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Monday, August 15, 2011


By Andrew D. Chumbley, Edited by Daniel A. Schulke.
128 pp, illustrated
Publisher: Three Hands Press
Release Date: July 22, 2011
Standard edition: hardcover w/dj,
Limited to 726 copies
List Price: $66.95

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The Opuscula Magica treats in four volumes the short exegetical works on magic by the British occult author Andrew D. Chumbley (1967-2004). The series presents his magical essays, homilies, and other obscure works which originally appeared in small-circulation occult journals now out of print. Each volume presents a series of collated works, some revised or updated prior to his death, as well as a number of writings and illustrations previously unpublished. Together with his grimoire-texts of the magical order Cultus Sabbati, these ‘minor works on magic’ are the origination-point and foundation texts of Sabbatic Witchcraft and Crooked Path Sorcery, two of Chumbley’s most important contributions to the Art Magical. With the intent to make these works more widely available to scholars and magical practitioners, the series is printed and bound in a fine book format suited to their study and preservation. The series editor is Daniel A. Schulke. 

OPUSCULA VOLUME TWO contains ten essays written between 1992 and 2000, including one previously unpublished. Expanding upon themes developed in Opuscula Volume I, the book also treats Crooked Path Sorcery, a transcendental ethos of traditional witchcraft having parallels in such traditions as Petro Voudon. Also new in this volume is an Author's Preface, as well as Robert Fitzgerald's rare 1996 interview with Chumbley in Esoterra. The 1999 article 'Gnosis For the Flesh Eternal' appears here for the first time, being a much-expanded version of 'Wisdom For the New Flesh' which first appeared in Starfire. For this second volume, we have also included nine Azoëtia-era illustrations which have never before seen print. 



By Peter Grey
Limitless Love Edition
Publisher: Bibliotheque Rouge
List Price: $29.95

The Red Goddess takes you through a tale of sex, drugs and violence.
This is an ecstatic journey through the unheard history of Babalon from Revelations, back through the Ishtar Gate and forward into a living modern magickal current.

This is an explicit and challenging vision of a very modern goddess coming into power. This is more than a history, it is a passionate account of living magick and the transcendent power of Love.

The epic sweep of the text takes us from Babylon to Jerusalem to Rome, and onwards to Apocalypse.
It looks at the Angelic work of renaissance mage John Dee.
It delivers a devastating exegesis on the excesses of Aleister Crowley, and unlocks the secrets of Waratah Blossoms.
It explains the immolation of the Californian antichrist-superstar Jack Parsons and his relationship with scientology founder L.Ron Hubbard.

There is also a full supporting cast of Solomon, Simon Magus, St John the Divine, Earl Bothwell, the Templars, Mary, the Magdalene and countless others.

This is the missing history of the Love Goddess in the West.

Thirteen essays conclude the book on subjects including: roses, mirror magick, bdsm, aphrodisiac drugs, the information age, love vs lust, and the meaning of apocalypse.

The Red Goddess is for anyone with blood in their veins, regardless of tradition, background or experience.

It is a love story.

Acclaimed, anticipated and finally available in in her third /rouge incarnation.


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Designer/Artist: Luis Royo
Country of Publication: Spain
Number of Cards: 64
Publication Year: 2009
Publisher: Fournier/Lo Scarabeo
Publication Status: In Print
Description: Intensely beautiful and evocative imagery with 15 cards explaining I Ching and Hexagram meanings.
List Price: $22.95

The I Ching: Dead Moon Deck is a spectacular showcase of Luis Royo’s achingly gorgeous artwork. Taking a modern, gothic approach to the three-thousand-year-old oracle, the world famous Spanish illustrator dazzles us with his own unique spin on the ancient I Ching—and captures its divinatory power like no other. Along with striking, Asian-influenced imagery, each of the sixty-four cards features an I Ching hexagram. Collectors of art and divination decks will be delighted to add this gem to their collection.

Boxed deck (21/2 x 41/2) includes 64 full-color cards and instruction booklet


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Designer/Artist: Luis Royo
Country of Publication: Spain
Number of Cards: 78
Publication Year: 2005
Publisher: Fournier/Lo Scarabeo
Publication Status: In Print
Price: $22.95
Description: Beautifully illustrated in an enchanting style specifically with the tarot in mind. The major arcana are rendered in greenish-gray dusky tones, while the minor arcana suits are each dominated by a different color.

Fans of internationally renowned illustrator Luis Royo, as well as tarot afficianados, will delight in the dreamy atmosphere, sensual figures, and superb workmanship of this finely-crafted, collectible tarot deck—-created by one of the most popular fantasy artists of our time. Sepia tone dominates the emotionally-charged major arcana, while the minors are divided by color according to their suits (wands, pentacles, cups, and spades). The Labyrinth Tarot’s powerful images, featuring Pagan and astrological symbols, were conceived solely for this eagerly-awaited project from Royo, whose award-winning work has adorned a wide range of merchandise and media, including comic books, games, and science fiction from major publishers.


Designer/Artist: Victoria Frances
Country of Publication: Spain
Number of Cards: 78
Publisher: Fournier/Lo Scarabeo
Publication Year: 2007
Publication Status: In Print
Description: Lush Gothic Romanticism artwork decorates this enchanting tarot.

Boxed deck (21/2 x 41/2) includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet

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Victoria Frances, a rising star in fantasy illustration, has wowed Europe and is rapidly gaining fans in the U.S. The stunning Favole Tarot showcases this young illustrator’s signature Gothic Romantic style, inspired by Anne Rice, H. P. Lovecraft, and pre-Raphaelite paintings. Bask in the splendor of this dreamy, timeless world, haunted by beautiful vampires, dark fairies, and other mysterious creatures of the night. Diverging from the Rider-Waite tradition, you’ll find crosses, masks, roses, and butterflies representing the four suits. Gorgeously grim and lyrical, this unique deck will help you explore the dark crevices of the psyche—and find beauty where its least expected.

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