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Monday, May 16, 2016



Dedicated to all Seekers of the Arte. 
By Shani Oates
Publisher: Montreal, Canada: Anathema Publishing, 2016.
Edition limited to 300 copies, each ritually consecrated & hand-numbered. Gilt lettered bonded leather spine with matching blind stamped cloth boards, metallic endpapers, colour and b&w illustrations, appendices.
List Price: $86.95


“Tradition exists to inform the evolution of all, especially of itself;
the nature of inspiration is generative, and complementary of intuition,
serving as catalyst and guide to all within and without its bonds.”

Man’s primal condition to ‘herd,’ is the driving principle for Companie, wherein matters of need, found in Faith, and the desire for continuity, found in Culture, find expression through the crafting of various survival techniques for the people. These draw upon the phenomenal and the noumenal with impunity. Tradition is the vehicle for the development of group and solitary dynamics that they may flourish by its remembered, repeatable and celebrated effects. Keys are sourced in ancestry and history, myth and legend, in art and arte, in magicks and religion – all tenets balanced within a strong and vibrant ethic of Truth, Love and Beauty, being the mystical current by which they are given virtue through the central core – an archaic bond of gyfu within and through the ‘Otherworld’ and its inhabitants. These combined facets generate our ability to Craft the Arte of Tradition.

“Much of what passes for Traditional Craft today is more akin to folklore,
the real Craft is the family, the hereditary lore; often passed only between families
may often be little more than tricks of the trade and herbal knowledge,
place names and origins uses, local wights etc.”

Parallel to those celebratory tales of life were the guilds that once formed the heart of all community, establishing very quickly their own ethics and social mores, many of which we have inherited today. Much Lore and Law arose from those combinations, investigating taboo, troth, superstition, belief, primality, discipline, heritage, and wards and codes of secrecy.

“Folk rhyme and tale was ever constructed to transmit Craft lore,
selected as a ‘best fit’ transmission. Folklore has long disguised profound puzzles,
maxim’s that beguile and provoke. It is the perfect medium to hide a secret – in plain sight!”

Heresy, and hubris, appear contrary to these ethics, and yet they are an essential paradox, revealing to all wayfarers and journeymen the dictum of all that glitters is not gold – falsity and duality are the preserve of the ‘fall’, another tenet of the Mystery Tradition to which all Craft Tradition is aligned. Matters of the sacred and profane are equally subjective and underpin many of the inherent issues explored throughout. Paramount to all allegory is the Hand of Fate, of doom and how we as a species strive to overcome it, and why.

"So diverse are the many artes, and yet, so familiar are their foundations,
their medium of expression sought common ground. Folklore is the lingua franca
that allows things to be shared through mutable commonalities.
It has endured and preserved the countless regional variants
crossing the boundaries of time and geography,
engaging us still in its priceless gift.”

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The Crossroads is the nexus point for all magics, all craft, all faith and all belief. And many examples are taken apart and examined to grasp at the subtle gnosis within, to begin the process of alchemy, whereby each craftsman becomes their own tool of arte.

“The harsh ambivalence of divine fate holds that we each live in our Wyrd
that links each of us to our ancestors of blood and bone and of spirit.”

Studying all matters of arte, this book discusses and describes principles and methodologies of instinctive imperatives fundamental to a ‘lived’ Tradition: ‘The People of Goda, of the Clan Tubal Cain.’

About the Author: 
Shani Oates
From her Moorland home, Shani Oates devotes herself entirely to living the reality of her Tradition. Infused with lore and history rooted in a rich ancestry, it finds expression through Faith, a force that inspires her continuing journey as a mystic, and pilgrim.  Her forays into that ancestral world bring vigour and virtue as reciprocal properties manifest within all works, from the written word in prose and verse, through visionary sketches, photography and even therapeutic holism. Complementary gnostic and Craft ordinations are observable way markers, noted as initiatory experiences that fuel her life-long studies into unknown paradigms of myth and tradition – always seeking to revive and remember. Her research has engaged the artes of theology, philosophy and anthropology that have in turn, enriched and deepened all engagement through their Mysteries proper. These disciplines have sourced lectures at Moots and Esoteric Conferences, allowing dutiful commitment in service as the current Maid of the ‘People of Goda, the Clan of Tubal Cain.’ (see:

As an author her works include various essays published within several Journals and Anthologies:
‘Pillars III’ [Anathema Publishing]; ‘Serpent Songs’ [Scarlet Imprint]; ‘The Wanton Green’ [Mandrake]; ‘The Silver Wheel’ [Lear Books]; ‘Ancestors of the Craft’ [Copper Cauldron Publishing];  ‘Hecate: Her Sacred Fires’ [Avalonia] and the 2011 #2 of the Abraxas Occult Journal that features: ‘Pashupati – A Cainite Trimurti’ [Fulgur].  Other articles may be found in various popular pagan, folklore and occult publications spanning almost two decades. These include: Pendragon, The White Dragon, Pentacle, The Goddess Alive, The Hedge Wytch, The Cauldron, The Wytch’s Standard and Pagan Dawn.

Shani Oates' debut book, ‘Tubelo’s Green Fire’ was launched through Mandrake of Oxford in April 2010, followed by ‘The Arcane Veil,’ 2011 and The Star Crossed Serpent I & II in 2011 & 2012 also published by Mandrake, ‘A Paean for Hekate’  [Create Space] and ‘The People of Goda’ [Create Space]. The final part of the trilogy, ‘Star Crossed Serpent III' will be published in 2016 [Mandrake]. Tubal’s Mill in 2015. Forth-coming projects include two further works entitled ‘The Three faces of Eve’ and: ‘Feasting with the Devil: The Witches Supper.’


By Gordon White
Publisher: Scarlet Imprint, 2016
Illustrations  Photographs, maps, diagrams, tables etc.
Standard ‘Star.Travellers’ edition bound in a desert sand cloth, stamped in black on front and spine, embossed deep blue endpapers, and hammered gold dustjacket. Limitation,  1000 standard hardback , 312 pages
List Price: $85.50

A defining text of the new magical renaissance, Star.Ships addresses the question of who we are now by tracing where we come from, and by drawing out the stories and the spirits that have journeyed and evolved with us. The goal is, as Gordon writes, the restoration of context.

   To this end, White applies his globally-recognised data and demographics skills to realise a groundbreaking work of truly interdisciplinary research. Utilising mythological, linguistic and astronomical data to reconstruct palaeolithic magical beliefs, he maps them to the human journey out of Africa; explores which aspects of these beliefs and practices have survived into the Western tradition; and what the implications (and applications) of those survivals may be for us.

   Written for a magically literate and operative audience, Star.Ships displays the flair, wit and engagement with evidence that adherents of his runesoup blog have come to expect from Gordon. He deftly handles vast time scales and cosmologies to build his case; avoids the pitfalls of alternative historians with a refreshing absence of dogma or wishful thinking; and, in a masterful deployment of the latest research, simultaneously questions outworn dominant narratives and is not afraid to champion the work of independent researchers and entertain forbidden discourses. It is exactly what chaos magic should be.

Göbekli Tepe, the Pyramids and Sphinx, Nabta Playa, Gunung Padang, Easter Island and Sundaland are some of the points spangled across a work of truly cosmic scope. Star.Ships beckons those who are willing to engage in the adventure to follow the great river of history that flows into and out of an ocean of stars.

Minds will be blown.

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  • Preface: The mission at the end of the world
  • One funeral at a time
  • The cathedral predates the city
  • Et in laurasia ego
  • Island of dragons
  • Star lore
  • How a world ends
  • Expulsion from Eden
  • The mirror of heaven
  • The tree of many branches
  • Children of the mother of heaven
  • Conclusion: Canopy of stars

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