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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


WELCOME! We've got some very interesting, hard to find books this month. We think you'll really enjoy the new additions to our collection... NEW BOOKS: * BEAUTY AND STRENGTH: PROCEEDINGS OF THE SIXTH BIENNIAL NATIONAL ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS CONFERENCE by Ordo Templi Orientis , United States Grand Lodge List Price: $16.99 Paperback: 216 pages Publisher: BookSurge Publishing (July 2, 2009) BOOK BLURB: This volume offers a selection of papers from the sixth biennial National Ordo Templi Orientis Conference (NOTOCON) of the United States Grand Lodge of O.T.O., held in Salem, Massachuestts, in 2007 E.V. These papers represent some of the best modern practical and scholarly work on Ordo Templi Orientis, Thelema and Aleister Crowley, and cover diverse topics including ritual, history, symbolism, feminism, popular culture and textual analysis. Highlights include the address given by U.S. National Grand Master Sabazius, and a personal memoir of NOTOCON VI by Crowley's grandson, jazz pianist Eric Muhler. The first NOTOCON took place in 1997 in Akron, Ohio. It has since been held on alternate years in different cities around the United States. This volume for 2007 commemorates NOTOCON's ten-year anniversary and marks the first time that a selection of papers from the National Conference has been made available in print. Founded in the early 20th century, Ordo Templi Orientis is an international fraternal order of men and women devoted to the pursuit of individual liberty, the study of Magick, and the promulgation of the Law of Thelema. It has been influenced by leading lights such as Karl Kellner, Theodor Reuss, Aleister Crowley, Karl Germer and Grady Louis McMurtry. ** SECRETS OF PLANETARY MAGIC ASTROLOGICAL MAGIC By Christpher Warnock, Esq. List Price: $19.95 6 x 9 inch, paperback, 98 pages Published by Renaissance Astrology Original Editions BOOK BLURB: The Secrets of Planetary Magic is an excellent introduction to traditional planetary magic by Christopher Warnock, the leading astrological magician and a master traditional astrologer. It contains insights gleaned from a decade of practice and study of traditional planetary magic and is an excellent introduction to traditional astrology. The book explains the theory of planetary magic, the planetary hours and planetary hour elections, advanced planetary magic and contains a complete set of seven planetary images and planetary ritual and talisman consecration instructions. CONTENTS: I. Secrets of Planetary Magic II. The Planets III. Planetary Spheres & Planetary Hours IV. Planetary Hour Elections V. Advanced Planetary Elections VI. Planetary Talismans VII. Planetary Ritual Pages Appendix A: Al-Biruni's Planetary Rulerships Appendix B: William Lilly's Planetary Rulerships Appendix C: Planetary Hour Elections from the Key of Solomon Appendix D: Planetary Ritual Preparation from Picatrix ** SECRETS OF PLANETARY RITUAL ASTROLOGICAL MAGIC By Christpher Warnock, Esq. List Price: $19.95 6 x 9 inch, paperback, 93 pages, Published by Renaissance Astrology Original Editions BOOK BLURB: The Secrets of Planetary Ritual is the first English translation of the authentic planetary invocations of the Harranian Sabians from the most famous of astrological grimoires, the Picatrix. It contains full instructions for the ritual conjuration of the seven planets. Translated by John Michael Greer and Christopher Warnock from Book III, chapters 7 & 9 Pingree's Latin critical edition of Picatrix it also contains the Arabic spirit names from the Ritter & Plessner's German translation of Picatrix. Authentic and magically potent, Secrets of Planetary Ritual provides the perfect ceremonial invocations for the creation of planetary talismans. CONTENTS Introduction Planetary Invocations from Picatrix, Bk III ch. 7 Invocation of Saturn Invocation of Jupiter Invocation of Mars Invocation of the Sun Invocation of Venus Invocation of Mercury Invocation of the Moon Planetary Operations from Picatrix, Bk III, ch. 9 Appendix A: Christopher Warnock's shorter Picatrix Invocations ** BLOOD AND MISTLETOE: THE HISTORY OF THE DRUIDS IN BRITAIN by Ronald Hutton List Price: $45.00 Hardcover: 492 pages Publisher: Yale University Press (May 26, 2009) Crushed by the Romans in the first century A.D., the ancient Druids of Britain left almost no reliable evidence behind. Because of this, historian Ronald Hutton shows, succeeding British generations have been free to re-imagine, reinterpret, and reinvent the Druids. Hutton's captivating book is the first to encompass two thousand years of Druid history and to explore the evolution of English, Scottish, and Welsh attitudes toward the forever ambiguous figures of the ancient Celtic world. Druids have been remembered at different times as patriots, scientists, philosophers, or priests; sometimes portrayed as corrupt, bloodthirsty, or ignorant, they were also seen as fomenters of rebellion. Hutton charts how the Druids have been written in and out of history, archaeology, and the public consciousness for some 500 years, with particular focus on the romantic period, when Druids completely dominated notions of British prehistory. Sparkling with legends and images, filled with new perspectives on ancient and modern times, this book is a fascinating cultural study of Druids as catalysts in British history. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Ronald Hutton is professor of history, University of Bristol, and the author of many books including Witches, Druids, and King Arthur: Studies in Paganism, Myth, and Magic, and Debates in Stuart History. He lives in Bristol, UK. ** HEKATE LIMINAL RITES: A STUDY OF THE RITUALS, MAGIC AND SYMBOLS OF THE TORCH-BEARING TRIPLE GODDESS OF THE CROSSROADS by Sorita d'Este , David Rankine List Price: $19.99 Paperback: 194 pages Publisher: Avalonia (May 24, 2009) BOOK BLURB: At the crossroads of life, death and rebirth stands the Goddess Hekate. Honoured by men, women and gods alike, traces of her ancient provenance reach back through the millennia providing clues about her nature and origins along the way. Depictions of her as three formed facing in three ways, sometimes with the heads of animals such as the horse, dog and snake hint at her liminal nature, as well as the powers she holds over the triple realms of earth, sea and sky. The sorcery of Medea and Circe, the witchcraft of the women of Thessaly, the writings of philosophers such as Hesiod and Porphyry all provide glimpses into the world of those who honoured her. Her magical powers were considered so great that even King Solomon became associated with her, she was incorporated into Jewish magic, and merged with other goddesses including Artemis, Selene, Bendis and the Egyptian Isis. Whilst for some she was the Witch Goddess, for others she was the ruler of angels and daimons, who made predictions about Jesus and Christianity. Wherever you look, be it in the texts of Ancient Greece and Rome, Byzantium or the Renaissance, the Greek Magical Papyri or the Chaldean Oracles, you will find Hekate. The magical whir of the strophalos and the barbarous words of the voces magicae carry her message; the defixiones, love spells and charms all provides us with examples of the magic done in her name. She was also associated with the magic of death, including necromancy and reanimation; as well as prophetic dreams, nightmares, healing herbs and poisons. The temples dedicated to her and the important role she played in the mysteries of Eleusis, Samothrace and Aigina all provide us with clues to her majesty. The popular shrines at the doorways of ordinary people, offerings left at the crossroads and guardian statues of her at the entrance ways to cities and temples all attest to her status in the hearts and minds of those who knew her mysteries. In this book the authors draw from a wide range of sources, bringing together historical research which provides insights into the magical and religious practices associated with this remarkable Goddess. In doing so they provide an indispensable guide for those wishing to explore the mysteries of Hekate today. ABOUT THE AUTHORS Sorita d'Este and David Rankine are esoteric researchers, mythologists and modern day magicians who have between them authored more than twenty published books on magic, mythology, folklore and the occult. Sorita is the editor of the anthology "HEKATE KEYS TO THE CROSSROADS" and the author of Artemis Virgin Goddess of the Sun & Moon. Together they have produced titles such as Visions of the Cailleach, The Isles of the Many Gods and The Guises of the Morrigan. * WELSH WITCHES AND WIZARDS (WITCHCRAFT OF THE BRITISH ISLES SERIES, BOOK I) by Michael Howard Price: $23.99 Publisher: Three Hands Press Binding: Paperback BOOK BLURB: The widespread belief in witches and wizards in Wales reflects a land steeped in legend and myth since ancient times. The witch's power to harm people, livestock, and crops was greatly feared: for this reason country people consulted with so-called 'cunning men' and 'wise women' who had the power to negate their spells with counter-magic. Cunning-folk practitioners were also consulted for love spells, to find lost property or missing persons, exorcise ghosts and banish evil spirits. The figures of of both witch and wizard form part of a broader folk-magic continuity in Wales. This popular belief in witchcraft bears little relation to modern neo-pagan Wicca, and there is little evidence of its linkage to a nature religion based on a pre-Christian fertility cult. This book describes the historically-attested Welsh practitioners of folk magic and witchcraft -- the Dark Sisters and the Toadmen, the Druids and Wizards, the Cunning Men and Faery DOctors -- and the charms and spells they used. Also examined are surviving pagan beliefs associated with holy wells and the cult of the sacred head, and the mysterious and sometimes sinister 'creatures of the night' such as fairies, lake monsters, dragons, and Black Dogs. It will be of interest to students of the occult and folklore, as well as those who have followed Mr. Howard's fascinating work of the years. Welsh Witches and Wizards is the first in Michael Howard's much anticipated four-book series on Witchcraft in the British Isles. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michael Howard lives in England and is a writer, researcher, magazine publisher and editor, and member of the Folklore Society. As a writer and editor, his career began in 1974 when he launched the esoteric magazine Spectrum featuring articles on a wide range of occult subjects. This ceased publication after ten issues in 1976, when he inaugurated the witchcraft magazine The Cauldron, which celebrated 32 years of publication in 2008. In the early 1970s he also began contributing feature articles and book reviews to the US magazine Fate and the British astrological journal Prediction. In 1975, his first book on candle magic was published. Since then he has written twenty-five books on the runes, folklore, herbal remedies, faerie lore, traditional witchcraft, Earth Mysteries and the Luciferian tradition. He has also edited books by E.W. Liddell on the Pickingill Craft, and by Evan John Jones on the Robert Cochrane tradition. Michael Howard is currently writing and researching a series of books for Three Hands Press on historical witches and cunning-folk in Wales, the West Country, Scotland and East Anglia. The first of these, Welsh Witches and Wizards, is published in 2008, with the others to follow. ** PAN PARADOX, PAN TOWARDS CHAOS By Vexior Regular edition of handnumbered 677 copies. Hardcover book with symbol blocked in silver on the cover, small Octavo. Heavily illustrated with drawings and photos with fullcolour picture plates. 198 pages. List Price: $73.95 BOOK BLURB: Anti-cosmic, Chaos-gnostic and Satanic philosophy and mysticism around the misrepresented contemptuous god and black magical Chaos-philosophy. Includes Satanic illustrations and rituals. Pan, the untamed beast in demon-shape, which strolls restless around our woods and mountains, or rather, coils, levitating through our filthy cosmic galaxies, as a burning dragon, laughing relentlessly at the creation of cosmos. Pan is the one who ignites the torch of Lucifer, which brings forth the black flame. Pan is the one who creeps up behind, sprinkling gasoline on one´s back and flicks sparkling matches at you. Not because for the fact that he hates you, but just to get your attention… to get you to wake up and for once, take your existence or subsistence seriously. When you have succeeded with that, then your work as a magician can start – a magician who imposes masterwork in black Chaos magic. For this is what black Chaos magic essentially is all about, to feed one´s inner, develop and to transcendent into Chaos. Whether Chaos exists in one´s mind, or beyond cosmos is irrelevant at this moment, what is important is one´s awareness as a Chaotic individual, a human in black magical possession. Some of the contents: A historical & mythological narration on Pan, Pan Towards Chaos, Paradoxical Panic essence, PanAgoceros, Loki, Lucifer, Panic entities, Grimalkin, Baphomet, Præmeditatio ritus panos, Correspondences of Pan, Ritus Panos, Panic ritual area & tools, Pan pæanis, Pan ritual. ** VISIONS OF THE CAILLEACH EXPLORING THE MYTHS, FOLKLORE AND LEGENDS OF THE PRE-EMINENT CELTIC HAG GODDESS By Sorita d'Este and David Rankine List Price: $16.99 Paperback, 148pp Publisher: Avalonia, 2009 Introduction "The Cailleach is one of the most intriguing and significant figures in British folklore. Some tales portray her as a benevolent and primal giantess from the dawn of time who shaped the land and controlled the forces of nature, others as the harsh spirit of winter. Occasionally there are hints that she may represent the survival of an early sovereignty bestowing earth goddess, or her ancient nature-based priestess cult. In the last twelve hundred years the Christian overlay has both demonised and canonised her. Although the stories of the Cailleach are essentially British, her origins are not. Exploring the earliest literary references to the Cailleach takes us to the classics of ancient Greece and Rome. References in writings by Herodotus, Strabo and Pliny suggest her worship as a Celtic tutelary goddess on the Iberian peninsula of Spain two and a half thousand years ago. Moving beyond literature and focusing on the similarities in motifs, such as her giant size and stone-carrying, leads us to Neolithic Malta. There are distinct similarities between the Cailleach and the Maltese giantess Sansuna, credited by legend with building the Ggantija temples on the island of Gozo. These impressive buildings are the oldest religious structures in the world, predating monuments like the Pyramids and Stonehenge. From such ancient Mediterranean origins, the Cailleach migrated with the Celts from Spain to Ireland, and on to Scotland and the Isle of Man. It is possible that her worship and stories also spread into the rest of Britain, hinted at in local folklore and place names. Thus we find possible echoes of her presence in England, Wales, and Jersey. The continental connection is also reinforced in shared motifs found in Brittany (France) and Scandinavia. More than any other figure in Celtic or British myth, the Cailleach represents the cumulative power of time. Her great age is a common theme in many of the tales about her, and as a result she has almost always been seen as a hag or crone (a meaning of her name). Her earth-shaping ability, through accidental placement of great stones expresses a mythic explanation for processes which take millions of years. The deliberate placement of stones is frequently tied in with Neolithic burial chambers, hinting at the survival of a cult from the distant past. The Cailleach also has strong associations with both the weather and water, being viewed as the goddess of the harsh winter months. In this role she has been linked in literature ad legend to the Celtic maiden goddess Bride, sometimes as polar opposite and at other times as being dual manifestations of the same goddess. The extent of her power was made clear when she exercised her control over the forces of nature, which made her a significant figure in local folklore. The Cailleach was also particularly connected with animals in the role of Lady of the Beasts. In Ireland her favoured animal was the cow and in Scotland her particular animal was the deer. She was known to keep herds of her favourite animals and protect them from hunters, who petitioned her for assistance to be successful. A possibility that must be considered is whether some of the Cailleach tales actually relate to a priestess cult. This process of apotheosis of mythical or historical figures, with their actions assimilated into a divine cult, would blur the boundaries between the Cailleach and her priestesses, were this to be the case. The existence of such a cult is not a new idea, as it was suggested in 1932 by J.G. Mackay in his The Deer-Cult and the Deer-Goddess Cult of the Ancient Caledonians. We have found literary references in records from the last two centuries which seem to substantiate the idea of a Cailleach priestess cult of wise women. However, as is often the case these hints ask more questions than they answer, leaving the reader to make up their own mind. This blurring of boundaries is also seen with regard to other supernatural hag figures found across the British Isles. Some of these have been clearly identified with the Cailleach, such as Nicneven and Gyre Carling. Others such as Black Annis and the Old Woman of the Mountain share a number of motifs and may be derived from the Cailleach. Whilst this is an opinion we subscribe to, we have again presented the evidence for the reader to draw their own conclusions." [From "Introduction"; Visions of the Cailleach, by Sorita d'Este and David Rankine.] ** CALENDAR: SEPTEMBER Monday, September 7th, CELTIC RECONSTRUCTIONIST GROUP 7-9PM For More Information: * ONGOING AT EDGE OF THE CIRCLE BOOKS THURSDAYS: 6:00-7:30 PM HEALING HANDS REIKI Bringing a healing hand to the community... Classes and services provided. Contact: Khephra and Ayoka at Or call: (206) 898-0419 or (206)421-5319 SEATTLE CHAOS MAGIC We meet at 3:33 p.m. on the first Sunday of each month, at Edge of the Circle Books, 701 E. Pike St., Seattle, WA 98122. Anyone practicing, curious about, or otherwise interested in Chaos magic is welcome to attend. KUNDALINI YOGA FOR THE LEFT OF CENTER August 19-September 9 Wednesdays 7:00-8:30pm $48 for series (pre-paid) $14 drop-in single class This introductory kundalini yoga series is designed for those who would like to try yoga but for whatever reason do not want to visit yoga studios and gyms for that experience. Meditation through chanting and breath-work are cornerstones of this practice, along with precise movements to invoke and move the body's powers. Kundalini yoga is a holistic system which strengthens the physical body so it may receive and integrate the psycho-spiritual kundalini energy to heal and expand one's consciousness. Intuition and awareness of subtle energies are amplified. This is the "yoga" which you seek – a spiritual practice with which you experience the Infinite Divinity of you and all. Kundalini Yoga is non-religious and will complement your ongoing spiritual practice, whatever that may be. All are welcome! Inquiries & Registration: Ai Endo,, 206.225.7055 About the teacher: I enjoy teaching kundalini yoga in alternative spaces, as it is sometimes a little `weird' for the average yoga venue ;-). I have been practicing yoga since 1995, and kundalini yoga since 2003. I also study kabbalah, tarot, and explore how western esotericism complements eastern techniques. I am a Harmonyum Healing Practitioner, which is an energy healing modality in the lineage of Kabbalah. Certified KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Naam Yoga Teacher, Harmonyum Healing Practitioner; M.A. Bastyr/LIOS in Systems Counseling '09. ** SERVICES AVAILABLE AT EDGE OF THE CIRCLE BOOKS TAROT READINGS /SPIRITUAL ADVICE UNCOMMONSENSE TAROT Tarot readings by Erica (Raven) Branch-Butler Please inquire about Tarot Parties, classes and other events. Available every day except Thursdays, 12:30-8.30PM. Sundays 3:30-8:30 PM * KELLY MARJORIE KELLEHER Daughter of the Ancients Psychic, Healer, Muse... Thursdays at Edge of the Circle Books HEALING SERVICES THURSDAYS, 6:00-7:30 PM ** This concludes our Newsletter for this month. Look for us again on the first of October. Sincerely, Raven Editrix, Edge of the Circle Books Newsletter

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