuition Skills Together

Featuring extensive exercises, examples, and rituals, this amazing book reveals how to embrace the wisdom of your inner voice as you explore the endless possibilities of witchcraft. With Astrea Taylor's guidance, you can unlock your intuitive magical potential and celebrate the truth of who you are.

Intuitive Witchcraft also offers insights from some of the best writers, thinkers, and leaders in their fields, helping you become your most empowered self. Discover how to work with energy, interact with deities and spirits, and create a personal practice that fits your beliefs and lifestyles. Learn to face your shadow side, make the mundane magical, use divination tools, and much more. Whether you're a beginner or advanced practitioner, this incredible book illuminates the path to manifesting your greatest desires in an intuitive way.

"Provides techniques for melding intuition and witchcraft in a way that is emotionally and spiritually satisfying."―Publishers Weekly

"Magick can be found on nearly every page of Intuitive Witchcraft. This is an absolutely terrific book, full of heart, practical advice, and some of the best witchcraft to make the printed page in years. Whether you are a novice or an experienced practitioner you’ll find something to love in Taylor's work."―Jason Mankey, author of Transformative Witchcraft

"A refreshing look at how everyone who feels the connection to various aspects of the Craft can reach out and connect in a real and personal way. The exercises are a great way to enhance your intuitive connection to nature, deity, and magical practice...This book has something useful for practitioners at every level."―Alfred Willowhawk, author of Manifesting True Desires and host of the podcast Up Close and Personal

"Astrea shares how to explore the hidden forest of our intuitive spirits. She offers clear and concise steps to not only deepen your intuition and hear it more clearly, but also develop a Witchcraft practice that matches who you are as an individual. From personal shadow work to rituals, to forming your own practicing groups, Astrea brings intuition to the forefront of Witchcraft."―Phoenix LeFae, author of What is Remembered Lives

About the Author:
Astrea Taylor (Dayton, OH) is an author, witch, and fire dancer. She is also a blogger for Patheos Pagan and owns a business called The Blessed Be Box that sells a “ritual in a box” for the solstices, equinoxes, and cross-quarter holidays.


A Beginner's Guide to the Craft of the Wise
by Lisa Stewart and Anton Stewart
Paperback: 216 pages
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (April 8, 2020)
List Price: $16.99

~An Outstanding Introduction to Wicca

Whether you're a solitary practitioner, a member of a coven, or a teacher looking for an introductory text for students, this highly accessible and impressive book gently guides you through the basic principles and practices of this powerful tradition. Discover how the elements, the sabbats, and astrology can be used for powerful magick. Work with the phases of the moon and the wheel of the year to strengthen your connection to the gods, goddesses, and spirits. Learn how creating your own altar and using different magickal tools will empower your practice. Filled with dozens of exercises, helpful examples, and simple step-by-step instructions, Simply Wicca will be a favorite resource for years to come.

Praise for Simply Wicca:
"An excellent introduction from two people who really do understand and espouse the Craft of the Wise. This book blends modern Wicca with its origins in the Celtic, Druidic, and traditional Witchcraft forms of lore, in a way that few others have the knowledge to do. Simply Wicca will take the newcomer from their very first questions to a full understanding of their chosen path, and lead them into an appreciation of the ways to achieve a full understanding of the Craft of the Wise."—Kate West, author of The Real Witches' Craft

"Lisa and Anton bring the gift of truly being able to take the journey through the eyes and in the footsteps of a genuine seeker of the Craft of the Wise, asking and answering the questions of a seeker in a sensible, practical and magical way."—Ashley Mortimer, Trustee of Centre for Pagan Studies/Doreen Valiente Foundation

About the Authors:
Lisa and Anton Stewart (Hudson Valley, NY) have been practicing and teaching Wicca for nearly thirty years and, together, have birthed their own Wiccan tradition. They own a metaphysical store called the Awareness Shop located in New Paltz, New York. They also operate a teaching coven called the Church of the Eternal Circle.



Digital restoration by M. D’Auge
Boxed kit (5 x 8) includes a large-size 89-card deck (3 x 5.75) with gold and silver foil and a guidebook packaged in a premium box.
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications/Lo Scarabeo (March 8, 2020)
List Price: $79.95

A full, large size, digitally restored edition of the XV century Visconti di Modrone deck. The deck features 89 cards, including all original cards and the reconstruction of the missing cards. Gold and silver foil on these Museum Quality cards simulates the original gold and silver etchings. This edition comes in a precious and elegant box with a book in English and Italian.
Printed on premium card stock with gold and silver foil throughout, this museum-quality edition of the fifteenth-century Visconti di Modrone Tarot is sure to become an instant must-have for collectors and readers alike. This 89-card deck is a faithful recreation of one of the oldest tarot decks in the world, printed with a larger trim size to fully display the stunning artwork and intricate details of the originals. Digitally restored reproductions of the existing cards and carefully reconstructed versions of those that have been lost make this deck the definitive edition for our time.


by Travis McHenry
112 Page Guidebook, 78 Card Deck, Boxed Set
Publisher: Rockpool Publishing (April 15, 2020)
List Price: $26.95

How can we possibly embrace our truest self if we never step into the dark?

Author and occultist Travis McHenry reveals the secret daemons of the 17th-century and conjures their powers into this unique set of 78-divination cards.

Drawing on daemons, symbols, and sigils from ancient magickal grimoires including Archidoxis Magica and the Key of Solomon, Occult Tarot presents a fully realized divination tool to finally embrace and behold the mysteries of the night.

The first tarot deck to faithfully adhere to the Solomonic principles of demon conjuration, Occult Tarot allows practitioners to discover the power of ancient demons and learn to tame the beasts that wander between the physical and spiritual worlds.

About the Author:
One of the foremost occultists of the modern era, Travis McHenry has written books on the history of the tarot and a memoir about his ten-year research study into paranormal phenomena. A native of rural Pennsylvania, Travis grew up surrounded by the folklore of the Appalachian Mountains, which shaped his desire to uncover and share the historical truths hidden behind mythological stories.

He began studying the dark arts in the late 1990s when he stumbled upon a secretive coven of witches who subsequently befriended him and allowed him to publish the first written history of their magical tradition. Travis has been a student of many religions, including Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism and the Greek Pantheon, and was an ordained deacon in the Baptist Church. This diverse spiritual background has given him a unique insight into harnessing the divine energies found in cultural groups around the world. His formal education in anthropology helps balance his spiritual training with a scientific mindset.

From 2001 to 2008 Travis served as an intelligence specialist in the United States navy, using his powers of analysis and research to track terrorist groups and determine the military capabilities of foreign countries. After leaving the military, Travis entered the corporate world as a recruiter for the largest telephone psychic company in the world. As the most successful psychic recruiter in the industry, he pioneered a concrete process for discovering and authenticating individuals with intuitive powers that is still used to this day.


by Travis McHenry
112 Page Guidebook, 78 Card Deck, Boxed Set
Publisher: Rockpool Publishing (April 15, 2020)
List Price: $26.95

The Angel Tarot is nothing like a traditional deck of angel cards. The 72 angels of the Kabbalah (or Shem HaMephorash) are extremely powerful heavenly beings that provide assistance to mortals while also ruling over their hellish counterparts, the 72 demons of the Goetia.

When summoning an angel, their sigil (a kind of esoteric calling card) is supposed to be drawn on a piece of pure virgin parchment in red ink. To echo this color palette, the cards are made to look like fresh, pure parchment. The borders of each card are deep crimson, which creates a striking contrast.

The magical symbols are real.
The artwork is hauntingly divine.
These aren't your Aunt Doreen's angel cards . . .


by Rose Inserra and Jake Baddeley
Series: Rockpool Oracle Card Series
Oracle Deck with 128 Page Paperback Guidebook
Publisher: Rockpool Publishing (March 1, 2020)
List Price $21.95

Journey to the legendary Isle of Avalon to experience its magic, mystery and inner wisdom.

Mist of Avalon Oracle invites you on a sacred spiritual path to heal and awaken to your full potential. Uncover the myth of King Arthur and the Camelot story as you connect to the magic of Morgan le Fay. Feel the spiritual power of the mystic landscape of Glastonbury and its surrounds, once the site of Avalon, revered since ancient times as a gateway to the Otherworld.

This stunning deck captures the true essence of the mystery of Avalon, empowering you to self-discovery on your soul quest. It is a transformational experience for those who are ready to follow their true spiritual path in the ways of the Avalon goddesses and priestesses. Call on the energy of Avalon to provide insight, clarity and guidance for your life now and to illuminate the way forward.

Become part of the magic and myth of Avalon!

About the Author and Illustrator:
Rose Inserra is a published author, dream analyst, and researcher who delves into a range of esoteric topics to reclaim forgotten mysteries and traditions. She is the author of numerous books, including Dreams, The Gift of Dreams, Sweet Dreams, Dream Journal, Mists of Avalon, and Aliens and the Unexplained, plus over 60 children’s books. Rose runs workshops, retreats, and lectures and presents at Mind Body Spirit festivals in Australia and England. Her love of myth and Celtic literature began during her years studying for her university Arts degree, and she later taught English literature at secondary schools. She believes that fairytale, myth, and spirituality are all intrinsically linked. Rose lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband. For more information on Rose, visit

Nadia Turner is an Australian illustrator and artist who creates wayward wonders out of a little studio in the Dandenong Ranges outside Melbourne, Australia.


St. Corona,
Folk Saint
of Pandemics

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Erica (Raven) Branch-Butler, Editrix, Edge of the Circle Books Newsletter

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