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Wednesday, May 15, 2013



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WHISPERINGS FROM THE VOID:The Amaranthine Arcanum of Holy Image and Revealed Exegesis
By Patrick John LarabeePublisher: Aeon Sophia Press
Standard Edition, Hardcover
List Price: $118.95

Presents a work consisting of esoterically inspired art and prose from a practitioner of Sorcerous Crafts. This body of work aspires to illuminate to all seekers of Truth and Wisdom the intricacies of the journey thus far, facilitated via the antiquarian practices of the occult devotee and presented in a manner befitting their sacred manifestation: conjoined image and written word in a dynamic fusion of prayer and icon.

Book I: The Path of the Hermit- an anthology of essays which seek to illuminate by way of written word and artistic fashioning myriad interests regarding such topics as the Void, the Undefined Desire of the Universe as both source and foundation of the material Cosmos the Womb and opposing Tomb of all existence; the nature of the Self and Consciousness. The Dualism of Subject and Object including the ever present reality shared between each; A personal account of the Unseen world existing in tandem to our own, as well as its effects upon us and vice versa. The Mask and the Mystery; the reality of the Soul and its placement within the Sorcerous Arte, the inheritance of Sorcerous Fire from the Witch Goddess, and the concept of discovery and growth through adversarial opposition. The lighting of the darker paths of wisdom, locating there the ever blazing flame of the Art Magical behind all veils; The true Solitary nature of the Path towards Discovery of Divinity. Of seeking to examine the multitude aspects of Being both as spiritual and earthly entities, as well as exploring our individually created and maintained universe in terms of the emotive, mental, imaginative and phantastic emanations.

In many ways this work entire must be considered ‘liminal’ in that it inhabits a space betwixt: between the auspices of writ and limn and so too of the peripheries of waking and dreaming, leading beyond worlds of spirit and of the flesh in order to issue forth from a domain of devotion and praxis, Balance and Beauty, the gnostic revelation of Lux Veritas.
Amidst all this is also featured the artwork series ‘Hermit Pathos’: 12 full page renderings, representing various concepts not readily identifiable through the conventions of articulated word, as well as a collection of sorcerous sigils acting as Keys to the world existent beyond all which is scribed: to bypass the filters of conscious mind via symbol, ordaining the opening of the gateways to the unseen and unconscious self to pour through into our world and behold the shadow-realm with eyes of pure light. 

"On another level, purely visionary one could say, there exists within us an ‘eye’ of sorts, not just any eye but a Spiritual Eye, that sees and beholds ALL. It resides in the deepest parts of ourselves and yet never ceases to watch, to observe, to look out as well as within.  This Eye could be said to be the equivalent of the Third-Eye, the Ajna, the source of what has over time become know as the ‘Second-Sight’, it is via this inner ability to see both the seen and the unseen that we experience visions, partake of the Imaginal worlds, and have the ability to ‘see’ into other worlds, other dimensions. It through attuning this Spiritual Eye through various means such as occult praxis and meditation, rites and rituals, devotion and hard work that we start to open up to the invisible worlds around us, to actually hear the Voices of the Gods and Spirits, and to partake of that Grander Vision of the Universal and Infinite Godhead."

Book II: The Book of Blood- A treatise of prose serving to describe by various means the Path and Praxis of the Sorcerous Arte: containing prayers, devotionals, rites and modes of Praxis which commit to explaining in detail particular aspects of ritual and spirit-congress, including but not limited to: icons and invocations unto the Masculine and Feminine aspects of the Godhead through various masks called herein the Holy Sorcerous Daemonic Host; those Devils and Angels of the Arte otherwise known as the Intelligences who preside as Patrons of the Dark Arte: a path trampled through the Lands of Nod, those Dreaming Worlds of the Soul leading to the Spiritual fountain of Wisdom.
As a collective of work based upon profound personal experience and dedication to the very Gods typified within, we once more bear witness to the same dynamic fusion of prose and art which includes a series of invocations and sigillic accompaniments pertaining to each God and Goddess by which the complete manifestation of Libri ab Sanguis is intended as presented here through a succession of mystery-rites.

Libri ab Sanguis as featured here in a series of 19 full page icons along with their accompanying text and insignia shall reveal through such twin aesthetics another set of Keys which open out into the vistas of Spirit. Each deity named and petitioned represents a power and as such all image becomes a gateway revealing sigils, features and habitations which both veils and reveals their essence. Though these are but masks they allow equally the discovery of means by which they may be lifted and through which understanding of their true nature may be realised; each must be engendered and embraced if one is to locate the heart of each Mystery as it is envisioned.

"Rituals and rites are about congress with the unseen powers of the Universe, within rite we consciously interact with the powers of Heaven, Earth and the Underworld, with Gods and Spirits both Empyrean and Infernal, it is about experiencing the spiritual aspect of reality whilst incarnate, a way of enfleshing upon the Earth the Mysteries of the Eternal. It can be seen as a process that brings the seeker into communion with Divine Presence and Wsdom, Spirit unto spirit, Soul unto soul and Self unto self, it is about reaching out into Otherness."
Each work spoken of above is herein bound and presented as a single breath, One heart: in order to inform and ensoul its twin through a chaotic interplay of artistic phantasia and gnostic revelation.

"In the Blackest Light of Azazel I Illuminate the Secret House of the Hidden God:
shine I with the Radiance of the Divine ever concealed
beneath the Veils of Flesh!"


A Magical Grammar of the Psychopathology Stirred by the Night and Magic
By Angela Edwards
The 'works' are housed in a full Gede purple cemetery night infused cloth cover, adorned with Gold-foil stamps and Gold-foil lettering on spine. The inside of the book is finished with structured end-papers. Book-block of 140 grams high quality paper.
Publisher: Aeon Sophia Press
Approx 170 pages
Over 80 full color plates
List Price: $76.95

This book is a voodoo transgressive sex-magical grimoire. With over eighty full color plates and text. Utilizing the Qliphothic realms. It includes veve’s, invocations, Qliphothic spirit maps, rituals, properties, sexual positions, body points and lwa. It is a contemporary grimoire reflecting the human condition created by a practitioner and artist. Exploring the darker elements of human psychosexuality. This will appeal to those working the Typhonian current, Voodoo, Left Hand Path, and Western Sex-magic. 

London, UK based artist and author Angela Edwards did extensive research for her book both academically as well as putting her knowledge about voodoo and modern occultism into practice. By doing so, she experienced the darker elements first hand. Which lead to the creation of a sexual, raw emotional and very in-your-face text and art. She uses the extremes of the human condition explored in the act of ritual. This transgressive grimoire isn't for those restrained by moral objections. All content is tested by the author/artist and proven workable.

"Flesh Totems And Mask Bones"
Created by Edgar Kerval 111, with multiple contributors
Standard edition
Including approx 241 pages in book format.
Publisher: Aeon Sophia Press
List Price: $76.95

There is a secret sign to be drawn...
A transgressive dance to be done
A flesh totem to be bathed in blood
A mask bones to be mould...
And a sole path to drink from the sacred vessels
ov the Qliphoths..

“We are the Quintessence, the dissolution of self-ecstasy of pain and death Beyond Daath, Beyond the Void...” 
Edgar Kerval 111

QLIPHOTH Opus II  ----Table of Contents:

The Magician As Vampire - Andrew Dixon

The Tellum Scorpionis -Atrum Semita Pondera - R.N. Lant

The Arte Of Blood - S.Ben Qayin

The Mass of Tiamat - Aion 131

Becoming hoodoo Part II - Kyle Fite

The Fundamentals Of Utilizing The Qliphoth To Perfect BeingOf Becoming In Nothingness/Everything In The Path Transfixed Of The Void - Angela Edwards

Theoretical Demonology In Psychoanalytical - Alexei Dzyuba

A Short Optical About The Zos Kia Cultus - Claudio Cesar DeCarvalho

Blackmouth Beach - Sean Woodward

Symbology Of The Serpent - Marco Grosso

Liber Bes - Aion 131

Parasitic Vampyrism And The Inspiring Aspects Of  Motivational Vampyrism - Dante Miel

Explorations And Permutations Upon The Formula Of  N.O.X. - Jhon Longshaw

Formula Ov The Red Ecstasy-Trance and Erotocomatose Rite-
(Automatic Writting & Drawing) - Edgar Kerval

The Treatise 393 SEFEKH, THE CONSORT OF THOTH Part II -Robert Angelo Dalla Valle

QLIPHOTH Opus II  ----Visuals by:

-Michael Gallant
-Alexei Dzyuba
-Kyle Fite
-Magick Kazin
-Isa Lam'DeFond Ramdani
-Claudio Carvalho
-Sean Woodward
-Aion 131
-Patrick Larabee
-Akehrra Phasmatanas
-Edgar Kerval


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