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Friday, March 15, 2013



Journal of the Art Magical - Issue One

Publisher:  Three Hands Press/Ouroboros Press
Standard Edition: 80 pages, Softcover, heavy stock, with black and white and full colour illustrations. Limited to 1,300 copies.
List Price: $49.00

Our inceptive ‘Journal of the Art Magical’ contains both modern, innovative occult content and scintillant magical artifacts of centuries past. 

We are proud to feature the work of Johnny Jakobsson, that being “Nebiros et Ars Necomantica” an extended investigation and reverie on the grimoire-patrons of the corpse and burial ground. 

Martin Duffy examines the gnosis of Judas Iscariot and his place as a witch’s Saint of Opposition in “One Beyond Twelve: The Thirteenth Spirit, Judas and the Opposer”. 

Craig Williams issues an important magical caveat emptor for the would-be cartographers of the qliphotic wastes in “Daath Gnosis”.  

The mysterious Grosvenor manuscript is examined by Ben Fernee in “The Commonplace Book of Grosvenor”. 

Daniel Schulke’s ‘Diablo Stigmata’ examines the perpetuity of the Devil’s Mark as an accursed brand, setting the flesh of the witch apart from mankind. 

'Celestial Virgin' -D.O.M.A. Manuscript, 18th Century
Also featured are alchemical writings by Edward Kelley, George Ripley, and Frater A.I., and illustrations by Tomasz Allen Kopera, Rima Staines, Ben Tolman, Joseph Uccello, Tom Allen, Sasan Saidi, Hagen Von Tulien, Johnny Jakobsson, and more. 

      Cover Art, by Tomasz Allen Kopera
·         Shaddai's Gate, by Frater A.I.
·         Nebiros Et Ars Necromantica , by Johnny Jakobsson
·         One Beyond Twelve: The Thirteenth Spirit, Judas and the Opposer, by Martin Duffy
·         Beyond the Paths of Frustration: Daath Gnosis, by Craig Williams
·         Diablo Stigmata, by Daniel Schulke
·         The Vision of George Ripley, Illustrated by Joseph Uccello
·         The Grosvenor Grimoire, an Ashmolean Manuscript
·         Visionary Artwork  by Rima Staines and Sasan

·         Occult Aesthesis: Towards An Esoteric Theory of the Art Object
·         An Alchemical Puzzle
·         The Seven Wanderers of Western Esotericism, Part 1
·         Seven Wanderers, Part 2

843 Hiawath Place S., Seattle, WA 98144

 By Austin Osman Spare

Publisher:  Fulgur Esoterica, 2012

4to (315mm x 250mm), 128 pages, inc. a full colour facsimile of the conceptual folio
A FACSIMILE of the original 1921 deluxe
600 copies only; Brown cloth boards, dust-jacket
Standard Issue: List Price $69.95

The Focus of Life: The Mutterings of Aãos, is arguably the most biographically significant of all Spare’s published works. Often obscure, magical and fragmentary, it invites exploration of a strange Nietzschean landscape through what Spare termed ‘the labyrinth of the alphabet.’ But the recent discovery of Spare’s original conceptual folio for the book, once owned by the respected writer E.M. Forster, has revealed an unseen series of powerful magico-erotic drawings – termed by Spare ‘blasphemous Ideographs’ – that provide an important key to understanding the ‘secret ritual of Self-Love’ that underlies this evocative and deeply personal work. 

This new issue of The Focus of Life provides readers with a high quality facsimile of the 1921 first edition, together with a full colour facsimile of the newly discovered conceptual folio for the project. Drawings too explicit for publication in 1921 have thus been reunited with the magical narrative, providing new insight for those exploring the artist’s life and magical philosophy. These important works are further augmented with critical essays from Phil Baker and Robert Ansell.

 Of the Subtil and Occult Virtues of Divers Beasts
By Robert Fitzgerald; Illustrations by Liv Rainey-Smith

Publisher:  Three Hands Press ; February 25, 2013
The book is 248 pages, printed in two colour ink on heavy stock, and illustrated throughout. Standard Edition: cloth hardcover, full colour dust jacket, limited to 1400 copies\
List Price: $65.00

Written in the great tradition of the medieval bestiaries, Robert Fitzgerald's long-awaited new work Arcanum Bestiarum re-imagines the animal menagerie in the context of bestial mystery and atavistic power. Written for the modern magical practitioner and zoophile, the 272-page volume examines the occult virtues and totemic majesties of fifty animals, theriomorphs, and their kindred. Correspondences with deific powers, atavistic wisdom, and mythopoetic emanation are examined, especially in light of the tutelary powers all animals possess.

The Tetramorph – essentially an animalic ‘crown of creation’ – is here transformed into the far broader and innovative concept of the ‘Theriomorph’, or, the Zodiak Entire of Creation as an apotheosis of the animal form and zoötype… One of the greatest of virtues possessed by the Human is its bestial heritage, both spiritually and genetically. These attributes are often seen as primitive, chaotic and dangerous to civilized culture by the custodians of moralism and religion today, but the fact remains that it is our animal heritage that makes us what we are, or, more accurately, what we should and can be. 

Special attention is given to the zoomorphic aspects of alchemy, which historically used the bestial emblemata as veils of the stages of the Great Work, as well as shamanism and witchcraft, bodies of knowledge particularly rich in the lore of animals as spirit-helpers. The work is an emergent strand of magical investigation long part of the author’s private life, where he has worked in the ecological field of wildlife rehabilitation, especially raptors.

The text is graced with fifty-five original woodcut illustrations by artist Liv Rainey-Smith, prepared especially for this title in close collaboration with the author. Amongst the more ambitious renderings in the work are the occult cryptofauna Homunculus, Manticore, Ouroboros, and Basilisk, as well as animals prominent in the ancient dawn of magick: the Bear, Goat, Viper, Peacock, and more. Completing the design elements is an original typeface designed for the work by calligrapher Gail Coppock, serving to illuminate this grimoire of the Magician’s Primal Eden. 



A Really, Really Introductory Course on Wicca, Magick and Everything

This five-session class includes instruction, exercises, and question-and-answer time.

The dates and times for the Spring 2013 Session of Bunnyslopes are:

 Friday, March 22, 2013 7PM – 9PM
 Friday, March 29, 2013 7PM – 9PM
 Friday, April 5, 2013 7PM – 9PM
 Friday, April 12, 2013 7PM – 9PM
 Friday, April 19, 2013 7PM - PM

Enrollment is open to all, but note that due to the class structure and content, attendance at the first day’s
class is required. If you can’t make it the first day, please join us when the next series is offered in Spring
2014. If you’ve taken the class before, you’re welcome to come to any session you may have missed
previously, or re-take any you found particularly interesting.

This class is completely, absolutely, 100% free of charge! It is presented once a year as a community
service of OLOTEAS, and is supported by donations from our ritual events. Many thanks to Edge of
the Circle Books for allowing us to use the space at no cost!

These are some of the materials that are given to students of our Skiing the Magickal Bunny Slope classes:

·         A Brief Guide to Pagan Etiquette
·         Some Tips for Aspiring Herbalists
·         Magical Ethics
·         Basic Circle Casting
·         Correspondences - Key of Solomon
·         Magickal Weapons and Tools
·         Spellcraft
·         The Oracle™
·         The Tree of Life
·         Temple Arrangement
·         The Wheel of the Year
·         Glossary
·         Recommended Reading List

When we hold classes, we do request an RSVP to ( to let us know that you’re
planning to attend (so we have some idea how many chairs to put out and handouts to make!).

Our Lady of the Earth and Sky
12345 Lake City Way NE, Box 195
Seattle, WA 98125-5401

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