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Friday, December 14, 2012

New Calendar....

Edge of the Circle Books is proud to present:

Historical Articles and Photos, Interviews and Quotes,
Hundreds of Pagan Feasts from Around the World,
Lunar Cycles and more...
By Link

DEUSA Enterprises, LLC
List Price: $16.00

Since 2010, this unique calendar project has shared photos, news clippings and quotes from Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente, Patricia Crowther, Eleanor Bone and Monique Wilson, covering 5 decades of Craft history.

As something special for 2013 (a witchy year indeed!) you may find some photos and articles you have not seen before.  None of the images repeat photos or articles used in previous GBG "Year and a Day" Calendars.

This year includes Lois Bourne, one of GBG's High Priestesses who finds this calendar project a worthwhile idea, and gave the author permission to  include her for 2013.  

Hundreds of Pagan Feast Days are included from cultures around the world to help tailor your own rituals, learn more about specific deities, or to better sense the unique energies of that day.  Full and New Moons are also shown, including the Zodiac sign where the Moon is for that day.

For each calendar sold, a donation will be made to organizations that help preserve Craft history.  Special thanks to the Doreen Valiente Foundation and the Museum of Witchcraft in the UK.  Please help by sharing this page with your friends!

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The 2013 calendar includes:
- GBG with his athame, in a circle marked on the ground with salt.  An assistant holds a BoS in the center of the circle.  GBG quote about casting circles...

- Rare photo of Doreen and her husband Casimiro Valiente, with a quote from her personal notes regarding how they met.

- GBG demonstrates the use of the besom near the Witch's Mill Museum, on the Isle of Man.  Two quotes are included about sweeping...

- Rare photo of Doreen in intense discussion with Israel Regardie, with Patricia Crowther.  Also includes a 1966 newsclipping, where Doreen discusses the Golden Dawn, with a quote describing her Golden Dawn studies prior to working with GBG.

- GBG conjures a cute, yet demonish creature to the edge of his circle, in a familiar photo from his BBC radio interviews.  Quote on ceremonial magick...

- Several photos of Lois Bourne, one of GBG's High Priestesses, an insightful author, elder and occultist.

- Various photos of Doreen, ready for ritual out in the fields of England, with sword in hand, along with a ram's horn.  Includes a quote on how seekers can best learn the "real spirit of witchcraft..."

- Two versions of Doreen's 1999 obituary, honoring the memory of this truly beloved Craft elder.

....and other images, quotes, newsclippings and photos!

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