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Friday, July 3, 2009


Edge of the Circle Books is proud to announce: HOWLINGS (various) edited by Alkistis Dimech PRODUCT INFO: Scarlet Imprint, June 2009 List Price: $72.50 HOWLINGS is an octavo book of two hundred and ten pages, four sumptuous colour plates, handsomely designed and bound in peacock blue and gilt stamped cloth in a limited second edition of 666 copies. This Edition is numbered sequentially from 334 to 999 inclusive. The text remains the same as the first edition, though redesigned throughout. FROM THE PUBLISHER: HOWLINGS comprises fourteen original and extensive essays which explore the Grimoires. These are passionate, informed and evocative pieces which create a unique testament to the vibrancy of the modern magickal current. Our writers pursue knowledge, power and wisdom through the pages of: The Picatrix The Goetia, or Lesser Key of Solomon Four Books of Occult Philosophy The Voudon Gnostic Workbook Liber 231 Qutub And the Grimoire itself Our esteemed writers are, David Rankine Donald Tyson Peter Grey David Beth Stafford Stone Paul Hughes-Barlow Krzysztof Azarewicz Jack Macbeth Thea Faye Aleq Grai Hafiz Batin and the anonymous author of The Grimoire of Pharaon Taking the established experts and ranging them alongside raw and hungry voices, we are creating a quite beautiful monstrosity of staggering scope. With the actual accounts of working magickians from a whole range of traditions, this is a unique collection. Prepare to be delighted, inspired and intoxicated. ** THE BALANCE OF THE TWO LANDS: WRITINGS ON GRECO-EGYPTIAN POLYTHEISM BY H. JEREMIAH LEWIS PRODUCT INFO: Paperback: 372 pages Publisher: CreateSpace (June 3, 2009) List Price: $.22.00 BOOK BLURB: Once, the city of Alexandria stood at the crossroads of the ancient world: its culture was a fusion of the best of all that had come before, and yet also something completely different, more than just the sum of its various parts. It was individualistic, ecumenical, cosmopolitan, creative, intellectual, and steeped in a deep mystical religious yearning. Today we call this system of belief Greco-Egyptian polytheism, and while a great deal has changed since the Hellenistic era, it remains a beautiful, powerful and meaningful religion for an increasing number of people today. Lewis explores the long history and contemporary manifestations of Greco-Egyptian polytheism. In this new collection of essays - many of which appear here for the first time - he provides overviews of the system, information on theology, ethics, and the afterlife, as well as material on domestic worship, ritual forms, and the things considered necessary to begin practicing Greco-Egyptian polytheism today. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: H. Jeremiah Lewis, also known by his religious name Sannion, is a Greco-Egyptian polytheist who has been actively honoring the gods since around 1993. He has lived all over the country, including Alaska, Nevada, New York, Montana, Washington and Oregon (where he currently resides), and has worked the standard assortment of odd jobs that every aspiring author needs to get by with. Mr. Lewis divides his time between an insanely intense religious practice, writing, research, helping to organize the activities of Neos Alexandria, and directing the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. There isn't much time for anything else. * UNBOUND: A DEVOTIONAL ANTHOLOGY FOR ARTEMIS By the Editorial Board of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina PRODUCT INFO: Publication Date: May 08 2009 Page Count: 206 Binding Type: US Trade Paper Trim Size: 5.5"x8.5" Price: $17.99 BOOK BLURB: Fierce. Primal. Pure. This is the goddess Artemis, as seen by her modern worshipers. In this unique collection of essays, poetry, fiction, accounts of personal experiences and other forms of devotional writing, the wild one of the forest, the mistress of the hunt and the protector of young life - both animal and human - is shown to be a powerful and living goddess, just as important today as she was over 3,000 years ago in Greece, Rome, Asia Minor and other parts of the ancient world. You will be challenged, inspired, informed and entertained. Above all, you will come away with a new appreciation for this complex and dynamic deity who is, along with her votaries ... Unbound. Unbound is the second devotional anthology in Neos Alexandria's Bibliotheca Alexandrina series, a collection of books dedicated to the gods of Greece and Egypt. ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Bibliotheca Alexandrina is a series of books brought out by Neos Alexandria honoring the gods of Greece and Egypt. * TALKING ABOUT THE ELEPHANT by Lupa (Editor) PRODUCT INFO: Paperback: 252 pages Publisher: Megalithica Books (November 30, 2008) List Price: $20.99 BOOK BLURB: Modern pagans draw from a variety of cultural wells, both historical and contemporary. All too often the effects of this tendency to borrow are ignored in lieu of "spiritual development". What happens when plastic shamans and wannabe Celts are accused of distributing inaccurate information, deliberately misleading others, and even engaging in spiritual and cultural genocide? Often, the response is only an uncomfortable silence. Talking About the Elephant is an attempt to shatter that stillness and to promote constructive communication about the issues surrounding cultural appropriation in neopaganism. The nineteen essays approach such practices and faiths as Celtic reconstructionism, neoshamanism, and ritual magic; and explore and critique topics ranging from academic appropriation of pagan and occult practices, to intra-community intimidation, and potential solutions to the problem of appropriation. The controversy surrounding cultural appropriation in neopaganism is nothing new; however, it's time to stop pretending the elephant isn't staring at us as we stand in silence. This powerful, diverse set of voices is poised to break open a new dialogue, one that must occur if our spiritual communities are to balance individual needs with concerned criticisms. Featuring essays by Elizabeth Barrette, Aliyah Benjamin, Phillip Bernhardt-House, Veronica Cummer, Diotima, Taylor Ellwood, Thea Faye, Kenaz Filan, Frater Barrabbas, Sean Green, Erynn Rowan Laurie, Lelandra, Rhiannon Louve, Lupa, Jenne Micale, Larisa Pole and Vince Stevens.

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