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Thursday, January 15, 2015


Edge Of The Circle Books Is Pleased
to Present These New Collectible Titles:

By Carl Abrahamsson
Scarlet Imprint, 2014. Hardback, 163 pages. New. The Mercurial edition, 530 hand numbered copies bound in a mandarin cloth.
List Price: $74.50

Essays, lectures and interviews by Occultural pioneer Carl Abrahamsson, who has deep links with TOPY, Genesis P-Orridge, Anton LeVey’s Satanism and the counter-cultural strand of contemporary magic.

Reasonances is a collection of essays of Swedish occultist and artist Carl Abrahamsson, written over thirteen years exploring questions and problems of the occult and culture. The book includes also an interview with Sylvie Walder.

The unifying thread through Abrahamsson’s writing is: how does magic hack culture? Or perhaps even: what is the role and magic of the artist? He draws from TOPY, Thelema and Satanism, and proposes that boundless creativity is a necessary expression of Will. He suggests that we should be actively producing culture, artifacts, music, artworks, happenings. And that these ‘facts on the ground’ could be understood as a Gesamtkunstwerk, the Mega Golem, that will leak into popular and unpopular consciousness. Threads and themes in the essays include:

  • The formula of Babylon as supra-sexual transformation
  • The Mechanics of Magic
  • Vision of a Magician engaged with counterculture
  • Conversation with beat Avant-Garde filmmaker Conrad Rooks
  • His personal and lasting bond with Church of Satan founder Anton LeVey
  • His involvement with topyscan and topyeurope at the height of thee temple ov psychick youth
  • Working with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge: psychic tv/thee majesty and his own White Stains project.

Abrahamsson is the founder of The Fenris Wolf journal and the publishing house Edda (with Fredrik Söderberg). He is a writer, curator, photographer and documentary film maker.


by Paul Holman
Publisher: Scarlet Imprint
Illustrations 31 black & white photographs by Paul Lambert, 112 pp
Bindings Fine edition quarter bound in black morocco, silvered and marbled end papers, ivory cloth boards stamped with the device of the Blue She-Wolf: Standard edition bound in ivory cloth stamped with the Blue She-Wolf, embossed black end papers, dust jacket
List Price: $74.50

Tara Morgana is a work of pure magical writing. The title comes from the fusion of the Tibetan devi with Morgan Le Fay who is pursued as a mirage throughout this haunting text.
Part magical diary, part dreamscape, part Situationist dérive through the landscape, Tara Morgana is an enigmatic record of ritual practice from the poet, whose work has been described as: indefinable … laconic, occultist, and attached to the line of revolutionary and subversive yearnings. This is not a book about magic, rather, it is a magical book. Contemplation of the work reveals a wealth of hidden treasures, or as Holman says: each dreamed text is a terma in the mind.
Paul Holman is a lucid poet whose writing, with its concise yet elusive energy, takes us down into the tunnels, ghosts broken urban spaces where decay is overwritten with the ingress of the wild. He encounters denizens of the underworld, the magical subculture and down and outs. It is a work of echoes and memories whose reflections coalesce in dreams that can be recovered and manifest in the present. In his Afterword, Holman spells out aspects of the artistic and magical method he employs.
The book is splintered by a sequence of photographic images: glimpsed spirit portraits, apparitions captured in the play and decay of light, giving it an otherworldly aspect. Tara Morgana is a truly esoteric and numinous text, a beautifully realised work that leads us on two parallel journeys of poetry and image, through the world and work of living magical artists. Both poet and photographer are engaged in games of chance and fate, applied as a discipline to the creative process. It is precisely this rigour that gives both an intensity and a gnomic quality to their respective works.
This is a text to be spoken aloud. Mystical conjunction of word and image are resolved in the alchemy of breath. The act of anagnosis opens the reader to the magical operation through the transformative medium of sound, and returns us to the mystery of beginning(s) and becoming(s).

As Holman writes in The Memory of the Drift:

I had no choice
but to undo the spell
which language had cast
upon me when, in
the days of autonomia,
I first met one by whom I
was to be consumed
and then made
afresh: she taught me
that an operation
performed upon the
tongue must transform
the world.

The text is introduced by Andrew Duncan, a respected poet and cultural critic, and by Peter Grey, giving insights into both the literary and magical character of Holman’s work.


Designer: Anaïs Chareyre for John Logan & Co, Showtime
Set of 78 cards
DIMENSIONS: Each Card Is 4 3/4-in x 2 3/4-in
INCLUDES: Instruction Booklet
List Price: $14.99

Find guidance and divine meaning using this Tarot Card deck, composed of the same cards read by Vanessa Ives and seen in the new series, Penny Dreadful. The Tarot has been used for centuries to provide enlightenment and direction to anyone brave enough to seek its truth. Each card has unique symbolism and offers specific insight about one’s mental and spiritual pathways. Developed for Penny Dreadful, this deck, a sensual and mysterious interpretation of the traditional Tarot, includes all 78 cards of the Major and Minor Arcana and comes with an instruction card to help you navigate and harness the knowledge of the Tarot. Each card is made of smooth, laminated paper and measure 2.75” x 4.75”.

Designer: Anaïs Chareyre for John Logan & Co, Showtime
Set of 78 cards In Wooden Box
DIMENSIONS: Cards are 4 3/4-in x 2 3/4-in
Box is 5 7/8-inch tall x 4-inch wide x 3 1/8-inch deep
INCLUDES: 78 Tarot Cards, Velveteen Drawstring Bag, HInged Wooden Box with Engraved Logo
List Price: $54.95

Find guidance and divine meaning using this Comic Con Exclusive Tarot Card deck, composed of the same cards read by Vanessa Ives and seen in the new series, Penny Dreadful. The cards feature marvelous series-true artwork and an informative instruction book that will get you into the Tarot Reading action in no time. Also, this Convention Exclusive comes in a engraved wooden box!

Made of smooth laminated paper, each Tarot card measures about 4 3/4-inches tall x 2 3/4-inches wide, and the deck comes in a themed velveteen drawstring bag that fits very nicely into the 5 7/8-inch tall x 4-inch wide x 3 1/8-inch deep wooden box. The box has a hinged lid with the Penny Dreadful logo engraved in the top. Measuring about 4 3/4-inches tall x 2 3/4-inches wide, the instruction book contains card meanings, popular card layouts, and guidelines. It will introduce you to the Tarot and walk you through the information you need to conduct your own Readings!

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