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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday, August 2nd, at 2pm, Mysteries of Isis Workshop


Join James Jacob Pierri of in discovering the past, present and future of the faith of the Eternal Goddess Isis. Isis has been the everlasting hope to generations, evolving with the times in all cultures and still holding sway over her followers today under various names and faces.

Now come face to face with her Mysteries.

James Jacob Pierri is a devout follower of The Goddess and has shared his experience and knowledge worldwide.

Una Quai es Omnia Dea Isis.

Saturday, August 2nd, at 2pm
$10.00 per person
at Edge of the Circle Books
701 E. Pike St., corner of Bolyston Ave., two blocks west of Broadway, Capitol Hill
Seattle, WA 98122

phone: (206) 726-1999, that's (206) PAN 19-99

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