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Friday, August 1, 2008


Welcome to the 24th edition of the Edge of the Circle Newsletter. This newsletter has come about as an effort to reach out to the Pagan/ Occult community (particularly in Seattle where we are based) to inform the community of what events are happening at our store. I’ve got great plans for this newsletter. Hopefully, as time goes by, it will only get bigger and better. Without further ado, welcome, and enjoy.

Regards, Erica (Raven) Branch-Butler, Editrix


Edge of the Circle Books is Seattle’s resource for Paganism & the Occult. This newsletter seeks to provide the Seattle community with a place to list events, post articles, and do a bit of networking. We are at: 701 E. Pike St, corner of Boylston Ave., just two blocks west of Broadway, on Capitol Hill. Edge of the Circle Books strives to be everything that you could want in a Magical Pagan store.

Open 7 days a week, Noon 'till 9pm. Call: 206-PAN-1999



Edge of the Circle Newsletter is looking for writers and artists! Our Focus has been on the Pagan community, Sabbatic Witchcraft, Hoodoo, Western Ceremonial Magic, African Traditional Religions, Asatru and Heathenry, Wicca, Celtic Paganism and more obscure aspects of the Occult. If you have an article or art to share, please email with “Newsletter” in the subject line. Please send only original material. All Copyrighted material will be honored and credited to/as the property of the original writer.




We are proud to carry new apparel from the partnership of Brian Froud and Imaginosis and Crystal Tara. These striking, richly colorful t-shirts, baby doll dresses and tanks are hand screened over the full body of the garment with Froud art. Some of Images featured are "Kissed By The Pixies," and "Topsy Turvy,"




List Price: $24.95 Paperback: 263 pages Publisher: Ibis Press (June 2008)


This is the first full-length biography of British historian Frances Yates, author of such acclaimed works as Giordano Bruno and The Hermetic Tradition and The Art of Memory, one of the most influential non-fiction books of the twentieth century. Jones’s book explores Yates’ remarkable life and career and her interest in the mysterious figure of Giordano Bruno and the influence of the Hermetic tradition on the culture of the Renaissance. Her revolutionary way of viewing history, literature, art, and the theater as integral parts of the cultural picture of the time period did much to shape modern interdisciplinary approaches to history and literary criticism. Jones focuses not only on the particulars of Yates’ life, but also sheds light on the tradition of female historians of her time and their contributions to Renaissance scholarship. In addition to her insightful commentary on Yates’ academic work, Jones quotes from Frances’ diaries and the writings of those who were close to her, to shed light on Yates’ private life. This biography is significant for those with an interest in literary criticism, women’s history, scientific history, or the intellectual atmosphere of post-war Britain, as well as those interested in the Hermetic tradition.


Marjorie G. Jones is a graduate of Wheaton College, MA and the Rutgers School of Law. In the 1990s she earned an MA in Historical Studies at the Graduate Faculty of the New School in New York City where she wrote her thesis on several early, unpublished works of Frances Yates. Since that time, she has taught history at the New School and Mercy College in New York. She is a mother and grandmother and lives with her husband in New York.



List Price: $14.00 Paperback: 196 pages Publisher: Pendraig Publishing (June 24, 2008)

Hedgerider: Witches and the Underworld is a re-interpretation of (Hedge-)Witchery. Drawing from an extensive historical, folkloric and mythological body it re-attributes and re-defines Witchery as a Heathen Cult centred around the journey to the Underworld and contact with the Unseen. With the insights into Cosmology, Philosophy and Practice this book provides a working body of Heathen Witch-lore, designed to transform the essence of humanity in something greater through contact with our Fetch and the Underworld itself.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Eric De Vries is a hedge-rider from the Netherlands. His interest lie foremost with Euro-centric witchcraft, "hexerei" and Germanic mysticism. And also has interests in Luciferian Gnostic mythology and everything related to Traditional Witchcraft..

Currently Eric De Vries studies Political Sciences in Amsterdam and in his free time he delves into Germanic myths, paganism, folklore and beliefs. He is a great fan of the Eddas, Grimm's fairytales and folktales in general.

His practice focuses on the native traditions of Northern Europe and he tries to reconstruct these through a well-balanced mix of spontaneity and scholarship. Meaning that practice and study are both important factors.

Currently, Eric is in the middle of writing a second book on the art of seiĆ°r and will be publishing articles in HEX Magazine, Pentacle Magazine and the Crooked Path Journal. His hobbies include reading, writing and sailing. He also runs a Dutch website on traditional witchcraft, Germanic shamanism and heathenry.



List Price: $19.95 Paperback: 316 pages Publisher: Pendraig Publishing (March 3, 2008)


This is a book about the religion once practiced ages ago in the Old Forest region of Europe. The book contains channeled messages from the Gods of the Old Forest and from the fey, as well as stories, myths, legends, and bits and pieces of the old witch language. It is not meant to be a "Wicca 101" book, but the next stage towards witches, in particular those of European descent, being able to reclaim their heritage. In this regard, there is no other book currently out there quite like this one. Not only does it provide a link to the past, but it also gives witches a potential focus for the future.


Veronica Cummer has been a witch for 20 years, more if you count growing up on a farm in rural Iowa, running wild in the woods, conjuring up storms, and turning pig´s teeth into magickal talismans. After moving to Minnesota, she was a staff writer and artist for several years for the now-retired Twin Cities magazine, Pagan Ink. Her work has more recently appeared in NewWitch and The Beltane Papers.

Along with traditional European and British witchcraft, her interests extend to Haitian voudoun and the religion and culture of the Lakota. Besides non-fiction, she also writes fantasy and erotic fiction, poetry, does pen-and-ink drawing and dabbles in pottery.

She has been a priestess of the Old Forest Craft for over 14 years and has a close association with the Fey, particularly the spirits of Air and Dawn, the whole bright and tricksy tribe of them.

Her hobbies include antiques, cooking, collecting old rhinestone jewelry, and finding that perfect tea or coffeehouse where strange things can still happen and most often do.



List Price: $14.99 Paperback: 240 pages Publisher: New Page Books (July 2007)


You've attended rituals that took your breath away. You've borrowed spells out of books. You've read splendid Pagan poetry in magazines. Now learn to compose all these types of magical writing yourself!

Composing Magic guides you through the exciting realm of magical and spiritual writing. You'll explore the process of writing, its tools and techniques, individual types of composition, and ways of sharing your work with other people.

The book shows you how to write:

-Basic and advanced forms of poetry -Spells -Chants and rounds -Prayers -Blessings -Solitary and group rituals

Each type of writing includes its history and uses, which cover diverse traditions. Step-by-step instructions lead you through the creative process, such as how to:

-Brainstorm ideas for a topic -Choose the right type of composition -Write a rough draft -Polish your work to perfection

Examples demonstrate finished compositions of each type, while exercises help you develop your skills by practicing what you've just read.

You'll discover that magical writing has more impact when it comes from the heart. Anyone can develop the skills needed to create effective compositions, but the most successful writers reveal their souls.

Composing Magic will also show you ways of deepening your craft through performance and publication. Whether you practice solitary or in a group, this book will help you write with more power, more beauty, and less effort.


Elizabeth Barrette works in the Pagan and speculative fiction fields as a writer, editor, and scholar. She currently serves as the managing editor of PanGaia magazine and the dean of studies at the Grey School of Wizardry. In 2003, Barrette won the Poet Laureate Competition at Sol Magazine. In 2005, her poem "The Poltergeist of Polaris" earned a nomination for the Rhysling Award. She has written for The Beltane Papers, CIRCLE Magazine, Green Egg, SageWoman, and many of the Llewellyn annuals. Barrette lives in Charleston, Illinois, and enjoys giving presentations at events in the Midwest region.



THE CROOKED PATH JOURNAL ISSUE 1 by Radomir Ristic (Contributor), Ann Finnin (Contributor), Peter Paddon (Editor)

List Price: $.9.00 Paperback: 52 pages Publisher: Pendraig Publishing (March 21, 2008)

BOOK BLURB: Issue 1 of The Crooked Path Journal contains the following articles:

Inside the Wicker Man - Peter Paddon

The Origin of the Word "Witch" - R.J. Thompson

Witch's Ritual For Getting Rid of Evil Magic - 'Ku Potula" - Radomir Ristic

Tapping the Bone - Peter Paddon

Morning - Hedgewizard

Usage of Animals and Animal Body Parts in Traditional Witchcraft - Radomir Ristic

Candlemas and the Land Ceremonies Charm -R.J. Thompson

Cosmic Soup and the Mighty Dead - Peter Paddon

The Rite of Candlemas and the Land Ceremonies Charm- R.J. Thompson

Blacksmith as Magus - Radomir Ristic

Celtic Nine Poems - Peter Paddon

As I Do Will It - Ann Finnin

Walking the Crooked Path - Peter Paddon

Turning The Hand of Fate - Raven Womack

Making a Traditional Witches' Besom - Peter Paddon

*The Crooked Path Journal is a quarterly magazine for Traditional Witches, Cunningfolk and other practitioners of the Nameless Art.


THE CROOKED PATH JOURNAL: ISSUE 2 by Veronica Cummer (Contributor), Eric De Vries (Contributor), Peter Paddon (Editor)

List Price: $.9.00 Paperback: 56 pages Publisher: Pendraig Publishing (July 1, 2008)

BOOK BLURB: Issue 2 of The Crooked Path Journal contains the following articles:

Artemisia - Eric De Vries

Bag of Bones - Steven Posch

Balkan Traditional Witchcraft - Radomir Ristic

Sympathetic Magic - R.J. Thompson

The Call - Veronica Cummer

The Dragon and the Dragon Slayer - Robin Artisson

Away With the Fairies - M.V. Wragg

Childe Ballad 243 - Steven Posch

Scourges and Traditional Craft - Radomir Ristic

Occult Significance of the Crossing Rite - R.J. Thompson

Cupmarks - Steven Posch

Great Spirits of Fate - Radomir Ristic

Virtues and Ethics - R.J. Thompson

Young Hornie Steals Fire - Steven Posch

*The Crooked Path Journal is a quarterly magazine for Traditional Witches, Cunningfolk and other practitioners of the Nameless Art.


WITCH EYE: A JOURNAL OF FERI UPRISING #15 Witch Eye is a magazine full of art, lore & discussion inspired and/or informed by the Feri tradition of Witchcraft.

List Price: $15.00

Articles & Lore :

God Herself: A Brief Meditation by T. Thorn Coyle

Claiming the Blue Cord: A Feri Self-Dedication Rite by Chas Bogan and Storm Faerywolf

Working with Talker: Riddles by Valerie Walker

The Colors of Power: Exploring the Wands of the F(a)eri(e) Tradition by Storm Faerywolf

Feri as an Embodied Tradition by Karina

Hagstones: Entranceways to Dream Magic by Ray and Swansister

Taking Back Womb Power by Rising Moon

The Mighty Dead: Ancestral Practice and Reverence in Feri Magic by Kathryn Tinuvial

Ghosts in the Machine: A Comparison of Triune Brain Theory and the Three Souls of Feri Witchcraft by Shade Fane

ART: Poetry, Prose & Visuals




Aquarian Tabernacle Church LAMMAS CIRCLE, 7-9 PM.

Open circle, all are invited.

The ATC presents sabbat rituals at Edge of the Circle bookstore in Seattle, WA as close to the actual sabbat as possible. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from folks who have attended the rituals. We’re excited to be able to offer these rituals in a location that is more accessible to people living in and around the Seattle area. Many thanks to Robert at Edge for providing the space to do so!


Join James Jacob Pierri of in discovering the past, present and future of the faith of the Eternal Goddess Isis. Isis has been the everlasting hope to generations, evolving with the times in all cultures and still holding sway over her followers today under various names and faces.

Now come face to face with her Mysteries.

James Jacob Pierri is a devout follower of The Goddess and has shared his experience and knowledge worldwide. Una Quai es Omnia Dea Isis.

Saturday, August 2nd, at 2pm $10.00 per person




Book signing: Raven Digitalis , author of “Shadow Magic Companion” and “ Gothic Craft”

6-9 PM


HOLY WELL CIRCLE Open Circle, Wiccan Meets at the Edge every Sunday from 5PM -8PM Subject Line: Holy Well



TAROT READINGS /SPIRITUAL ADVICE UnCommonSense Tarot Tarot readings Erica (Raven) Branch-Butler Please inquire about Tarot Parties, classes and other events. Available every day except Wednesdays and Thursdays, 12:30-8.30PM.


Kelly Marjorie Kelleher Daughter of the Ancients Psychic, Healer, Muse... Thursdays at Edge of the Circle Books



Edge of the Circle Newsletter is looking for writers and artists! Our Focus has been on the Pagan community, Sabbatic Witchcraft, Hoodoo, Western Ceremonial Magic, African Traditional Religions, Asatru and Heathenry, Wicca, Celtic Paganism and more obscure aspects of the Occult. If you have an article or art to share, please email with “Newsletter” in the subject line. Please send only original material. All Copyrighted material will be honored and credited to/as the property of the original writer.


This concludes our Newsletter for this month. Look for us again on the first of September. Sincerely, Raven, Editrix, Edge of the Circle Books Newsletter

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