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Friday, February 15, 2013



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By Robert Podgurski

A limited edition of 525 numbered copies.
Hardback, large square format (12ins x 12ins), 222pp. Bound in a black subtle weave linen finished paper and elegantly blocked in matt black on upper board and matt gold on the spine.

Produced using archival quality print upon a superb 110gsm acid-free, soft white, archival art paper.

The work is profusely illustrated throughout and has a comprehensive Index. List Price: $126.95

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An invaluable manual and research tool for serious students of Magick and Western Esotericism — a nexus spanning Enochian Magick, Ley Lines and Geomagnetism, Chthonic Magick, Shamanism, and much more.

Sacred Alignments is the next step in sigil magick — the development and use of multidimensional sigils that can be simultaneously projected inwards and externally beyond the immediate confines of the individual’s mundane sphere.

The Sacred Alignments & Dark Side of Sigils is innovative amongst modern grimoires and occult studies and introduces the reader to The Grid Sigil — an highly developed magical tool that acts as a sigil, not just in the sense of Austin Osman Spare’s notion of a sigil (as an internalized implement) but as an active device for external applications such as dowsing, working with the four elements, etc.

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The Grid Sigil is a multidimensional tool that potentially acts as a catalyst to assist the practitioner (through careful meditation and application) with work in harnessing various spatial power zones and as an aid in comprehending the relationship between microcosm and macrocosm. 

Sacred Alignments is not simply a manual of practical modern magick but a scholarly, critical study of modern Sigil Magick and its underpinnings. It is rooted in the thoughts of Robert Grosetteste, the medieval concepts of the Divine Signature, and Eastern antecedents such as Tantric Philosophies on Yantra and Mandala.

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Essays and Addresses.
By William Wynn Westcott, Edited and Introduced by Dr. R.A. Gilbert.
Publisher: The Teitan Press

 A Magus Among the Adepts is a wholly new collection of thirty fugitive and unpublished papers by William Wynn Westcott.

In the public mind Westcott is associated primarily with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, but that magical Order was the child of Westcott's life and work as a Rosicrucian, and thus the twelve papers that comprise the first section of this book are drawn from his magical, alchemical and Rosicrucian writings – including three unpublished addresses to members of the Golden Dawn, and his correspondence concerning Mathers and Crowley, brought together here for the first time. Other aspects of Western Esotericism – symbolism, divination, Kabbalah, the Mysteries and Freemasonry – are taken up in the thirteen papers that make up the following three sections. 

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In all of them Westcott’s facility with his varied subject matter – Gnostic doctrines; Zodiacal signs; Egyptian Mysteries; Kabalistic Cosmogony; and the Number 666, among much else – and his mastery over its content, is clear. His deep knowledge of folklore and mythology is demonstrated in essays on the Basilisk, the Mandrake and "Mystical Animals of Antiquity," whilst the final section of this collection contains two remarkable and entertaining essays – "Twelve Years’ Experiences of a London Coroner" and "The Coroner and his Medical Neighbours" – in which Westcott gives his personal memories and reflections of his professional career. His life as a whole is encapsulated in a new biographical introduction by Dr. R. A. Gilbert, who has drawn upon a wealth of contemporary and personal archives to provide a rounded and detailed portrait of every facet of this complex and enigmatic man.

The book is a hardcover, octavo size (9 x 6 inches, approx. 23.5 x 15.2cm), xxii + 242pp. Quality black cloth binding with gilt facsimile signature on upper board, gilt titling to spine. Sewn, printed on acid-free paper. Black and white frontispiece, index. Glossy dust jacket.

Edition limited to 650 numbered copies. Price: $54.00

By Frederick Hockley, With an Introduction by Alan Thorogood.
Publisher: The Teitan Press

 Clavis Arcana Magica is an unusual text for Hockley in that it is largely concerned with what might be considered "black magic." 

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As Alan Thorogood describes in his Introduction, it gives instruction for the performance of a number of magical workings, the details of which were said to have been obtained for Hockley via his seer Emma, during a series of scrying operations undertaken between 1853 and 1856. The workings are preceded by instructions including the form of the "call to the crystal," the exorcism and the discharge. The first working outlines a method to call the spirits of five material substances or organisms for the purpose of receiving cognate visions, the second is a variety of praestigia for the revivification of animal as well as plant species, the third outlines the construction of a talisman which permits the operator to enter the “spirit state” while asleep, and the fourth is necromantic ritual said to be "of marvellous power and force." This first publication of the text comprises an Introduction by Alan Thorogood, followed by a typeset transcription of the text of the manuscript, with explanatory footnotes, etc., and a facsimile of the original Hockley manuscript. 

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Frederick Hockley (1809-1885), was an occultist and freemason whose interests included scrying, ritual magic, alchemy and spiritualism. In later life was associated with the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia. Hockley's peers considered him to be one of the great occult scholars of his time in fact he was held in such high regard by one of the founders of the Golden Dawn, W. Wynn Westcott, that he posthumously claimed Hockley as one of the Order's most outstanding Adepts.

The book is a hardcover, Small quarto. (6 3/4" x 8 3/4") xii + 84pp. Bound in heavy black cloth with a gilt design on the front cover, and gilt title to the spine. Colour frontispiece, black and white facsimile of manuscript. Sewn, printed on acid-free paper. Black moire "coffin silk" endpapers.

Edition limited to 650 numbered copies. Price: US $54.00

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