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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ars Philtron.

(Concerning the Aqueous Cunning of the Potion and Its Praxis in the Green Art Magical)

by Daniel A. Schulke,

Xoanon Publishing

Binding: Hardcover

EDITION CODEX VASCULUM (STANDARD EDITION). Midsummer 2008. 720 standard copies casebound in rust cloth with pewter stamping. 272 pp. 27 illustrations.

We at Edge of the Circle Books are pleased to announce that we have received Xoanon Publishing Limited's Ars Philtron, Edition Codex Vasculum.

First published in 2001, Ars Philtron was the incepting grimoire of the Verdelet of the Cultus Sabbati. Its primary foci are Sabbatic-alchemical gnosis as manifest through the medium of the Potion, and the applications of the principle formulae of Furnace, Vessel, and Water. Its method and praxis concern the principal Sabbatic philtre types, their arcana, pharmacoepia, formulation, and ritual use. As a grammar of the Art Magical, the work instaurates the Philtre as an emanation of the Vinum Sabbati, the manifest elixir of witch-power. Originally released in a limited edition of 144 standard cloth editions and 9 deluxe editions in green skiver, its unique subject matter and scarcity have placed the volume in high demand in recent years. In the spirit of continuity of vision, and increased interest in our work, Xoanon is re-releasing this important volume in the expanded 'Edition Codex Vasculum' with revised text, additional formulae and illustrations not present in the 2001 release.

Please call the store for additional information: 206-726-1999

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